Reflecting During Reiki Awareness Week

It’s Reiki Awareness Week and to celebrate my journey with Reiki, I thought I’d share a couple of snips.

This week sees the final leg of the journey for two of my Reiki Masters in Training.  They trusted me to take them on their journey and as always I’ve learned more from them than I could have ever hoped to transfer to them.

They have allowed me to see the true magnificence that humans possess when they decide to raise their standards and take another massive leap in their personal evolution.

Even when every inner saboteur came out to take them off track, they were still inspiring.

In their struggle to master their own self, they expanded into parts of themselves they never knew existed, yet alone thought were possible for them.

It was truly humbling to see one of the students perform her attunements in a highly masterful way, then become totally overcome with the experience and weep in awe at what had just occurred.

Working with people at this level gives cause to celebrate at high intensity, but masters in training also challenge at high level.  They have put me in really hard places and have caused me to take harsh actions sometimes, to ensure they learn at a level where they get their lesson forever and never need to do that lesson again.

I remember one such lesson from when I was in training.  My buddy and I were early for our appointment with our Master and decided to go and have a coffee before we got there.

We knew way better than to turn up at her door with any other agenda on our mind than being of service to Reiki, so we didn’t do take away, we sat down at the table, with plenty of time up our sleeve.

It was 9am on a Sunday morning and the cafe wasn’t busy.  It took forever for our coffees to be delivered, so long in fact, we were now at a point where we were going to be late.  In that short moment of time, we forgot our purpose, and we stayed and drank the coffee.

We arrived at our Masters door ….. late!  Only moments late, but we were officially late.

Six Words I Will Never Forget

Our master sat us down and told us in no uncertain terms how disappointing our behaviour was, finishing the tirade with six words I will never forget.  HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY TIME.

As someone who was bought up to value honesty above all others things, the words hit in a very hard place, because not only had I discredited Reiki, My Master, Myself and My Buddy, I had in fact stolen from her the most valuable commodity on the planet – her time!

I will never forget the feeling I had inside, the deep shame I felt, not for me, but because I had let her down.

No Space For Blame

There was no space for blaming the silly girls at the cafe for gossiping in the corner and not making our coffees.  There was no space for “shoulds”.  There was certainly no place for the demon voices ragging in my head wanting to shout out – you silly cow its only a couple of minutes!  There was definitely no credit to be had from everything else we had done perfectly that week.  I had no one else to blame.  I had let myself down.

So often in life we let ourselves down and because there is no one to call us on it, we just keep repeating our crappy behaviours.

A good master is able to call themselves on their lapses.  A masterful master has an ability to think through situations, even the small tiny moments when things don’t seem to matter, and in that instance make the right decision.


If Your Thoughts Are In The Right Place
Your Actions Will Follow Accordingly


My buddy and I had several things we could have done that day:

  • Firstly – we could have gone up and asked that our order be given priority over communicating every last detail of the baristas date the previous evening to her work colleagues before making our coffee.
  • Secondly – we could have chosen not to drink the coffee, even though we had already paid for it.
  • Thirdly – we could have stepped away from the normal conventions of society and simply decided to wait silently in the car until it was time to go inside.  We could have also stopped at the park and prepared for our meeting in silence and showed up totally committed to our learning that day.

I bless my Master for that lesson and I thank her for dressing us down and really putting us in our place that would allow us to have the realisation of our mistake, because it positively changed my path forever.

When you are prepared to go to the hard places and really call people on their behaviour, and ask them to step up further than they ever thought possible, that’s when I’ve seen the miracles occur.

Few humans ever go to that hard place.

Anyone seeking mastery over anything will struggle unless they get their head in the appropriate place first.

Our thoughts rule so much of what occurs around us.

Those who undertake a journey to mastery never really get there.  Mastery over anything is a never ending journey, because the further you travel, the more you realise you have to learn.  As you master one aspect, another lesson appears.  The trick is to ensure the lesson is new, not a repeating behaviour holding you back.

The type of people who seek mastery, seek knowledge and dominion over their actions in every waking moment of their life.

One small slip in our thoughts, or a momentary slip that takes us back into a place where mastery cannot exist, reminds us we are human and allows us to see the greatness held within the imperfection of our actions.

Some of my greatest learnings have come from my greatest imperfect moments.

As I evaluate my not so perfect actions, I am able to see the perfection in every interaction around me.  Thanks to that dressing down from my Reiki Master, I still prefer to keep sorry as word exclusively used at funerals.

I am so grateful to Reiki and great-ful from all it has bought to my life. It has shown me miracles of healing and changed and enriched my life in ways I would never have thought possible.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.”

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)


Many of my readers have a connection to Reiki, so to celebrate Reiki Awareness Week, why not come over to my blog and share some of your greatest learnings from your Reiki journey, or any other journey where your not so perfect actions lead to amazing steps in your personal evolution.

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  1. Pam says:

    Thank you Margz for sharing this part of you. What fabulous lessons for all of us. Coming from a conventional medicine background this “energy stuff” was just really weird to me.Though I “only went” to level 2 in Reiki this was my first step in the awareness of energy medicine and all that it changes in the body and the health it restores. Being able to “just place a hand” on a painful area and have that pain release is still the most amazing thing.

    Trusting in God to lead me on the various paths I have chosen has also been amazing. I came to learn that every time I learned something new, that couldn’t possibly be true, God would send someone to me the very next day that needed that certain something. The same was also true when I asked Him what was I suppose to do with this information. I would for Him to show me the next day when I became worried about certain aspects of energy medicine and he would send me the answer is some amazing forms.

    One day I had been to an energy medicine weekend and I came away very confused spiritually because so many different things were being taught and I started having doubts about my own faith. So I prayed about it and asked God to show me what was truth.

    The very next day an unexpected person, in the form of a blind handicapped man, came to pull weeds from a bean field for us. He bounced out of the car with his white cane, seemed to look me right in the eye, and said, “I am a Jesus Warrior.” I knew I had my answer and responded back to him, “That is wonderful. I am a Jesus Warrior too.”

    So though I seek and accept knowledge and wisdom with an open mind, my faith that God will lead and guide me in the directions I should go….. if I ask.

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