“Your Spirit Of” is an incredibly special program for incredibly special people.

This program is for coaches, health and wellbeing practitioners, healers and small business owners who put a lot of heart and soul into their work.

It’s for when you ARE the product or message and you deliver intangible services that are difficult to describe, let alone replicate.

Margaret Gill’s “Your Spirit Of” program makes the intangible highly tangible!

If you are wishing to develop your own signature healing and business systems, so others can deliver your product or service in the exact same way you do, then you are going to love this program.

It will help you keep your hard earned knowledge secret and your amazing heart based work sacred.

Your Spirit Of” Document Will Celebrate Your Uniqueness

No two “Spirit’s Of” will ever be the same because they are based on the unique healing blueprint held within the depths of your soul.

You may already have a full and busy practice or business.iStock_000015266973Large

In fact its probably just about to reach or has already reached a state of crisis, where you can’t see all the clients who are rolling in the door, but you also can’t figure out how to train someone to do what you do.

You know you are snowed under, you aren’t coping and the wheels are falling off!

Sadly, you have no idea how to fix it and you don’t have the time to sit down and figure it out even if you could!

That’s what makes this program so appealing.  The work will be done for you.

Margaret realised while working with a highly intelligent and knowledgeable practitioner that people who work from their heart have very little ability to determine what it is they are actually doing that gets the results.  So Margaret put her hand up to write all the documentation for her.

In that fit of frustration, The “Your Spirit Of” Program was born.

It’s that unquantifiable soul based part of your work that the “Your Spirit Of” process will identify via an in-depth facilitation process where you will connect regularly via phone or Skype with Margaret and she will help you work out what you are actually doing, how to package it up into a series of frameworks that create clarity not only for your clients, but also for you!

Once identified, then that highly intangible gift will get moved, with deep love and respect, into a system that anyone trained in your modality can replicate.

She will create a series of training documents that will allow you to share your system with anyone who has the appropriate qualifications.

The Deeper Significance

This is a highly sacred contract that is put into place, one that appears to be kicking in right now, but has in fact been contracted before our souls entered the planet.

P1000296Margaret has realised over time that she is way more than a coach and mentor, she is a facilitator, someone who makes your progress easier.

She has a gift that helps people unearth their deepest spiritual potential.  Part of her own purpose in life is to inspire radical potential in others.  The “Your Spirit Of” program is the flagship for that process.

Having a clear step by step formula will help you clearly see where you need to take your book, your programs, in fact everything you need to create to become recognised as the go to person in your industry will fall into place, helping you create much more commercial potential than you ever thought possible.

Your work will be treated with the utmost respect and your methods treasured.  

The final document will be something that will not only connect you to your higher purpose in a way you’ve never recognised before, it will also allow you to see the beauty and integrity you bring to your work in a profound and often highly emotional way.

Its not uncommon for clients to weep as they read their own “Your Spirit Of” documents for the first time.  These are tears of connection, often seeing for the first time what they really do.

This is not something that can be done in an afternoon because people working from the heart usually don’t realise just how much they actually do for their clients and how much is involved in what they do.

The “Your Spirit Of” program is a deep introspection and a beautiful process to work through but It also deals with everything in your business right down to the mundane and dreary tasks of getting others to wash dishes in the clinic instead of wandering off and leaving all the hard yakka to you!

There are also a lot of laughs that go along with the all hard work that goes into creating this documentation.

You Need To Protect Yourself

What I find with most heart based people is that they don’t realise the value of the knowledge in their head.

When it comes time to train new staff …… this new person you’ve known for a maximum of a couple of hours ……. is told everything you know ….. all for free!

That person can then walk away with what is called your Intellectual Property (everything you’ve spent a fortune learning and years developing) and go into business right across the street from you using your exact methodology.  You’d be surprised how that sweet young thing who has promised to be with your for years can change over night once you’ve taught them everything you know.

As soon as you start training others, you need to ensure you are fully protected and this program will begin the process of getting you really serious about protecting your hard earned knowledge, whilst still working from a space of love and integrity.

Why Would You Need It?

Well there comes a time when someone working from the heart has completed a part of their spiritual contract and its time for them to either move up or move out.  Usually that means leaving all the years of dedicated work behind and closing the doors forever.  But if you are prepared to put in the hard yards and really be prepared to anaylse and document everything you do, then there is no reason why others can’t be trained to do what you do.  That way you can keep that viable stream of revenue flowing while you go out and create the next big thing in your business or life.

Who Is This Program For?

Obviously this isn’t a program for everyone. Its for people who have been doing what they do for a longish period of time, or are gifted at what they do and want to get everything right up front.

If you are accepted into this program, together we will go on a journey of facilitation where I assist you in the process of understanding exactly what your healing gift is (not your modality) and then how to package it up into a system that can be taught to others in the exact same way you deliver it and with the exact same energy you use.

Its makes the intangible tangible.

You end up with a signature system, but you also get a heap of great resources that will enable you to employ the right people and get your business to a place where you can leave it and expect it to run just like you were there.

How Did This Come About?

Quite by accident Margaret touched on the concept of developing programs based on the deep spiritual values held within her clients when frustrated and in a situation where she needed to bring new practitioners up to speed quickly, a past client turned to Margaret in the hope some magical pill could be swallowed that would get people get up to speed quickly.

The coaching client was a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and very quickly Margaret realised this gifted and talented person who had already got amazing results with her clients, had no idea of the deep spiritual significance she was bringing to her work.

This client could clearly articulate the end results she got for her clients, but as far as she was concerned, she was “sticking in a few pins and prescribing a few herbs”.

When the client tried to show others how to do it, she was frustrated that others couldn’t get the same results she got.

Once we started to delve deep, it became clear this amazing woman had travelled to China and studied with the masters in the hospitals there.  She had come back and worked with the herbs, testing and tweaking the formulas until she could replicate the same results time and time again.  But her core talent was the care and love that she wrapped each client in every time they stepped into her clinic.  She thought everyone knew how to do that until she let someone loose in her practice and the client complaints started rolling in.

Even once her gifts had been identified, she had no idea how to bring that product or service offering out, let alone the time to package it up for sale.

Then in another moment of synchronicity, Margaret heard the same client passionately describing an age old problem – how to teach new practitioners coming into her practice to work with the same heart and spiritual connection she did.

This was a light bulb moment for Margaret because she had already developed a program five years earlier that solved this exact dilemma.  Broke, suicidal and beyond rock bottom Margaret had poured everything into that program thinking it may be her last.

At the time she didn’t have the required energy to get out of bed most days, so that document got shelved.  Five years on, in a random moment of deep listening with a client, “The Spirit Of” program was dusted off and further developed.

The strangest part of all this for Margaret was the realisation that everything she needed had already been developed, but it had never been given the proper recognition or honour at the time.  She hadn’t placed any sacred significance on her work and dismissed it as “weird”, nor had she realised the radical potential in what she had tapped in some of her darkest moments.

Sadly there wasn’t a pill for this client, but after some deep interrogation and painful step by step analysis of everything she did – her own “Spirit Of” Training Program was born.

If you decide to go ahead with this program you will end up with a document called “The Spirit Of” and then you will either have your name or your business name tacked on the end.

The program was first developed for a spa and it was known as “The Spirit of the Spa”.  It helped a commercial spa to show therapists trained well in their modality, but lacking the spiritual depth required to really connect with a client, how to bring more spirit connection to their work.

How Would You Use My “Your Spirit Of” Program?

This core document becomes the bible around your clinic.  It details EXACTLY, right down to the very last detail, how you do everything you do, including the day to day minutia right up to the intangible all emcompassing “spiritual” stuff.

Your program will include the following documents:

1.  A MODUS Operandi – your Method of Delivering Unequalled Service – this is “The Spirit Of” document and it is your high level “how we do it around here” document

2.  A Practitioner Handbook – this document goes over the “non spiritual” rules and minutia needed to ensure a smooth running practice

3.  Standard Treatment Procedures – also known as SOP’s – Standard Operating Procedures, this document will be a step by step breakdown of every single thing you do with a client.

Training Documents To Use to Employ and Train Staff Will Include:

    • Basic Training Outline – this allows you to train each staff member in exactly the same way ensuring a continuity of service throughout every person in your clinic or workplace
    • Instructor Guide Check Lists
    • Minimum Contractor Standards Checklist
    • Practitioner Check List
    • New Practitioner Induction Check List
    • Key People to Meet List
    • Key & Uniform Registry
    • Contact List

    You will have everything necessary to take on and train your new staff.  The only other thing you may require and Margaret is not qualified to do this for you is have your lawyer draw up an agreement for taking on new staff that includes clauses that ensure that the intellectual property we develop is fully is protected.If you are serious about taking your business to the next level and have a training budget and are interested in speaking to Margaret Gill about your suitability for this program, please book in a complimentary “Your Spirit Of” Assessment Consultation by clicking here 


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