My Diamond Quadrant Star Program helps you to create more clarity and vision in your business and ultimately more money than you ever dreamed possible.

This simple yet highly evolved ascension business system will help you focus on your business and grow your revenue at a fast rate.

I jokingly call it an A4 Empire.

If you’ve ever struggled as a heart based small business owner or conscious entrepreneur to know how your products and services fit together, what to work on each day so you maximise your profit and how your brands and business will develop in the next five years, then you are going love the concept of an A4 Empire.

I can’t put into words how good it feels to look at my Diamond Quadrant Star diagram and know exactly where I am going and the sort of results I can expect.

It’s not always been that way for me.  By the end of 2011, all I had developed was a hodge podge array of products and services that seemed to have no correlation to each other.  On top of that I owned nearly 70 website domain names and despite there being some red hot concepts in those names, I couldn’t quite figure where they fitted within the landscape of my business either.

I knew I wanted to build something big and highly profitiable, but all I had created was a jumble.  I knew I had parts of the puzzle but I didn’t have all the answers.  It set me on a quest to find out how I could build the empire I’d always secretly known I was born to create.

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears

Imagine my delight when I got an email in the last few days of 2011 inviting me to four days of intensive learning.  The program was called 10XEMPIRE – it was to be held in Times Square New York City and it cost $10,000 plus travel expenses!

As I sat there I knew I had to go, but in that magical moment of divine timing, I had $6 in my purse and my current living situation was about to come apart at the seams with a spectacular rip!

Yet Again Rock Bottom Proved to Become The Solid Foundation of Dreams

My friend Micki and I with Brendon Burchard at the VIP dinner at High Performance Academy.

I knew I had to attend this training, so I placed the outcome in the hands of courageous trust and I took the biggest leap of faith in my 55 years of being on the planet.

Long story short, I spent nine months of learning with Brendon Burchard to gain the levels of clarity and confidence I needed to develop my brands. In 2012 over a twelve month period, I attended not only his New York event but also another of his brand new $10,000 “wild, wild west” publishing events in San Jose plus 2 of his flagship events and finally Worlds Greatest Speaker Training.  Phew!

Imagine drinking from a well of red cordial for 195 hours, in intensive training sessions spanning 21 days.  At the end I could draw my entire empire on an A4 sheet of paper.

If you’ve ever tried to gain this level of clarity in your business, you will know how ecstatic I was to see it appearing on the page.

What’s really weird is that he didn’t directly teach us the Diamond Quadrant Star, that was just something I figured out from observing his operation sitting in the front row of five of his high end live events.  All my years working as a forensic business analyst over many industries came to the fore and allowed me to figure out how these highly successful people make so much money.

Courageous Trust Had Paid Out Big Time!

What I’ve learned from this process is that everyone carries a radical potential.  I’ve realised we come in with a radical or base potential rooted in who we really are.  What you need to bring your diamonds out of the rough, already exists within you.

Its my life’s purpose to help mission driven people develop their radical potential.  I’m excited to start helping more people gain more clarity, make way more money, be more successful and begin to enjoy more of the things that inspired you to get started in the first place.

If you would like to get your vision clear, your next steps paved out and the knowledge about what to do to make the most impact in your business in the next five years, then I’d love to invite you to join this special “Black Label Program” I’ve created to set you on the course to becoming a Diamond Quadrant Star!

This program certainly is NOT for everyone. You will know if its right for you if any of the following resonates:

  • Your business is doing well, but you know there is more to come …. MUCH more!
  • Getting clients is no longer the constant challenge it used to be, in fact you now probably can’t cope with the numbers of people you are currently attracting.
  • You have developed or are developing your own methodology of working, so you are no longer primarily teaching or using someone else’s modality. You will have figured out it would be silly to stop using the parts that work well for you and your clients, but more and more you are working on your own instincts or with your own methodology.
  • You no longer have a strong need to work one on one with people. You’d be happy to “teach what you do to a larger audience”, rather than “do what you do one on one”.
  • You have some sort of book or eProduct either created or have a strong live event or workshop you have been developing that you have written from scratch (ie – its not other people’s licensed work).
  • You have been speaking to groups but want to hone your message even more and/or want to develop product that supports your message.
  • Currently you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed in your business, not sure how the hell you are going to get any spare time ever again and/or you know you need to get even more clarity around your branding and message. You may have a distinct feeling of being a hamster on a wheel, and you have no idea how to get off.
  • You have at least one book in you and if its not written yet, you know you have enough knowledge in your head to pull one out if you have the right amounts of quiet time to write.
  • You most definitely want to make a difference for A LOT of people.
  • You may well have desire for “world domination” (I mean that with love, not through control but through the world being able to access your message).
  • You want to make a truckload of cash to repay all that debt to family members and friends.  Or maybe you’ve got the whole money thing sorted and now want to start creating an angel fund or something along those benevolent lines.
  • You want to be able to afford to travel and spread your message far and wide.
  • You want to get to the point where your message is supporting you, not you supporting the message.
  • You are prepared to think radically differently about your business and your message.
  • You are at a stage where you want to see a clear path forward so you can simply go out and create your dream over the next five years.

I ran Grace Ambrook of Azozea through the program just after I returned from New York and this is what she had to say:


“Thank you so much for your generosity of wisdom, guidance and time. Like all of our sessions and conversations, highly valuable, inspirational and great fun! I have a bit to digest, and lots to learn. But that quadrant diamond chart is a WINNER big time.”

Grace Ambrook, Creator of Heart Soul Expansion, Noosa Australia

Gracie stepped into product generation on a grand scale a few years back, but like me struggled to see where it all fitted together. Since we created her A4 Empire, she was clearly able to where its all headed and what’s more, understands why spirit sent her the information the way it did.

I have taken more clients through the process and it’s the same result. Its like getting new glasses.  The whole world looks brighter and easier to transverse.  I get my diagram out most weeks as I feel myself straying into my wild bouts of creation and pull myself back on track.

Are you striving to step further into your higher realms of potential?

I’m seeking more mission driven people, who work from a deep heart space and have an intense desire to help others and fuse the higher part of themselves with their business and everyday existence.

“The key to success is not more ideas & products, but more focused action.”

Margaret Gill – The Muse For Your Fuse™️


My new Black Label Program is called “The Diamond Quadrant Star Program”

Its for people who have identified they have a mission in life and don’t want to waste energy and valuable difference making time, taking the wrong steps in the wrong order.

  • The first part of the program allows you to lay out all the leggo pieces you have created to date. During the three sessions we begin the forensic process of going through each piece and seeing where it fits within your vision. Nothing has ever been discarded, simply repositioned.
  • Then we will take a look at what you are truly trying to achieve.
  • Then we place your dream into a mold that will allow you to shape your dream the way you want it, but also allow crystal clear clarity for yourself and others in what you are all about and where you are heading.

These are very private and intimate sessions because of course I’ll need to know what is currently working and what isn’t. This level of honesty can only be one on one.  I’ve been there, I empathise and understand how painful the process of pulling your life’s work apart can be. But for your work to reach its fullest potential and for you to learn how to build an ascension business plan, there has to be a bit of initial pain.

How Does the Program Work?

The Diamond Quadrant Star Program is a six session program done via Skype

  • Your first session will be clarifying what you’ve created to date and just how far you want to go with it. If its clear you don’t have enough to build an empire yet, (truly you don’t need a lot but you do need product) then you can transfer to one of my eProduct Expertise programs and dam well get some!
  • Second session you will receive the dream building theory, which includes the BAM (business ascension model)
  • Third session we will start laying out the pieces in the Diamond Quadrant Star and providing you have been honest with where you are in your business, you will leave the session with a completed copy of your “Empire On An A4 Sheet”. I will draw it out for you in an excel spreadsheet and you will simply keep adding to it as time goes on.

Then you have three more sessions with me as you begin to create your brands and need to return for even more clarity and focus.

I can only take people into this program who have products or workshops and teach their own material. It doesn’t have to be selling in great quantities, but the cold hard facts are that a practice that relies purely on one on one sessions or teaching other people’s programs …. well that’s only making their diamond more shiny.

To be eligible for the program you need to have said a resounding YES to at least ten out of the 15 points above.

What’s The Guarantee?

Everyone’s business is unique and different.  So long as I can see you are working with the program and putting the correct effort into your diagram, if we find we need more time to get your diamond completed, then we will stick with it at no extra charge until you get your A4 sheet. Can’t be fairer than that.

This program carries my “No Worm, No Squirm” general guarantee – I don’t believe you will find any worms in the program, but if you think you have, then I won’t squirm out of giving you your money back.

When Will The Program Take Place?

Week days, you get to choose a date and time that will work in both our time zones.

To start the process we arrange a complimentary assessment session where we will discuss your eligibility for the program.

If you’re excited to get started – simply book your session into my online diary here