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16 Awesome Ideas to help you Boost Business, Book More Clients, Build Stronger Relationships or Just Plain Make More Money During the Silly Season

1. Send a Special Offer if You Are Quiet

Stir the pot a little ….

If you are quiet, anything is going to be beter than doing nothing in the days leading up to Christmas so send out a crazy “too hard to turn down” offer that is highly targeted around relieving things such as stress or anxiety – must be used by 24 December.

If you are busy pre holidays but dip in the New Year – simply send the offer in January or after the school holidays.

Don’t forget to send an “offer is running out” reminder email near the end of the promotion.

2. Create a Unique Program to Help People Through This Time of Year

People are time poor but anxiety rich at this time of year.

Consider creating a program that allows to people to phone or Skype in for 10 minutes each day and let them share their anxiety – you might not even have to do anything for them, sometimes just having someone to talk to will help buckets!

Have an upgrade for a full session if it’s more than just anxiety about that horrible old uncle that insists on asking why you still aren’t married at the Christmas dinner table.

Alternately record seven 5 minute de-stressing meditations and sell them for $9.95 upwards – email a new link each day – the gift here will be that they are short, easy to create and can be consumed easily.

What can you quickly create “right now” that will really help someone through a tough time?

3. Promote Your Gift Certificates

The trick here is not just to sell gift vouchers but to sell solutions that make it easy for people to understand why they would want to buy from you.

For instance don’t sell a “massage” – sell a “de-stress massage experience” – “reviving massage” – “hangover super food” package – “survive your horrible relatives” package.

Have different certificates for different age groups or types of people.

The holidays can be a time of excess so make your product really hone in on the problems people are facing at this time of the year.

Encourage your current clients to get others to buy them one of your gift certificates – nothing like returning customers.  Maybe put the hint out for a coaching gift certificate from me!

Maybe consider going down to the local $2 shop and getting some nice little boxes and ribbon and wrap your vouchers up beautifully.  Or roll the gift certificate up into a scroll tied with a beautiful ribbon, or just send a two line email – doesn’t matter how you do it – just do it!

Don’t forget the option of having people buy online.

Haven’t got gift certificates?  Seriously, it can be as simple as handwriting a pretty card you got at the $2 shop.  Just number the certificates so you can keep track of who has them.  Here’s a simple gift registry spreadsheet I prepared earlier for you 🙂

A GIFT FOR YOU:  Click here for free Gift Voucher Registry spreadsheet for you – yes it can be this simple!

Here is some ideas if you are clever with a computer

REMEMBER:  Vouchers must have a use by date (You can decide if they show up years later whether someone can use an expired voucher) and your vouchers must be numbered so people can’t make copies of the voucher and use them multiple times.  It would also be good to have a link to your gift certificate terms and conditions on your website.


4.  Be Seen or Heard

If you are quiet, make the most of this time to be seen.

  • Give Out Flyers.  If you have street frontage, go hand out a healthy treat stapled to a flyer with a list of the gift certificates you have for sale.
  • Post On Social Media.  Make up a top ten list like this one on healthy ways to get through the silly season and post it on social media.  Make sure anything you give out has your branding and contact details on it!
  • Call clients and see how they are doing.  Do this from a place of love and service – NOT sales.  Show how much you genuinely care about them and call to see how they are doing with no expectation or mention of anything else.
  • Go volunteer – the aid agencies are really busy and need extra help this time of year.  Give generously and unconditionally and even though it is not why you’d be doing, there is every chance you’ll pick up a client or valuable ongoing contact.
  • Write a personal note to key clients thanking them for their continued support.

5.  Get Free Media

Make the most of the opportunity for the free publicity.  Phone up local or community radio suggesting you be a guest to speak about how to beat stress or get through the anxiety of Christmas holistically.

Radio stations usually program their lifestyle shows a couple of days in advance so you still have time.

If you work with animals suggest a spot on how to make sure that pets aren’t gifted by Santa, then dumped a few weeks later.

If you are beautician, how to keep looking good through the stress.

You could suggest on air that people visit your website and download a pdf from your website with 12 recipe ideas or 12 hangover cures – get the idea, keep it really simple, media doesn’t have to be rocket science.   

In Australia the ABC have a lot of lifestyle shows that would love this kind of content at this time of year.  Breakfast and morning TV talk shows also love this type of stuff if you are confident in that medium.

Anyone who actually books some media wins a complimentary “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE” session with me where we can talk through your “on-air” strategy. 

You can listen to a call I did with the ABC Perth on SeaChange – you can hear how dead easy it was.


Don’t think this stuff works???  Well here is a great example I heard when I attended a high end event in the USA.  A former producer of the Oprah Show was describing to us how she had one of those “Awwww” slots to fill on the Oprah Christmas Special.  She was struggling to find something unique that would make people got “Awwww” in the lead up to Christmas.  Her prayers were answered when the phone rang and it’s a guy that wants to know if they need “Bell Ringers” on the show.  She asked to see an example of them “ringing bells” and they sent in a clip of them all dressed up in their little red costumes playing a Christmas Carol with bells.  Guess what – they got on the show – Oprah cried – the audience all went “Awwww” – the feedback was amazing and the bell ringers got their 2 minutes of fame.  Those bell ringers were suddenly introduced to national prime time tv doing something very corny in a narrow window of opportunity that would exist for a couple of weeks each year.  They probably never had to market again.  That’s the power of making it easy for the media to say YES.

6. Suggest Alternatives

Be of service to people – do things that might make the season a little easier for them such as:

    • Create a list of healthy recipes for the holiday period or tips on surviving the stress and send the information out to your database.
    • Post a new tip each day on social media and again ensure you have your contact details included so people can follow up with you.
    • Go out on the street and hand out a free recipe or survival tips every lunch time outside your clinic or anywhere you are legally allowed.
    • Get your local cafe to feature one of the recipes each day this week and have you in store talking about healthy Christmas options.

7. Get a Corporate Gig

This time of year bosses all over the country are agonising about what to buy their staff for Christmas.  Make it easy for them.  Put together say a pack of 10 gift certificates and reward them for buying in bulk.

The savvy person would charge full price for their product and offer the person signing the cheque a complimentary session or voucher (assuming company policy allows that!).

If you are quiet, walk into every single business you can think of and drop a flyer for your corporate gift certificate package.

Seriously – find a boss with 10 staff – sell 10 x 90 minute massages at $90 each – that’s $900 in your bank and remember some people will NEVER redeem the voucher.  Find two bosses with this problem and you’ve got $1,800 in your bank.  This is a serious winner if you can package the message up well.  Also a great opportunity to do more health related business with the company in the New Year.

Again don’t think too fancy – think your local accounting firm, legal practice, real estate agent, graphic design company or even the corner store.  They all need healthy employees and are too busy this time of year to be over thinking their staff gifts …. and don’t think they don’t leave this stuff to the last minute!

8.  Don’t Forget the Guys

Men (traditionally) have a tendency to buy their gifts at the very last minute – solve their problem by offering your gift certificates in the last few shopping days.  If you have a lot of male clients, maybe let them know all their gift buying can be done with you.  Yes, you may even have to phone them up, email them, text them or drop something in the mail.

They will love you if you help them give the gift of health and avoid the shopping mall!

Have a “Perfect Mum Package” gift certificate – “Perfect Wife Package” option – “Perfect Staff Member”.  If you don’t fit the bill fully, for instance no self respecting hubby is going to buy his wife a weight loss package for Christmas, so why not consider creating a package with another holistic therapist and put together a pamper package with a “New Year, New You” One-On-One Consultation or Private Lesson with you – then onsell the weight loss product AFTER their private lesson.

It’s all about HOW you present your information – get a little creative!

Consider marketing gift cards that address hopes and dreams vs a treatment or goal.  For instance “a perfect body” rather than a “weight loss” program.

 PayPal is your friend for last minute online purchases.

Simply create a standard priced “Buy Now” Button (PayPal is free till someone buys something) and then instead of landing people back at the PayPal site, go to option 3 in the create a button page and create a “Thank You” page that lands the purchaser back on your site and allows someone to print out a generic gift voucher.  Not the most highly secure option and Yes, it’s not very personal, but do you really want to be up until midnight Christmas Eve printing and emailing personalised gift vouchers?  Just remember to take the offer down on Boxing Day.

9. Look back at what worked last year and do it again

If you did any holiday promotions last year, go back and see what worked and do it again ….. DOH!  So simple, but have you done it?

10.  Shine It Out

Now is not the time to hide your stuff.  If you have anything even slightly resembling a product that could solve someone’s gift buying dilema …. put the products on prominent display.

In the rock n roll world this is called “the Merch” table or tent, depends how much “merch” you got!

Stack It High & Watch It Fly!

Your CD’s or essences could make PERFECT stocking stuffers.  Make up a suggested bundle of stocking stuffers and put them front and centre.

Make your display look lush and abundant and like Robert Kiyosaki says about merch tables – “Stack ‘Em High & Watch ‘Em Fly”, meaning puts lots out – not just one or two – put everything you got out because people are more likely to buy from a big display than from some meagre little offering that is almost apologising for it’s existence!

Guerrilla Tactics

Maybe put a flyer on the inside of your loo door so visiting clients can “pee and read”.  I know, that’s seriously “guerrilla”, but they are a captive audience!

One holiday season a client had been bottling cherries soaked liqueurs and had more than her family could eat, so she cheekily wrapped a big Christmas bow around the top of several jars and put them out on display in her busy practice.  They looked sensational and because she only had a limited supply she could put a really high price on these delicious bottles of fresh cherries!  Guess what – she sold out of these highly priced cherries soaked in Christmas cheer faster than a expectant child can rattle off their holiday gift wish list .  Not even I could believe what people paid for them – but it solved a problem for someone who didn’t want to soak their own fruit for the Christmas desert.

11. Suggest Healthy “Kris Kringle” or “Secret Santa” Options

With gift buying behaviours changing for many, the option of just buying one present is a good one for people.  Why not get in people’s way and teach them to purchase healthy alternatives, such as your gift vouchers or products.

12. Cross Promote

Find other holistic therapists and cross promote your services or join together to offer gift voucher options.  Maybe even cross promote with a spa or completely unrelated business to yours.  Maybe a high volume retailer like your local pizza shop would like to give away one of your 10 minute neck and shoulder vouchers with every pizza they sell this week.  If you are quiet, it will change the energy around your business real fast.  Seriously there is nothing better than being busy to get more busy.  Yes you will wear yourself out doing all those free sessions so ensure you put very short “use by dates” on your vouchers.  I can tell you, you will get plenty of practice at converting comp sessions to paying clients teaming with a high turn over business.

Maybe even mix it right up and cross promote something that could be thought quite “yucky but essential” but bearable when put with something nice.  For instance I saw a breast screening program sold with a top end package from a beauty salon.  It tapped into the “do something you dislike, then get a reward for doing it” concept.

Maybe if your service is “seriously serious”, consider how you could add a reward for getting something difficult out of the way.  Perhaps someone has been avoiding the grief that Christmas causes, maybe you could team with a body worker so they could have some bodywork done after their emotionally revealing session.

13.  Samples for Stocking Stuffers

If you have a relationship with a supplier that gives out free samples, maybe make up little stocking stuffer kits and give them to your favourite clients.  It doesn’t all have to be about selling, don’t forget, it is the season for giving.

14. Market Your 12 Month Program to Businesses

If you have a 12 month program, now is a great time to go out to the corporate or business market and sell those packages for either employee gifts or client thank you gifts.   

Think who else has your clients and who would want to reward them with something expensive. 

So say for instance you have a 12 month $1,500 wellbeing program that offers a massage per month along with other programs and services.  You go to a business that has high end clients that they want to reward well for their business this year.  They buy TEN of those packages for their most valued clients – that’s $15,000.  Yes big business and corporates spend that sort of money on special clients.  Please send me a 10% bonus if this tip scores you any of those 🙂

15.  Send Out A Newsletter

This time of year we tend to think people are getting bombarded with information and yes they are because people are in “buy mode” and are 80% more likely to purchase at this time of year – so you might as well be on the band wagon.

So now is the time to make a difference, not openly selling anything, but bonus if you do!  This email is a grand example.  I trust you have got at least one idea from this email that you can use now or in the future to help you book more clients, build stronger relationships or just plain make more money!

I know you are busy – so why not do a lazy person’s newsletter and put an offer at the end.  Sit down and think of the Top Ten Things Tips That Would Make Christmas Easier and Healthier For Your Clients This Year.

Go over and search those relevant topics on Pinterest and attach the Pinterest link in an email

I’d be very happy for you to use one or all of these examples I prepared earlier for you:

The Top Five Ways You Can Make The Holiday Season Easier

1.  Healthy Christmas Treats That Won’t Zap Your Energy


2.  “Pawsome” Gifts Ideas Your Pets Will Love


3.  Holiday Craft Ideas For Those Last Minute Gifts


4.  Awesome Vegan Christmas Recipe Ideas


5.  Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Be Sure to Impress


Genius!!  If you are really time poor, steal mine!  Simply cut and paste the five things I found in the above example, add an offer and a personal greeting and send it to your people  …… seriously, your newsletter CAN be this simple and this helpful!

16. It’s Not Over Till There’s A 2-4-1 ……. Offer 

What communication of mine would not include ways you can cleverly use 2-4-1 offers

• The Standard 2-4-1 Offer 
Buy-one, get-one free offers are great for last-minute purchases because people can cross off two names at once.  So perhaps one of your gift voucher options could be “Get Two Gift Sorted For The Price of One”.  That way your clients can either give one person two vouchers or one voucher to two people – clever huh!

• BOGO – Buy One Get One Offer 
Perhaps you could get really clever and have a “Buy One, Reward Yourself” offer.  So if someone buys a gift voucher in the next seven days – they get a gift voucher to give and one for themselves.  Particularly nice for a massage or a de-stressor type treatment.

• BONGOL – Buy One Now, Get One Later 
Or if they are time poor right now, the offer could be, if they buy a gift voucher to give now, plus they get an identical product to use themselves in the New Year.


So get to work right now – choose at least one thing that resonates from the list above and get your last minute Christmas marketing ticked off, and let me know your wins!

Don’t forget to share with anyone you think might benefit.