What Limits Our Unlimitedness?

Hooked on American Idol and only just through the heats!

Considering I rarely watch TV and am highly disconnected from anything “commercial” or “media oriented”, it is funny how our passions cause dichotomy.

I love “Idol” firstly because it gives the underdog a genuine go at living their dream.  But the real reason is because of the feedback the judges and mentors give the participants.  It would cost millions to get this level of backstage insight, but if you know what to look for, those judges spill the beans on stage craft and marketing for free.

For instance, don’t look down on stage because it shows the audience you lack the self confidence to look them in the eye.  A golden tip I share in my speaking programs!

I also watch for trends.

This year along with the usual vocal, style and wardrobe mentors, the contestants even have “non denominational Spiritual Mentors”.

The ‘S’ word is officially mainstream folks.

Big tip right there – if you are struggling to describe the S part of your work, benefit from the expensive Hollywood ad agency that probably coined it and whack “non denominational spiritual advisor” on your business card – everyone will be wanting one soon 🙂

This year the top 13 are a motley crew with big hearts.

I just about fell out of my lazy boy recliner last night when they didn’t put the highly styled good looker through, instead the dressed down dude with the biggest heart took the ultimate golden ticket, even though his “last gasp” performance was far from perfect.  


Because the judges know the world is becoming more heart centered.  

When a Simon Cowell production openly mentions the “S’ word, you know we are close to other hard core bastions changing and there must be a dollar in it!

Who Would Have Thought!

This year the list of finalists reads like the nerd section of a high school year book and include the first outwardly gay contestant, a tuber playing frizzy haired girl with thick rimmed glasses and braces, a farm hand who by his own admission “could lose a few pounds”.  The gal with pink hair who is sick of living out the back of her car.

Harry Connick Jnr praised one guy for ending his song on a 9th (in the 1doe 2ray 3me 4far 5so 6la 7tea 8doh, he ended on #9 ray, a full octave & one note above where most would have landed) …. commonly known as jazz.  No self respecting Idol (who wanted to stay) would have dreamed of dropping in a jazz note 5 years ago.  Then we have a big voiced rocker, a nurse, the list of unlikelies goes on.


Because the mainstream is seeking more realness and heart.

Many of the contestants also performed original songs in the heats, previously a death knell, now rewarded for their originality.  Big messages for our industry if you care to scratch the surface.

So who will win this year?

It’s easy.  The contestant who can listen the hardest to the judges comments, raise their ambition the highest, stay focused on themselves AND manage the stress of the hype.

When I am down I play a YouTube of Stan Walker while rehearsing Amazing Grace describing how it felt to be in the top 3 of Australian Idol.  He stated the reason he wanted to win was “now I know I can’.

It’s that difference between THINKING and KNOWING you can do something. 

It is the massive totality of the authentic self gained from “I once was lost and now I’m found” that turned his humble potential to limitlessness.

This deep level of knowing, an unfettered desire to stay authentic and a constant determination to raise to their ambition each day is what gets people what they want.

Stan probably predicted Dicko’s comment about “God botherers” after he sung the traditional gospel hymn.  But with the new signs of acceptance coming through from the USA, it might show Dicko wasn’t ahead of the curve on the spiritual trend that is now hitting the mainstream.

Holding yourself to higher ambition while the world turns in mediocrity isn’t the easy path and you will always get knockers.

When you live in higher ambition you need to drive the world, not have the world drive you.

It is what you don’t allow in that matters more than what you do.

  • Having difficult clients
  • People messing you around, canceling, no showing.
  • Your advice not being respected or heard.
  • Not making the difference you desire.

All signs the world is winning.  

When I was putting my new Logical Product Flow framework together, I kept wanting to put my Higher Ambition Coaching program in the top chakras.  But it kept NOT fitting there.  Vision HAD to be third eye, voice HAD to be throat and the high end spiritual stuff had to sit at the crown to let everything flow from above.

In the end there was only one spot left ….. THE SELF, solar plexus – DUH!  Of course higher ambition can only be activated when we are fully connected to and carrying a warts and all acceptance of self.

I have noticed the unsuccessful Idol’s sit championing other contestants.  The ones who get through sit quietly waiting for their name to be called.  It’s not they don’t love their mates, it is because when it comes to the important stuff, their state of totality means nothing else registers in that moment.

People that have been through my 3 month Higher Ambition Coaching program have all come out with an interesting outcome.  They have ended up on the track they openly stated they didn’t want to be on.  You might think WTF – that’s not a good outcome!

Well, it’s an awesome outcome when it is the one thing that makes you make total sense to the whole wide world AND yourself, but you’ve been fighting the greatness it will bring if you embrace it.

So often we deny or fight the obvious thing, when …….. “it’s the obvious thing!”

That is our ego at work and being in ego is when you can’t change.

If you are someone who might not be a singer, but refuses to sing other people’s songs, dances on the off beat, insists on your focus being original, maybe it’s time for us to talk about your higher ambition.

If you want to embrace more of your uniqueness and it’s time for your 3rd chakra to rise and your 9th note to shine, email me now.

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