The Importance of Higher Ambition

A business based in love will always have a desire to raise its ambition. 

Just last week I recorded a mini video of a very important principle from my Attraction Program called “Perfect Your Environment”.  It reminded me to constantly be in a state of raising the levels of the environments that surround us.

7 Environments of Self

There are at least 7 Environments of Self

1.  Physical Body/Spirit/Gifts/Talents

2.  Relationships

3.  Mimetic – Knowledge, concepts, ideas

4.  Networks – R&D team, clients, friends, interests

5.  Nature – Outdoors, seasons in life

6.  Intangible – thoughts feelings values

7.  Physical Space – home, office, possessions

A business has the same seven environments

Like a body we need to keep feeding and nurturing each area to keep it in tip top shape.

From my experience of working with a lot of small business owners, I see area 3, the mimetics or mindset as the one that gets over looked the most.

The mindset of a business is what allows it to expand.  But so often our mindsets are closed off and we continue to churn out the same old ways of doing things and our business becomes stagnant.

Frustration is the feeling that you get when your mindset isn’t stretching far enough.

When I started to hang out with coaches who charged and got high fees I realised my mindset had been constrained by a set of “mind rules” or “memetics” given to me by people who had awesome intent in their work but had never got past charging more than $60 an hour for their services.  Not only that, they guilted me out every time I mentioned charging more than they did.  I don’t hang with those people any more.

You know you are hanging with people of higher ambition because they cheer you on.  People with constrained mindsets make you feel guilty for wanting more.

The result of constrained mindset is very talented therapists over on facebook bemoaning the fact that clients no-show and they are left out of pocket.

Firstly it’s very unattractive to be bagging what should be your treasured clients in such a public space and secondly all they are doing is publicly bagging themselves.

Bad no-show policies are the fault of the therapist, not the client.

If you haven’t got full payment from a client 24 hours before their appointed time, then that’s your fault.

Then I see practitioners prisoners to their mobile phones just in case someone is going to call to book in.

These are all environments that can be fixed easily – over night in fact if you have the courage to implement some solid business practices.

There are many online booking systems that allow clients to book online.  When they are set up properly they are very easy to use and they take the nightmare out of client bookings.  I still use a simple little free system called Clickbooks to do my bookings.  It works a treat and has saved me hours upon hours of chasing clients to get them booked in or rearranging times.

I also have a zero no-show rate.  Why?  Because people pay up front for their sessions with me.  Now you are likely to say, oh that only works for coaches.

Well not so.  Many therapists have converted from the standard model of clients paying at the end of a session, to clients paying when they book.  Guess what happened.  The clients started to adhere to the new system immediately.  Yes a couple still asked if they could book the old way and of course that could be accommodated.  But in general most took to it like the proverbial ducks to water and what’s more, many commented that they liked it because it made their life easier.

Yes there was a initial dip in bookings, but once the therapist got comfortable with the online booking system and actually started to see people not only booking but paying for their session online before they arrived ……. well let me tell you they were pretty happy.

Then something interesting happened, their practices went gang busters.  They couldn’t keep up with the demand, quite simply because their clients were seeing their new professional posture and started referring in a more professional way.

Everything raises when your ambition raises.

But still I see many highly experienced therapists with crappy systems in place that don’t serve their clients or themselves.  Its just plain wrong.

Then I still see practitioners who don’t have product tiers set up that allow clients to purchase multiple sessions or blocks of their time in advance.  Just this week I sat down with a long term client and we developed packages for her business.

I could see she was a little uncomfortable with some of the prices I suggested she charge up front, but being a trooper she mentioned the package to the next person who phoned.

Not only was this person prepared to pay for the $975 package up front, they were also prepared to fly interstate to work with her because they were in so much pain.

I’ve heard stories of therapists being flown in business class to visit clients abroad.

So many have their mindsets stuck in a state of poverty and lack that they would never attract anything like this.  What I have noticed is therapists who do attract this type of thing have very open mindsets and have done a lot of personal development.

What stops people implementing practices that make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd and attract people who honour your work highly and are prepared to reward you adequately is simply a lack of higher ambition.

Low ambition is very dangerous because once it gets into your practice, it starts to get into your treatments as well.

The most extraordinary thing I’ve noticed with people who step into advanced practice techniques is that the standard of their treatments raise and they start getting even more stellar results for their clients.  That results in more referrals and more happy clients.  It is a win all round.

It is our job to raise people up to a new ambition, but if we don’t keep raising ourselves up, then others can’t raise with us.  Having high personal standards and high enough regard for yourself to create high professional posture and your to ability to charge decent fees is the first step in creating a new way of doing a business.

Constantly standing holding your begging bowl at the end of a session is not only letting yourself down, but its also letting your clients down.

By creating a strong environment around the way you charge and the standards you set in your business allows you to show up and shine.

I’ve also been raising my ambitions this past year and I’ve been doing a lot of work on my packages and products, raising them up to match the needs of the new people I’m attracting.

In fact I called one of the new programs The Higher Ambition Program because its the one thing that is most lacking in our industry – higher ambition.

This program is for more advanced practitioners not beginners because it contains much of what I was taught in New York last year so the content is at the edge of cohesion.

Then shoot me an email  if you are interested in a spot on the program.


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