If you work deeply with others and want to draw out and develop the depth of wisdom held within you to share with the world, then some of the following programs may help you.



BLACK LABEL COACHINGMy Personalised Black Label Coaching Program Will Give Discerning and Enlightened Entrepreneurs Powerful Marketing & Success Strategies That Will Help Take Them and Their Soul Based Businesses to the Next Level.

The program is fully tailored and will contain a combination of all the programs below.



Ignite Your Divine Fuse is for people seeking even greater levels of mastery within their mission or service.

I believe everyone now has the ability to make a huge difference on the planet, whether in a loud or quiet way.  The earth guardians tending their small patch have as much to do with shaping humanity as the global behemoths.  Our earth is in turmoil, we are a long way from the peace & equality we desire for humanity.  We need the quiet and not so quiet agents of change, and peace, fully fused and ready to serve.



The Black Label Diamond Quadrant Program Helps You to Create an A4 Empire.

If you’ve ever struggled as a heart based entrepreneur to know how your products and services fit together, what to work on each day so you maximise your profit and how the landscape of your brands and business will develop in the next five years, then you are going love the concept of being able to draw your whole business empire on an A4 sheet of paper.  Learn More



Create Your Own Signature System

If you are wishing to develop your own signature healing and business systems, so others can deliver your product or service in the exact same way you do, then you are going to love this program that will help you keep your work sacred and your hard earned knowledge secret!

You can learn more about this beautiful program here



Courageous Speaking is life changing personal public speaking workshop. 

Over two days this workshop will help you finally gain the confidence to break the fear around getting your unique message to the world.

Through your story I will help you find your uniqueness, craft your message and then show you how that could translate into your business.



Implement Your Heart Out is for people with a lot of ideas & knowledge that just needs to be implemented…… NOW!

Maybe you are stepping out of an old role into a new spotlight, perhaps you have retrained and are now a little overwhelmed with all you have to complete.  You may also have a heap of knowledge, but no idea where to start.

This program helps you talk through everything until you are comfortable and ready to go.



Higher Ambition Sq 150 x 150

Learn More

The Higher Ambition Program

If you are sick of running around after demanding clients only to have them no show or you are working your heart out and still not getting the desired results, then you need to identify and vibrate at new level of ambition.  If we want to serve the whole world, not just those in our local neighbourhood then we need to think differently about who we are and those we serve.  I have taken this journey myself and I am happy to share the actions and changes necessary that allowed me to step into a new way of thinking about my coaching business.



The Unearth Your Sacred Potential Program
is designed to re-fire your souls ambition, get you crystal clear and focused and then get you out there saving the planet!  This powerful six week process will leave you with a very clear understanding of why you are here, what you have to do and a clear WHY-BE-DO statement that will cement you on higher ground and allow you to fulfil your mission in life.

I promise you will leave inspired and with a new energy and enthusiasm for your work.

You can learn more about this inspiring leadership program here



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