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The Power of The Next 90 Days

Did you know that what you’ve been doing in the past 90 days is what will shape the next six months?

I’m currently sitting in the United Lounge at Los Angeles airport – my 90 Day tourist visa is up!  Once Uncle Sam is done with you, there is nothing to do but ride that silver bird back to the wide brown land.  The jolt back to reality is going to be huge as the wheels hit the tarmac at Kingsford Smith Sydney in sixteen hours time.

P1000004The last few days I’ve been living like a rock star in Beverly Hills.

To be honest that whole Rodeo Drive things just leaves me cold.  I wandered there yesterday in search of food and was totally bemused by people in the omni-present tourist buses going up and down taking pictures of stores they couldn’t afford to shop in.  The whole celebrity things is a bit lost on me. although I did get to walk through the lobby of the “Pretty Woman” hotel and saw the balcony Julia Roberts sat on threatening to tobble over as the scared of heights Richard Gere just about had kittens.  Guess I’m as bad as the happy snappers 🙂

Also drove through Hollywood and Vine where the man walks across the road shouting “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?” 

Our dreams are funny things.  The more action we put into each set of 90 days we get gifted – the closer our dreams get to reality.  The actions we don’t take atrophy our dreams. 

During my last two days in LA, I had the pleasure to be gifted a one on one session with vocal coach Roger Love.  I’d never dreamed this little kiwi could be tutored by someone who has worked with some big names from downunder like INXS, Hanson, Missy Higgins plus all the greats from USA music and film.  As I sat in his office surrounded by his accolades and framed platinum CD’s – well it was all a bit surreal.

The only reason it happened was because I took a risk that as yet hasn’t fully paid off.  But being around people who work with people who follow their dreams takes you to a new level even before you get started. 

As you step up to the plate and you have to be prepared to hear the truth and be prepared to listen.  

I knew as I took the honest feedback about my voice and the way I speak that all those who stood in the same spot in his office had heard similar news delivered, because we rarely consider our voice.

Doesn’t matter who you are, you still have things to learn about your trade.  After taking a huge piece of feedback on an earlier teleclass with Roger, I’ve had a couple of other things added to my voice improvements list:  “the high squeaky hinge”,  “not filling the room enough”, “speaking too quietly”, “not dropping my jaw”, “tongue too high” ….. crikey it’s little wonder I have so much trouble ordering take out in the USA!  It’s not until you get out of your comfort zone or your own environment for challenges you never knew you had, to start appearing.

Roger Love & ME Lge.001Then as we stepped over to the piano Roger reminded me that anything shared is done with love – pun intended I’m sure 🙂  My response was – “let me have all the feedback, don’t meter it, just tell me where I can improve”.

That thirst for feedback has been my friend over the years.  Sure it hurts and cuts like a knife when you first hear it, but as soon as you start to work on the problem, it feels like progress is being made. 

Most never progress because they can’t take the “negative” feedback.  They want everything wrapped in cotton wool, they want it watered down, they want it so politically correct that the truth gets lost in the memory foam wrapper. 

I really encourage you to be up for feedback and up to take on new information in your own business and personal ambition.

You see the thing that is our greatest enemy is what we don’t know, we don’t know. 

The confidence and courage that comes from knowing you have at least one small part of what you need to learn is taken care of, well it automatically brings you to a new place. 

Anyone who lives from a place of higher ambition, will always be seeking new knowledge, new feedback and new ways of doing things because they are desperate to find all those things they don’t know and start to work on correcting them. 

I’ve had some wonderful conversations with the fabulous Dean Frenkel, the hormonics master, about the theory of the voice.  I knew it was important, but I didn’t realise how important our voice is until I attended World’s Greatest Speaker Training

It was amusing and alarming all at the same time to hear Brendon Burchard tell us how he met Roger Love.  After a very grueling schedule, Brendon was standing in the carpark at one of his mega events, hundreds of red cordial filled fans screaming for more, still with a couple of days left to present and NO voice.  Roger was able to give him enough exercises in the carpark to enable him to go back on stage and present. 

But as Roger warned us, its not ideal to get your voice into this type of situation.

Of course we never put the work in before hand, because we don’t know what we don’t know.  So Roger inevitably gets the emergency call, where a miracle is being asked for and what’s more expected.  In a sick sort of way, its nice to know this stuff happens at every level of someone’s career. 

It’s also sort of heartening to me (i a sick kind of way) to hear that many big names have picked up the phone and been squeaking down the line, desperate for a miracle.  It makes all the things I haven’t known needed work seem a little less “doh” on my part. 

All our “squeaky hinges” dwelling in our throat’s and “Yogi bear” sounds and “cheshire cat” voices mostly go un-noticed, until we start to put pressure on them.  We simply don’t know they are a problem nor do we understand just how much air needs to roll past the vocal chords, nor are we prepared to spend twenty minutes each day working the vocal chords, the six pack of our voice. 

Its hard to work out anything when you don’t even know it needs working out.

I trust you will at least start to investigate what the voice needs to stay strong, or at least remember this communication and know what to do when you find yourself “desperate in the carpark” at the back of your venue. 

If you are interested in working with your voice a little more and beginning to understand what you need to know to get your vocal chords up to a level where they won’t break down on you, then I recommend you make some time with Dean Frenkel if you are in Australia or Roger Love if you are in the USA. 

Our voice is our wand in everything we do and the stronger our voice and the stronger we can communicate, the more successful we are going to be. 

The next 90 Days is going to be a bit rough for me as i adjust back to life downunder and get down to some serious work. 

Throwing myself back into work is something I find works after these magical adventures “upover”.  I also know that putting some solid work into the next 90 days is going to make the first six months of 2014 look way different.  

How To Be A One-of-A-Kind Entrepreneur – 3 Ways to Break New Ground without Breaking Your Heart or Draining Your Bank Account

How To Be A One-of-A-Kind Entrepreneur – 3 Ways to Break New Ground without Breaking Your Heart or Draining Your Bank Account

There’s a lot of information available about how to be successful at a small business. The problem is, most of this information is aimed at extroverts who’re in a big hurry to make as much money as possible, and doesn’t contribute something great to the world.If that sounds as terrible to you as it does to me, here are 3 pearls of wisdom from the real-life trenches for how to build business as unusual.


1.  Follow the path less taken.As in fashion, being fully self-expressed is going to mean you’re in a category of one. If you find yourself in an ‘in crowd,’ whether that be at mainstream events, or among a gaggle of agreeable others, you’re likely in the thick of a fad or trend.

Legwarmers and Farrah Fawcett hair trends may feel fun to be part of in the short term, but you know that’s not going to make you proud 10 years later. Being an original takes work and one of the easiest measures is if you’re a little lonely on your path. This goes for business as well as your wardrobe or personal style.

Congratulations. If you’re feeling lonely sometimes, it’s just because you’ve chosen, every step of the way, to follow the path less taken and leave the Kool-Aid behind. Keep going.


2.  Allow yourself the luxury of time.One of the biggest failures in small business is the rush-job. Hurrying, adrenalizing, pushing….not only leads to poor results, but usually poorer health in the long run.Hurrying is no longer the badge of the well-coached, folks.

Great coaching helps you pick the right process, path or step, be more accurate and precise about your moves, and gives you peace along the way. Don’t expect outrageous success rapidly – it’s unlikely to happen with a newer income stream or idea. Big paydays still happen, but only when you’ve paid your dues.

Keep your expenses low – your bank account will thank you. Allow yourself breathing room to test and fail a lot. You want to win the long game, why? Because what your business offers the world is so worth being patient. Make your plans accordingly.


3.  Cultivate your inner scientist.If you think you’re here to build a business that follows another person’s model, may I invite you to try painting by number and faking a Mona Lisa in your mind? Give it time. No matter how many of these replicas you attempt, you’ll finally find out. You have no choice. You must find your one-of-a-kind painting to do because you’re not Leonardo da Vinci.

What is your one-of-a-kind business that only you can do? How do you start? Begin by proving the worth of your work by testing with any clients who’ll let you. Do the best job you possibly can so you can start collecting proof (something you can show) of what only you can do.

When you’re building something one-of-a-kind, you’re on uncharted ground, so you’ll need to measure as you go, and course correct along the way. Soon, you’ll have lots of data – an ecosystem of data that will guide you to what you seek.

Especially for independent thinkers, sensitive souls, and people on the leading edge, the above 3 things are doorways into new paradigm success as a small business. None of them requires you to rush, pressure you to maximize profits immediately, and each step allows you to contribute as much value as is humanly possible.


4.  The final word…Anyone who tries to tell you they know a color-by-number method to sustainable business success and tries to teach you this en masse, is candidly, deluded, or worse, in my opinion, being less than truthful. In the final analysis, experimentation is the only holy ground, and successful entrepreneurs – the ones that last decades in the market – are all scientists at heart.


About The Author

Andrea J. Lee is an Entrepreneurial Futurist with her finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial spirit and how it can shows up to change the world. Throughout her life, Andrea has done one thing – help those she loves make money. Not once, but twice, she has helped reinvent the coaching industry and knows just one thing for sure: the entrepreneurial spirit is everywhere, looking for a place to make a difference.

Leonie Marks – Soul Access – Adelaide – Australia

I’m an Intuitive Astrologer, Energy Medicine Master, Soul Mentor and Teacher. 
I’m on a mission of global service to ignite, inspire and support people to embrace their soul urge to SHINE.  I’ve become an expert at navigating the inner territory one must travel between here and SHINE.


3 years ago I had to make a decision. Take my passion and turn it into a full time business – or get a hair cut and get a real job!  As a rebel with a cause, there was no way I was cutting my hair. 
I’d been in business before but I’d already applied all I knew from that world. This new learning curve looked steep and overwhelming – I needed help, fast. My friends ‘upstairs’ redirected Mz Margz newsletter, via a friend into my inbox . . . and I’d gobbled up Margz’ gift of the 90 day challenge by 2.00am that night.  

I wasn’t waiting another 89 days to take the next step, so I….. Phoned Mz Margz  the next morning and after an inspiring discussion and some very practical insights I could use right now, I knew I’d found the person I needed.  Mz Margz had everything I was missing.  A tried and true step-by-step system, and the ongoing support to ensure I could put it into action in a way that works for me.  

Looking back, the magic ingredient for me was that Margz not only had the products, she could really see me . . . in my full shining potential and she believed in me . . . the same way I really see and believe in everyone I work with. 
3 years later… it feels like a life time ago, that my coaching began.  Margz has supported me through huge changes, interstate moves and many challenges.  I’m still loving the journey, learning, growing and achieving business goals I would never have reached alone.  

Soul Access is looking forward to new business premises in 2011 and enjoying connecting with beautiful clients from all over Australia and overseas. I’m stepping into joint ventures and courageously offering my gifts to the world as I’ve always wanted to, but never knew how.   

Oohh and its also my 3rd year of writing the New Moon content for Mz Margz “Abundance Cheque Reminders”.

At last the products are coming … I’ve created my first cd Embracing the Shift Within which will hit my online shop in January.  Pre-release orders are already coming in.
And after 6 months in soul retreat this year, my new website, products and packages are taking shape, my newsletter is buzzing again (and it continued to attract new subscribers while I was regenerating), requests for public talks, joint ventures and new clients are rolling in.  My first 2011 retreat Soul Deep is happening in February – with longer group and personal retreats in the planning as we speak.
And one more thing . . . Going Global . . .  I’ve always seen myself working nationally and internationally in my visions, but couldn’t see the “how” part.  Tada!!! With Margz online knowledge – I quickly learned to manage websites, blogs, databases, ezines and all the essentials we need for a healthy online presence.  After my first teleclass lesson, I created a 4 week teleseminar series that was fully booked within days, with clients from SA, Vic, NSW, Qld & UK.  Its now part of my live workshop series and in the process of becoming a cd/e-book product – and that’s just the first one – Teleseminars rock!  
Readings all over the Planet   And as part of the fun, with my wonderful friend Mz Skype my reading and mentoring services are now available globally, in the comfort of your own home.
Mz Margz has inspired me out of hiding in my well crafted comfort zone.  Pushed my buttons until my cause ignited into a mission and then fuelled my passion with all the ‘how to’ I needed to get it all happening.  3 years ago, I was frustrated and wasting so much energy and passion trying to move forward in ways that were never going to work.  I’m so grateful for taking the plunge with Mz Margz.  I know I’m teetering on the edge of another steep learning curve – and I’m throwing logs on the fire – yelling out to the universe bring it on!  Margz’s teachings have integrated and become an inspiring voice in my head, that kicks in the pantz as it speaks! Gotta love that!
Above all else she has helped me to believe, beyond doubt, that my brand of special is needed by many, valuable and worth paying for. Now my much loved clients reflect that back to me every day.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mz Margz X
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