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Kerry Rowett – Holistic Kinesiologist & Alignment Expert – Melbourne Australia

My name is Kerry Rowett and I’m a holistic Kinesiologist for my business: http://awakenkinesiology.com

Earlier this year, my business was going well – I was seeing lots of clients and I was looking for the next step but with no idea what it would entail.

Then I was lucky enough to win three coaching sessions with Marg.

Although I’d started to get a few little ideas, nothing had properly formulated until Marg prompted me with her response to my intake questions: “you’re obviously doing something right, you just need to find what it is and bottle it”.

Immediately I knew the answer: Alignment.

I started to write down everything I knew, thousands of words.

As Marg and I started our coaching sessions, the bones for my Business Alignment program were taking shape.

But I still had no idea what would be the best way to share the information – I had run workshops, but the logistics of promoting and running a tele-class series for other therapists seemed beyond me. And yet this did seem the best way to get the material to the largest number of people.

Marg was insightful and clear in helping me get to the core of what I wanted to share and what would be most helpful to other people.

Even still, the prospect of fully developing the material and sharing it more widely was completely daunting – stepping up always brings up fears and anxieties and I also doubted I had the time to commit to such a big project while so busy with my clients.

I got on my third call with Marg to explain why I couldn’t possibly present a tele-class, workshop or anything else at this time. I still don’t know *quite* how she did this but by the end of the call when she asked if I would run a call on my material for her people, I found myself saying “yes”.

Here’s what she said that tipped my perspective:

“Kerry, if you have this information that could help other therapists, people who I know are struggling and this could be the thing that helps them … who are you not to share it?”

I think Marg was validated there as enrolments for the program started to arrive – ten people by the first call, then twenty by the second and around 35 by the end.

Now the program is available (with three additional recordings) as a home study so it can continue to help people who feel blocked as they start or develop their natural therapy business and start to get clear and aligned!

Marg gave me a push along when I needed it (as we all do at times when our doubts surface) but also provided an enormous amount of practical know-how about certain things that simply did or did not work. Like many of us, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and there is no chance that even if I’d managed to get the material written that I would have pulled it together so quickly, or allowed it to be accessed by so many people in the eventual format that is now sitting as a product on my site.

You can read more about the program and buy it from here: http://kinesiologyforbusiness.com/teleclasses/

The program is just $115, which for all the benefits participants reported is a VERY small price to pay. If you attract another client or two the program will have easily paid for itself!

BUT because YOU are one of Marg’s lovely people, and therefore a big part of the reason why I got over myself to create this work, you’re eligible for a DISCOUNT!


Just enter IMWITHMARG in the discount box as you check out

I want this material to help as many people as possible. In fact, I’ll close by sharing a message I got just this morning.

“I love the alignment process, did another one last week of my own accord using your techniques and of course big changes straight away!

My business is growing in so many ways and just so fast.  All about right timing and the alignment process.”

Who AM I not to share this work?

And who are YOU not to share the work bubbling inside your being that has the potential to also help many others?