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Are you ready to fuse with your divine self, find serenity in your soul and accomplish your true hearts desire?

Have you felt divinity tugging on your heart strings even more this year?

Have you noticed more and more everyday, ordinary people are waking up wanting to know more about their purpose in life, considering the concept of legacy or maybe they are being deeply challenged in these new energy times?

Perhaps people are turning to you for answers.

Perhaps you are seeking answers.


Dear Fellow Journeyer,

I am Margaret Gill and I help mission driven people find the clarity and serenity in their souls to help them connect deeply with who they really are so they are free to step out in courageous trust and make their difference in the world …… whatever that may look like for them.

All you are and all you are destined to be is held within what I call Your Divine Fuse.

One of my mastery students recently described her connection to the divine fuse “like wearing a cape of divinity that is always there”.

The cape is a metaphor for the connection to that higher part that exists within each of us.

Opening the China Cabinet of the Soul

As a small child I loved to spend time in “the good room” looking into the china cabinet at all the pretty plates and cups and saucers that were only ever bought out for “special” occasions.

As humans we tend to treat our higher aspirations, our higher dreams and our connection to the higher aspects of self like a garment or tea cup for special occasions.

But no matter who you are, what you do in terms of career or life or where you are on your path you can always be wearing and displaying your special mantle of higher aspiration.  Once connected the cape stays on, even in our not so “high” moments, guiding and protecting us.

After a long journey akin to throwing that china cabinet door wide open and using the best stuff everyday, I’ve realised access to the higher parts of ourselves is not limited to a special few, nor do you have to have any special training.  Life does the training for you.  The more life you’ve lived and the more knocks you’ve taken, the easier it is to achieve the serenity and peace that exists within our higher parts.

Perhaps you too have experienced some big upheavals in your life such as:

  • SicknessTheDivineFuseDiagram_WebOpt
  • Serious accidents
  • Crisis of confidence
  • Unclear direction
  • Things being taken away that you’ve worked hard to keep
  • Frustration over things that used to work but don’t any more
  • Closures
  • Death of loved ones
  • People moving on from your life
  • Relationships or friendships that just aren’t working anymore
  • Changing roles both inside and outside the workforce

I’ve been challenged too!

Ten years ago I created a dream to live in a peaceful little hamlet in the country.  I purchased my little Cute House and ran my business from there.  I was presented with many challenges in the first few years of building my new business, including the banks threatening to take my house away more than once.

“The Cute House” with lavender & roses

Despite challenges that saw me pulled into deep depressive states in circumstances that at times froze my body, mind and soul, I always managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and divert the treats.  I thought I’d live in my little Cute House with the lavender and roses flourishing at the front gate forever.

All that changed at Easter 2012 when I was called to a higher place in my business, which in turn lead to a higher spiritual quest.  Within three months I’d been forced to sell my home. I was yet again at rock bottom as most of my possessions got sold off on the front lawn one chilly Saturday morning.  I was left with a few meager possessions and no where to live. Grief and chaos engulfed me but the difference this time was the serenity I felt within.

Having sold for what I owed the bank, I now house-sit around the world.  I travel with one suitcase and my “office” has to fit either in my car or in the overhead locker of a plane.  I rely on total strangers allowing me into their homes for a few designated weeks or months, then I move to the next place.  In 12 twelve months I’ve been able to attend training events in the USA that once would have been impossible, all the while having house-sitting engagements roll together perfectly.  What’s the chances!

As I’ve found a new definition of habitat and existence, I’ve also raised myself to a place where my life exists in courageous trust on a daily basis.  The challenges still come in thick and fast but there is constant serenity in my soul and my potential has raised and expanded exponentially.

“Rock bottom has been the solid foundation
for new dreams to emerge.”

Margaret Gill

Some of the garden I had to say goodbye to

What’s more I’ve been given the freedom to really work on my business and plan, instead of jumping from one crisis to the next.

I know I’m being lead by a force within me that is connected to something divine.  As hard as its been having to go through the grieving phase of having everything ripped unceremoniously from me ………. while constantly adapting to new surroundings, in new cities and sometimes even new countries, I’ve found that rock bottom has been the solid foundation for new dreams to emerge.

I thought I’d already done a lot of work, but recently I’ve been called to dig deeper personally than I ever thought possible to reveal my truest potential.

A not so perfect year has resulted in a very perfect outcome.

I’ve come to understand that I was living in an old world of potential. 

The sacred journey I thought I understood has been blow apart by an advanced yet latent potential and a new and expansive universal connection has been revealed.

As I’ve dug deeper, it has allowed me to help people at more profound levels and my clients are getting stellar results because I’ve figured out the answer to a question that’s been haunting me for years:

How is it that some are able to access the full spectrum of their human and universal potential?

I researched people like Gandhi and Mother Teresa who appeared to be connected to a whole different fuse box than the rest of us.

Then there are others such as Oprah or Nelson Mandela who also have each bought their own brand of change to humanity in a huge and global way.

I’ve also noticed that not everyone is here to serve as publicly as others. Some are here to serve deeply, quietly, creating their legacy in a very everyday extra-ordinary kind of way.

So this gives us three categories:

1.  Ubiquitous change agents who serve publicly in the limelight

2.  Reticent souls who are here to serve mightily, but quietly behind the scenes

3.  The rest, whether awakened yet or not, lie somewhere between the two

All three have sacred contracts of service and all three are destined to be the next wave of people to make a positive difference on the planet and beyond.

I have discovered that all of us can connect to our own already existing “divine fuse.”  When we execute the fuse properly, we have the ability to access the infinite reach of our human and universal potential.

I also noticed movie legends like Hugh Jackman and Sir Peter Jackson who take on seemingly impossible roles, yet come out the victors.  Their talent appears infinite.  Even rock stars like Keith Richards describe in his autobiography how songs appeared to pour out the ends of his fingers as the Rolling Stones, despite their personal crisis, changed a generation one song at a time.

Then I started to look at the qualities of these people and compare them to the likes of the Dalai Lama and although some sat at polar opposites on the personality spectrum, indeed there was a cross section of similar traitsWildly successful in their chosen fields and abundant on every level, it became clear that these extreme difference makers are fully fused to a power higher than themselves.

But they all have five quintessential characteristics of commonality:

1.  they are unconventional and struggle with conformity

2.  their gift is locked in and they can’t stop themselves

3.  they only attempt to influence in their area of expertise

4.  their desire to be of service is off the barometer

5.  they all come from very ordinary backgrounds

There was nothing special about them until they stepped fully into their messages to the world, immersed themselves in their work and became fully saturated in their passion.

These “fusers” don’t seek change, they create the change!

Interestingly, the quiet achievers have the exact same characteristics.

Therefore the greatest thing that heart based, “quieter” people can learn from these harbingers of difference is their personal focus and clarity balanced with the unruffled serenity they hold in their souls.

Despite what is thrown at them, they don’t get off their path for long.  They have mastered trust in themselves and trust in everything around them.

In fact a strange sense of protection envelopes them.  They are not immune to danger, but they have an ability to coolly walk away from situations that would see others in seriously hot water.

I see there is connection not just to their spiritual power, but to their universal power.

The encompassing challenge I see with the quiet achievers is the churning of the soul that comes from lack of trust.

Quiet achievers doubt themselves, their path and the right to be different. 

So when things go “wrong” they believe they are being punished because they’ve been “bad” or are “not good enough”.  When in fact the “wrong” stuff gives you the keys to the kingdom.

All through the eons humans have experienced challenge.  We will always be challenged – its why we are here.

Its how we deal with the challenges that make the difference.

We all have the right to be different!

I believe everyone now has the ability to make a huge difference on the planet, whether in a loud or quiet way.  The earth guardians tending their small patch have as much to do with shaping humanity as the global behemoths.

Our earth is in turmoil, we are a long way from the peace & equality we desire for humanity.  We need the quiet and not so quiet agents of change, and peace, fully fused and ready to serve.

I also believe I’ve been gifted the information about the divine fuse so I can help anyone find clarity and serenity in their divine calling, be it on the public or personal stage.

Once you understand “Your Divine Fuse” and begin to do what it takes to connect fully, then you open up a whole new translation of the Midas touch.

Connecting to this Divine Fuse is now accessible to anyone with a deep desire to make a difference on any level, including their own personal circumstances.

I have realised that this fuse is easily accessed now, and I’ve been living it on a daily basis in extreme situations.  It does require release of old ways and embracing new thinking, but it opens doors I never imagined possible.

Once you begin to embrace the fuse and get used to its constancy, the angst disappears, the creativity heightens and peace permeates the soul in a way that has not been possible before.

It’s time right now to step up into the new potential we’ve been promised.

What’s In This For You?

You can now learn how to ignite more of the fuse you already hold.

My new program called How to Ignite Your Divine Fuse is about connecting you up so you have infinite energy and a divine connection that will make you unstoppable.

Tapping The Star of Infinite Human Potential

Divine Fuse ImageThis program is for people seeking even greater levels of mastery within their mission or service.

I’m currently running a beta test program for a few brave souls who want to investigate more of the potential held within my newly birthed Diamond Quadrant Star shown on the left.

“The Star” has been part of my physical journey for the past 18months.  It started life in San Jose in October of 2012, developed further in Sechelt BC Canada, then had its final birth in Las Vegas in December 2012.

Returning back to Australia “The Star” was upgraded by the fabulous Jennifer Campbell of Facilitated Learning as she spotted the 3D aspect of my “flatpack” 1D drawing.  Jennifer created a 3D model of the star out of sticks and cardboard.  I was VERY impressed with her creativity!

As I sat in Los Angeles airport in October 2013 I received the first digital rendition from Deb DeLisi, the gifted artist who developed the Pineal Tones Art for Dr Todd’s Lemurian Choir project.  Deb graciously agreed to bring “The Star” up into its next incarnation.

Now it awaits the right humans to bring out the full potential held within.

I’ve been developing the star for business, but now it seems it will work on individuals for personal use as well.  I’m putting it out there in courageous trust.  It has no outline, we will be co-creating it as we go. From my experience to date with the business star, I promise it will bring clarity and gifts never thought possible for you before.

This is a very special opportunity at a very special price, for a very few special souls.  You know who you are!

If you are interested you can shoot me an email if you would like to find out more and reserve a spot on the program.

You Deserve This!

Lastly, I just want to tell you that I really look forward to working with you in my How to Connect to Your Divine Fuse program.

Universal journeying can be a lonely place. You have felt the loneliness and isolation, the frustration and pain. You’ve probably been ostracised, ridiculed and judged for your “weirdness”.  Friends and family members can’t always relate or help.  During the How to Connect to Your Divine Fuse program, you’ll have a chance to be with others who “get” you. You’ll be able to relax and go deep without fear of being judged.

My promise to you is that I’ll give you everything I’ve got, from years and years of experience, studying the “greats”, and walking head on into all sorts of strange things, travelling in courageous trust and learning the universal lessons at the coal face.

Now its time to live differently and feel the love, feel the grace and feel the beauty that is you.

I’m committed to giving you all I’ve learned to help you strengthen your connection to your divine fuse and help you find the serenity in your soul that will allow you to accomplish your true hearts desire.

I trust I will speak with you soon.

Email me now if you are interested

In Serenity & Trust
Margaret Gill




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