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For People With A Lot of Ideas & Knowledge That Just Needs to Be Implemented...... NOW!

Discover How You Can Find Personalised Support
That Will Help You Achieve Clarity, Comfort
AND Forward Motion!

Getting Private Support to Get You Up to Your Next Desired Level is the
Secret to Putting Your New Found Knowledge and Dreams into Optimal Action

  • Workshopped Out?

    Maybe you’ve attended a heap of great training and you just want to get going now but are very unclear where to start.

  • At a CrossRoad?

    Need to move forward but need to talk it through because all the different options are making you uncomfortable.

  • In A New Spotlight?

    Perhaps you are stepping out of one already successful role into a new spotlight and need private support as you step up.

  • Ideas By The Acre?

    No clear forward plan to implement those ideas and you are sick of feeling like you’re treading water and want to get started now!

Then there is the SUPER DEADLINE situation
that needs mega implementation

Sometimes you've got a creative deadline .... but you've got to the "deer in the headlights" stage where you just can't move forward!   Don't worry, you are not alone, every creative experiences blocks at one or more points in their evolution.

I have two packages that can help.



    This package is perfect for people who need someone to regularly keep check on their progress and keep them accountable.  It is an ideal solution for self starters who already have a certain degree of clarity around what they want to create but just need support to stay in action.  Generally a once a week catch up would be enough to keep you and your project on track.

    There is nothing like being accountable to another human being to keep you on track to your promises to self PLUS a really big dollop of butt glue to keep you focused on your project.

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          This is the time critical antidote to the stunned in the headlights conundrum.  With daily catchups of no more than 10 minutes each day, to talk through your blocks and ideas that are coming up for you.  If you are on a roll, you can text in and "bank" that time for a day when things are really going badly.  We continue the sessions until you either break through the creative barrier or you finish the project.

          Often times this is for very busy people who aren't short on ideas but are short on focus and are at the extreme immersion or extreme deadline stage, where they know there is something bigger within them, but can't get it out alone.

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            Where Are You At?

            Have you been seeking change and absorbed a lot of new knowledge about your new area or perhaps attended a lot of high end trainings or spiritual retreats and want to get the absolute most from your experiences?

            You've probably been observing what works and doesn't work for others and are now ready to get going yourself?

            Perhaps you've had success in other areas or have had a recent promotion and are stepping into a new spotlight and need personalised and private support to get you up to your next desired level.

            It could also be that you have already attended events and are now frustrated or feeling overwhelmed because there was so much shared and so much happened, and now you feel that you are struggling to get the traction and momentum you need to get the most from your experience.

            I'm Margaret Gill, a facilitator, writer, speaker and certified Higher Ground Leadership® Coach and I'm here to help.


              What You Don't Want Right Now
              Is MORE Information

              What You Want Is More Integration and Implementation

              When we suddenly need to step up, we tend to go out and become an information junkie.

              How do I know.  Well I became that junkie.

              I left a steady corporate job to create my own business as myself.  No one told me it would be so hard!

              I attended course after course risking everything to try and get what I needed to get going.  Like any junkie, I needed bigger thrills and the price tags got more expensive.  I still wasn't getting the full picture or exactly what I needed.

              Then one evening I found myself sitting at a Debtors Anonymous Meeting reading aloud from their 12 Step flyer.

              It was a sobering moment for me.  How could my dream have come to this.

              I felt like such a failure!

              After hearing the other amazing people around the table speak of their challenges with debt, I knew I wasn't addicted to debt because I didn't have their symptoms.

              In the rock bottom silence that accompanied my drive home, I eventually figured out I was addicted to learning.

              The debt was merely a symptom of my main problem which was that, after all those years in corporate, I lacked the confidence in my ability to implement what I was learning at this new level.

              As soon as I hunkered down and started to implement and physically step into that new limelight, then things started to gain the momentum I desired.

              If you look at anyone who is doing what you want to do,
              the only difference is that they have learned, implemented
              and then practiced their craft more than you have.

              When I was in the information trap, it was always that one next piece of information that was going to make the difference. It never did. In reality what I needed to do was implement everything I'd learned to date, actually do the task in public, THEN go and learn the next logical piece.

              To get out of the trap, I did the one thing that always worked for me in corporate, I just started somewhere.

              But I've come to understand that what I see as 'simply having a go' is instead a unique ability to mentally break a task down, keep massive amounts of complex data under control and action a plan from start to finish.

              I've finally realised most people can't do what seems easy to me.  Most need more structure and accountability.

              So now I help people break down their process, create frameworks and then build and integrate everything they've learned in the exact right way.  Creating blueprints really helps people move forward with ease.

              Are You An Information Junkie?


              If You Have Any of These Going On ... Then Most Certainly You Are!

              • Device Deluge

                You have more devices & information coming at you in all directions but no time to consume it all.

              • Nightstand Fatique

                The pile of books on the night stand just keeps growing taller & new books keep breeding.

              • Bookmark Overwhelm

                You have more websites bookmarked than you can ever get back to in a lifetime.

              • Journal Saturation

                Your journals keep filling and ideas abound but still nothing seems to be getting implemented.

              • Movies

                YouTube rabbit holes have become your second home.

              • Audios

                Audios have fused your headset onto your ears.

              • Ideas

                Awesome ideas are flowing but none are getting done.

              • About to Explode?

                You Are Ready to Hit The Panic Button?



              The Goal Is Not To Stop Learning
              The Aim Is To Be A Discerning Learner

              No teacher or industry expert wants their material sitting on shelves gathering dust.  They want you to be out doing it. That's why they created it in the first place!

              Are You A Turtle or A Hare?

              It's not about becoming a faster hare, its about becoming a smarter turtle!

              The key is to start implementing in a structured way, as much as that may seem counter-intuitive after having a lot of new information and new potential dropped in your lap.

              The tendency is to want to do it all, but we have to remember even the people teaching it took longer than a weekend to learn or implement what they are teaching.

              We Want It To Be Easy

              But even in our high tech world of break neck speed, chunking things down and implementing in a structured and sensible way still gets the best results.

              Learning AND Discerning

              Like I had to, you need to become incredibly disciplined with what you take in as you leave the 'junkie' stage and move to a discerning learner arena so you can then ultimately become an implementation machine.

              People who immerse get wildly different results to those who dabble.

              Where The Magic Starts

              Once you stop trying to take in everything and only attend seminars and training that will fill a real void in your learning curve, that's when learning becomes a magical and enriching experience that allows easy implementation AND saves you a truckload of money!

              But Where Do You Start?

              Learn How My 3 Stage i-Womb Of Implementation Can Help You Get Your Head Clear, Your Purpose Connected & Your Raptured Soul Blasting Your Dreams Off Safely to Infinity & Beyond

              but with you firmly in the drivers seat steering the ship

              Step 1 Immerse

              • Inspect

                Get right back to the basics, go through everything you have learned thus far and group & review everything logically.

              • Intellectualize

                Talk through your ideas with an expert who understands and cares about your success and will hold you accountable.

              • Intuit

                Spend some time going inwards and seeing if this is really right for you, while continuing to meet with your muse.

              • Isolate

                Everything can’t be done at once.  Here we find out what is getting the thumbs up and what will be stored for another cycle.

              Step 2 Improve

              • Inquire

                Any good implementation needs some inquiry time to question and seek out anything that could go wrong and put solutions and contingencies in place.

              • Integrate

                Integrate what you do with all other aspects of your business or life so you can be sure your ideas will not just work in isolation, but will fit with everything.

              • Infuse

                Infuse the original concepts you learned, with your ideas so you start to birth original ideas that can be developed and grown to create originality.

              • Imagine

                Begin to imagine and dream at new levels, allowing your concept to grow, perhaps adding new elements that enable organic growth.

              Step 3 Implement

              • Involve

                Identifying who else will need to be involved or what else do you need to get in place to allow the implementation phase to be successful.

              • Intend

                Now we create your plan and map out everything in a linear and easy step by step way, so you can go forth and begin the implementation phase.

              • Implement

                Once you have clarity and a clear first starting point, you will start to build or start to take the steps that will make your dream a reality.

              • Infinity

                Now your dream is working so well it is time to take it to infinity and beyond, tapping into the endless potential that comes when things are executed well.

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              What Would The Steps Be?


              Everyone's situation is different, particularly if there is a lot of overwhelm and confusion.  I find that following most or all of these steps helps get the dross cleared and the projects activated.

              • 1. Measure The Challenge

                First we need to measure the scope of what you want to build or put in place

              • 2. Information OverLoad Defuse

                Next we start to get you through the overwhelm, clear the decks and create some order

              • 3. Start The Unzip Process

                Then we start unzipping the gold, looking at what is precious and what is just “stuff”, a pattern inevitably forms in the data, allowing forward progress.

              • 4. Trash or Archive What Will Never Be Needed Again

                Frequently people hold onto stuff that just isn’t necessary thinking they will get to it “one day” – that day is today!

              • 5. Isolate Your Ideas

                Too many ideas and not enough action holds most back.  Figuring the relationship between each idea brings massive clarity.

              • 6. Start Somewhere

                Now your mind is clear and the focus is strong, you will begin to plan, create and implement so you can get your ideas into action

              Interestingly, the process is the same for someone gung ho who is layering information on top of solid foundations.

              Measure | Defuse | Unzip | Archive | Isolate | Start
              will get anyone's ideas in action.

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              How We Could Work Together

              These programs can be tailored to each individual need, so these are just some of the examples of the way you might work with me .... but truly, anything is possible!

              • Bronze

                Monthly follow up Skype calls, best for people who have done one of my other programs and need accountability, or you just want to be able to have a sounding board for your ideas.

              • Silver

                High interaction with weekly or fortnightly Skype calls where you talk through all that is occurring for you. This is the type of thing we will would typically work through:

                * How do I begin?

                * How do I use my mind to manage the overwhelm?

                * How do I deal with the stress of the overwhelm?

                * How can I come up with the small chunks when there is so much information to know?

                * How do I break it down into bite sized pieces?

                * How do I get the momentum going?

                The silver program will get you out of the maze and into the amazing!

              Black Label Programs

              • Gold

                A Yearly Program to Ensure You Definitely Get Your Stuff Happening.

                In this program we will ensure you keep your hope and keep your faith, and keep you moving along on your special mission.

              • Full Day Get It Done Programs

                A Full Day of Support For When You Want One Thing Completed.

                You could use this to put together a keynote or design a framework for a program.  It’s for when you want it done quickly and thoroughly and don’t want a whole lot of other people in on the act.

                We will both roll up our sleeves and step through and do what needs to be done.

                Multiple days can be purchased if perhaps you need to complete your website copy, write a keynote or develop a presentation and then come back the next day and present it.

              • Platinum

                At the event Skype calls.

                Have you ever been to an event and all you wanted to do was talk through all the amazing things that jumped into your brain throughout the event?   When you talk with other attendees they tend to either want to try to sell you something or hog the floor themselves.

                This is for highly focused and action oriented people who want to stay in touch over an event to ensure they get every last morsel from their experience.

                We will talk through the days activities and I promise I will get as excited as you do about the potential in what has happened for YOU.

                We will then arrange your ideas into a semblance of order and brain storm all learning actions from the day and ensure all your tasks from the seminar are complete each day.

                There is nothing like the euphoria of an event to connect you to the highest part of yourself and a wash of creativity and ideas will most definitely pour forth.  It is important these ideas or pieces of creativity are honoured and recorded because they may never appear ever again in the hum drum of daily living.

                Once you’ve done your after event networking its important you download in that moment or some of those ideas will be gone forever.

              • Full Accompaniment

                I’ll accompany you to the learning event or retreat and I will immerse in the program with you. Your ideas and connection will never be stronger than when you are in the euphoria of a big learning event, or immediately after it finishes. There is no better time to make your plans, set your goals and get those wild ideas out on the table and workshopped.  Those are your golden times and the longer the energy is left to dissipate, the more will be forgotten. I can attend alongside you as your event guest, or meet you in the breaks and after the event has finished to start the real work of savouring every moment and idea. This is for the highly discerning person who wants to get the very most out of your learning or retreat program.  We will meet before the event, during the event and after the event to discuss your experiences. If its a business event we will set out plans of actions and brain storm and document the ideas you’ve had coming out of the event. In the case of spiritual retreats there can often be big breakthroughs or moments or moments so divine that you need to talk it through.  At a Kryon event a complete stranger sat me down and told me things that I needed hear more than anything else in the world and it diverted the course of my life.  It also kind of tripped me out because it was so concise and so spot on.  Returning to my room and finding 15 little jolly joy germs sitting around the floor in a big circle trying to “out-oh wow” each other at the top of their voices was not what I needed at that time. But talking through experiences is what you need to do and it can only be with someone who is totally independent of your normal circle, totally focused on you and someone who deeply understands the need to embrace every aspect of self and move it to a higher place.

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              Margaret Gill Is No Stranger To Implementation Overwhelm

              Read Margaret Gill's story here

              Margaret Gill Is No Stranger To Implementation Overwhelm

              Read Margaret Gill's story here

              I bring a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate experience and 15 years spent learning online marketing and practicing my own spiritual mastery.  Many courses, events, online and off line training ticked off I have amassed a massive amount of knowledge both in the spiritual and online world.  I have attended all Brendon Burchard's live events in the USA including two of his elite 10X programs.  In Australia I've attended events with Robert Rabbin, Matt Church, Gihan Perera, Mal Emery, Brendan Nichols.  I am a certified Higher Ground Coach.  I am a Reiki Master.  I've learned to speak, present and train both online and offline.  I've run my own events and workshops.  I'm living proof that knowledge well implemented gets you closer to where you want to be.  Because I had so much debt I didn't have the luxury of outsourcing and had to learn how to do everything myself.  It has turned into the greatest gift because now I have hands on experience of the Infusionsoft campaign builder and build my own sites using Optimize Press.  Years in hotel financial control means I can knock out budgets and I learned to use computers when they didn't even have a mouse!

              We could sit after an event and actually implement your ideas on the spot if need be.

              I've become the person I wished I had access to when I was coming through the ranks.  I'd love to help you get your dreams on track because you have something unique for the world and the planet really needs you right now.

              Read about some more of my programs

              I've had the great honour to learn from and eventually meet some of the worlds greatest thought leaders and teachers.  These people have inspired my journey greatly.

              I am such a long time fan of Sir Richard Branson, both of his business and philanthropic work,  and having read many of his books, and followed his work, it was such a joy to see him speak live and then be able to actually meet him and ham it up a little with him.  Next time I want to have lunch with him on Necker Island and go visit with the flamingos.

              Brendon Burchard and Retired Judge Micki Aronson at High Performance Academy.  Back in 2012 I got an email from Brendon telling me about his 10XEMPIRE event in Times Square, New York.  My heart told me I had to go.  The result is I have done most of his events and have a high level understanding of his teachings, but the most awesome thing of all is the amazing people you meet at these events.

              Ali Brown - I am such a fan that flew in from the Gold Coast to Sydney to hear Ali speak and finally meet her.  I followed her right through her ezine days, through all her trials and tribulations and learnt so much about internet marketing from her.  I did many of her programs and she has really influenced my journey in such a positive way over the years.

              It was such a joy to have a personal vocal coaching session with the fabulous Roger Love in his Hollywood Studio - if the session wasn't awesome enough, the gold and platinum records all over his walls was enough to keep me happy.  What a great guy and I take the recording of the session and sing along in the car whenever I go anywhere that will take more than 27 minutes - I get funny looks at traffic lights!

              Meeting Dr Daniel Amen from the Amen Clinics in California was a real blast.  I first saw him speak at High Performance Academy and then he was in attendance to learn, just like I was, at 10XEMPIRE in Santa Clara.  His studies of the brain are fascinating and I am looking forward to getting one of his brain scans next time I'm in the USA.

              I met Dr Hisham Abdallah at Brendon Burchard's 10XPUBLISHING and 10XEMPIRE events.  He is one of the worlds leading thought leaders and trainers in the world of laser dentistry and eventually I got him to fix my smile.  This picture shows him taking moulds so he could level up my teeth.  My smile is actually not straight, so my new front teeth had to be made to offset the wonky smile.  In fact many imperfections were built into the new teeth to make them look natural.  The result is a perfectly imperfect smile!

              Whilst getting my teeth fixed Dr Hisham had been showing me his new Lightwalker Laser that got delivered just in time for me to be one of the first patients to be worked on with it.  Imagine my delight when he also told me that Temuera Morrison who played Jango and Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies The Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones, Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith was in the next room.  As a big Star Wars fan it was awesome to know I really did get a Hollywood smile just like the one Dr Hisham gave Temuera.