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Robyn Stitt – Overcoming Overwhelm – Strathalbyn – Australia

About 7 years ago with a young family, house to run but a well-paying job I dreamed of an easier way of ‘doing it all’.

I’d had my share of health issues over the years and was very interested in all things Complementary.

I had been a Radiation therapist in a major public hospital for nearly 15 years when I discovered Kinesiology and knew I had to be one.

What a fabulous journey it has been.

Gaining the skills was a challenge logistically (family-wise) but easy and fun.

Turning it into a business that fitted in with my lifestyle was another.

I remember going to a national Kinesiology conference as a student and met many people who, up until then, were only names in books. It was awesome. What was more awesome was when one of these high-profile practitioners came up to me and told me she ‘saw big things for me in the future’.

Back then I didn’t believe her.

Luckily, early in my journey (July 2007), I stumbled across Ms Margz one day as I was Googling ‘Complementary Health Marketing’.

I felt a connection to her right on that home page and signed up for her 90 Day Challenge – what did I have to lose? It was free.

This was completely new to me as I’d never had to consider anything like this in my previous position. It was, and still is, a wonderful process to work through with lots of practical actions to help you on your way.

Margz ‘gave me permission’ to start up my business in my lounge room with her famous line ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect’.

After about 6 months of this, my husband gave up his beloved study so I could have a dedicated treatment room. Ahh.

I then discovered her ‘Practice Building Success System’ and ‘Attraction Program’.

In 2009 I then met the gorgeous Ms Margz in person at Adelaide’s ‘‘Courageous Speaking’. This was a real turning point, as my darkest hour became my connection to people all over the world.

Overcoming Overwhelm was born.

I’m now doing consults both in person and over the phone, getting requests for Blog articles from many corners of the country, have been asked my opinion on a variety of topics. A simple email from a colleague for a guided meditation turned into a call to Margz to ‘make it happen’.

Margz also gave me the confidence to run a 4 week tele-seminar series for beginner practitioners which was well received.

I managed to do all of this whilst still walking my children to and from school each day, attend assemblies and excursion, manage my daughter’s soccer team and generally keep the house running smoothly.

“Life is for living, life is too short
to say I am not allowed.”

Robyn Stitt

One day I will have a bustling clinic, but for me right now, what I’ve created is perfect.

I have the family/ work balance sussed. 

I work the work around the life, not try to do it the other way around.

Ms Margz has been a valuable supporter (she celebrates your successes and picks you up to try again if things don’t go so well), she’s a veritable font of knowledge who shares freely. Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already done it?

She’s the ‘grain of sand in your oyster’ necessary for the formation of that precious pearl.

She doesn’t expect you to do everything she tells you – I certainly don’t, but I do value her opinion and will always ask for it.

I have found a number of valuable friends and connections on the ‘Wellbeing Winners Forum’ run by Margz.

I consider Ms Margz to be not only a mentor but a friend and I am so glad I found her.

Now I do believe what others saw in me all those years ago – ‘There are big things out there for me!’

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Claire Heywood – SunYoga – Sunshine – Melbourne Australia

Hi there,

I’m a yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner, studio owner and yoga entrepreneur.

2 years ago my fledgling business, SunYoga, was going nowhere. I was working as hard as I could and was exhausted. I felt out of my depth and was very negative about my future prospects. I had little skills in running a business and realised that setting up a lovely space with nice brochures and a nice website wasn’t enough to get customers walking in the door. So I enlisted the help of a business mentor (not Mz Margz). The mentor was helpful but conservative, with limited ideas or understanding of my micro micro business and just kept telling me what a hard job I had. This I knew already! After 2 meetings they advised that I “plan to get out”. I wasn’t ready to pull the pin so the search continued…

Enter Mz Margz… After one hour of honest, spirited discussion with MZ Margz everything changed. My spirit lifted, my enthusiasm was recharged and I was buzzing! It really was a hallelujah moment. I had found the right person. HOORAY! She did not for one moment doubt that I could make my business work and even in that initial call identified so many ways that I could move forward and where I was misdirecting my time, energy and dollars.

2 years later… With our regular coaching sessions I am steadily learning, developing, growing and achieving in my business. Success starts to flow my way and SunYoga is humming with wonderful clients who love and value our work. I have paid off my start-up loan and my profit over the last financial year increased by 70%. Not bad, eh?

But wait, there’s more… I have produced and co-created the elements – guided relaxation, a beautiful CD which within one year is in profit and sold close to 50% of the stock. I teach regular weekend retreats and in October, 2010, I will teach my first interstate yoga holiday retreat (50% booked already). I have created 3 mini yoga instructional videos which are available free via the internet and produce a monthly e-newsletter which is enjoyed by around 700 subscribers and has lead to me writing my first article for a national yoga magazine. And lastly (and what a treat) I have hired a cleaner!

Mz Margz inspires me to dare to be my best, to work methodically towards achieving my full potential. She delights in my sometimes unorthodox approach and guides me with humour and compassion, (and is not afraid to cut through my bullshit when necessary). She encourages & coaches me to tackle the areas of business that I find difficult and I now confidently go for bigger targets. I wholeheartedly believe that I have something of unique value that people need and will pay for. Working together we are shaping my business to grow towards a much bigger picture than I could have ever dreamt up on my own… Onwards & forwards & ON YA MZ MARGZ!

Curious to know more about Claire Heywood & SunYoga?

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