The Unearth Your Sacred Potential Program is designed to re-fire your souls ambition, get you crystal clear and focused and then get you out there saving the planet!

It sounds a little heady, but if every soul who was destined to bring good in this lifetime actually steps into their purpose and power, I believe we will see peace in our lifetime.  But you have to have the tools to help you and this program gives you what you need to get clear and inspired but more importantly stay that way!

Are you someone with a whole lot of disjointed ideas?

Clarity Diagram

Well I want to share with you an idea that you might find interesting.  You see the biggest challenge I’ve encountered both personally and with people who work with a lot of heart and soul is NOT their lack of marketing savvy, that’s not what’s holding them back, its their lack of clarity.

Great ideas and great vision abound, but failing to be able to bring everything together into a cohesive package that allows people to understand why they should work with you on a daily basis, well that’s the challenge.

So my idea is to get people clear first, then start teaching them marketing, so you can develop those ideas and make more money doing what you love.

I fully understand the challenge because of course its my story.  I had created a whole lot of products and services that helped people, but none of it was cohesive.

The piece I had missing was the big picture clarity and the right strategies to implement my ideas.

It made me feel frustrated!  I had tried so many things and had got so much right, but there just seemed to be something massive in the middle of the road blocking my forward progress.

So imagine my delight when I found Lance Secretan’s work and by week 4 I had nailed my reason for being and was able to get my mission down into a few short lines.  This is called a WHY-BE-DO statement.  Not only did it help me, but it also helped others get crystal clear on what I could do for them.

Getting clarity at this high level has been invaluable to my business and could possibility be the most important thing I’ve learned in the last decade.  I’d love to help you create your own WHY-BE-DO statement and achieve this level of clarity and inspiration in your own life and business.

The View is Always Clearer From Higher Ground

top_of_the_worldHave you heard of Lance Secretan’s Higher Ground Leadership work? 

Well I am one of his Certified Higher Ground Coaches.

You can learn more about Lance’s work here

His work speaks deeply to me because its all about teaching from a very deep and sacred place of heart and leading from a place of inspiration.

He is also bringing the S word (spirit and soul) to corporate CEO’s all over the world.

As part of my certification, I have to create a project where I embody Lance’s teachings.

As I learned more about the Higher Ground Leadership principles I came to understand how these simple yet profound principles create clarity, inspiration and forward movement at a pace far greater than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Lance’s work is so profound I saw no reason to go re-create that wheel, hence why I sought to become accredited with his program.

It’s a New Way of Being

It has never been considered cool to speak the “S” word in business.  But in this new energy, more people want to get into more meaningful discussions and figure out some of the big life questions like “why am I here?”.

As people seek more depth and meaning, they are beginning to want more meaning in their workplace.  Words like integrity and spirit have been bandied about ad infinitum.  People are seeking proof that the people around them are of a high calibre.  Its no longer enough to be ordinary, people want to be inspired and they want to be inspiring.

Now more than ever it is imperative that the mind, body AND spirit and are bought to the table and clearly put on display.

There needs to be a new wave of people out there showing people how to open up and how to become more vulnerable.

As more and more health and wellbeing practitioners help people up onto this new ground, more and more people are seeing us as the new leaders in this arena.  If you’re like me you probably never considered yourself an industry leader, but we are simply by inspiring people into new ways of being and introducing new ways of bringing health and wellbeing into their lives.

So as new leaders, we need new tools.

Now more than ever it is important that we step up and take up the opportunities that abound around us and really help people thrive in this new energy.   We are the new leaders called to step up and help.

Its important the honest people are the ones who cut through.  I’m sure you’re noticing a glut of products and services being released into the market that don’t really add any value to people at all.  Its just clever packaging.

That’s why we have to hone our leadership skills, because we have to lead people to the right alternatives.

Now more than ever its important that the good people get clarity into their messages so the right people can draw to them.

It’s important that everyday people step up and learn leadership techniques so they can lead, in their own quiet way and bring the positive change that has been predicted for eons.

When We Are Inspired We Automatically Inspire Others

Throughout the Unearth Your Sacred Potential program I will be teaching all of Lance Secretan’s Higher Ground concepts that helped me get crystal clear on my purpose, my mission and my dream.  This material is packed up simply and elegantly and is exactly what he teaches in large corporations.  If you’ve been wondering how people are getting the S word into big business, then this course will be mind altering for you.

Over the six week program we will cover the following:

This powerful six week process will leave you with a very clear understanding of why you are here, what you have to do and a clear WHY-BE-DO statement that will cement you on higher ground and allow you to fulfil your mission in life.

6 Week Program List Diagram

Without these components in place, inspiration dies and everything is a struggle.

This amazing six week tele class series is for people who are serious about bringing profound change and who also understand that there can be a whole lot of hard work required to make an impact.

Lance Secretan has transformed massive corporations and whole cities with these tools.  It makes sense then, if we give them to heart based people who are here to change the world, then the whole planet is going to benefit.

Like it or not, all conscious entrepreneurs, heart based business owners, health and wellbeing practitioners, coaches, light workers, all those with a mission and message …. well we are all leaders shaping the destiny of the planet.  This is our sacred potential, that potential that we all know lies within but has been laying dormant until now.

My program is for courageous souls who are fully ready to activate their mission in life.

You have probably started on that mission but have been frustrated due to a lack of clarity, inspiration and knowledge.  This program gets you clear really fast and the tools allow you to become an inspired leader at whatever speed or level you wish to take it to.

Whether working directly in huge corporations or working from a small clinic room, we are the front runners or leaders who are changing the world, one day at a time and one client at a time.

So even if you don’t think you are a leader, you probably already are!

It’s Time To Summon Coureagous Trust & Stand In Your Authentic Power

This is a perfect opportunity for everyone to grow and take our businesses to a whole new level of potential.

This is not a program – it is a life changing experience!

Lance’s work constantly makes you ask the question “how can I be more inspiring?”

It makes you think deeply about not only yourself and your role as a leader or even a reluctant leader, but it also asks us to look deeply at who we are being in every action and every moment of the day.

You don’t have to be a corporate CEO to benefit from this work, in fact I believe my people will embrace and implement the learning easier than the stiff white shirt brigade.

Unlikely leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve experienced Mum’s and Dad’s using the principles with their kids and getting amazing results.  These concepts are universal and could be used with your clients to firstly help them rise up to a higher level, but also have them automatically see you at a higher level too.

During the 6 Week Program

We will discuss the concepts that have been shared with me, then we will discover how those concepts can be built into your life and business.

The course runs for 6 weeks and is on the phone

Yes the calls are recorded and are evergreen (available forever!) you can download the mp3’s and listen whenever you like.

The cost will be $495 for the full six weeks

It will be in teleclass format so you only need Skype or a Landline to get on the call.

Yes it will be recorded

Class Timetable

Unearth Your Sacred Potential Teleclass Series

6 Sessions –  Commencing Thursday 27th March 2014
at 10AM Melbourne Time

NB: All dates and times quoted in (AEST) Melbourne Time


I promise you will leave inspired and with a new energy and enthusiasm for your work.

Margaret Gill is the founder of Abundant Private Practices a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational speaking and business basics.   She brings a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate knowledge and fifteen years spent practicing her own spiritual mastery to every encounter. She doesn’t just apply a bunch of theory, she knows how daunting new situations can be because she has been there. Through it all, she has stuck steadfastly to her dream, and her driving motivation is to see others achieve their dreams, too. Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to seek their own freedom while positively changing the lives of others.  Margaret is a fully certified Higher Ground Leadership Coach.

My “NO WORM : NO SQUIRM” Money Back Guarantee

“I don’t believe there are any worms in the product ………. but if you think you find one and want your money back ………. then I won’t try to squirm out!”

All my products carry this simple and elegant guarantee:


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I understand I will get the following:

6 x 1 Hour Interactive Teleclass Sessions

Full Recordings of All Sessions

All Worksheets & Handouts

Discussion & Networking Opportunities
with Classmates in a Closed Community

One Time Payment of $495

This is an awesome opportunity? I didn’t think so.


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