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Do You Have A Choose Day?

The Beatles made a lot of money from a song called “Eight Days a Week” but to make a lot of money in your small business doesn’t mean you have to work Eight Days a Week.

Work life balance and starting a small business are not often seen on the same page.  Somewhere in the “silent code book for small business – author unknown” there is a rule that says you have to work your butt off to be successful.

Most certainly you do need to put in a lot of time and effort in the early days ……. BUT if you work yourself into a burnout frenzy, you are NOT going to be able to work effectively IN your business, let alone ON your business.

One of my fabulous coaches and mentors taught me that you MUST have regular time off to rest and recuperate.

If you aren’t 100% filled up, you can’t give 100% to others.

In the early days of setting up your business you need to be out and about seeing and speaking with a lot of people.  It can be exhausting.

If your business is well established, it can be exhausting just giving as much as you do to your clients, so balancing that with adequate rest and down time is vital to your success.

BUT there IS a lot of work in getting any small business working well and sometimes you do have to burn a bit of midnight oil to get all the things done that you’ve got to do.  Plus most of us have a home office, known fondly by many as “international headquarters” and the temptation to overwork is generally just a few steps down the hall.

So I’ve come up with a strategy that works for me.


That means no matter what is going on I MUST NOT go into my office, nor turn my computer on, nor answer the office phone, nor do filing or paperwork – nothing!  One day a week has to be completely for me.  That rule never gets broken!

I found if I had two non negotiable days off and there was a back log starting to build in my office, all that would happen is that I’d end up stressing about it.

To overcome the stress, I created the concept of “CHOOSE DAY”

I create a CHOOSE DAY in my diary one day every week.  So I cross the day off and write in CHOOSE DAY. It can be any day of the week, it doesn’t have to be a set day each week but it does have to be in your diary every week – months in advance.

So when CHOOSE DAY rolls around I can look at that day and think – is there anything so pressing it can’t wait until tomorrow?

Sometimes there are pressing things that MUST be done so I choose to work part of the day.  Sometimes I use CHOOSE DAY as my creative writing day, which I love and it fills me up. Other times I know there is nothing pressing so I have CHOOSE DAY off to dig my garden without guilt, or go shopping or just rest and read a book.

What is important is that I get to CHOOSE.

The golden rule is that you NEVER book anything else on a CHOOSE DAY so that when it rolls around you have a true choice in how you spend that day.

I find by having a CHOOSE DAY I end up with eight days in a week because I tend to jam everything into the other days of the week so CHOOSE DAY remains free.  I find it stops me procrastinating on the other days and I just get on with whatever needs doing so my CHOOSE Day remains a “me” day.

The video below is how I spent my Choose Day this week – it just happened to be a Tuesday and everything you see in the video is about three minutes walk from each other – guess it’s going to be my Choose Day location for a while anyway!

How I Spent One Of My Choose Days in Ocean Shores NSW Australia

16 Awesome Ideas to help you Boost Business, Book More Clients, Build Stronger Relationships or Just Plain Make More Money During the Silly Season

1. Send a Special Offer if You Are Quiet

Stir the pot a little ….

If you are quiet, anything is going to be beter than doing nothing in the days leading up to Christmas so send out a crazy “too hard to turn down” offer that is highly targeted around relieving things such as stress or anxiety – must be used by 24 December.

If you are busy pre holidays but dip in the New Year – simply send the offer in January or after the school holidays.

Don’t forget to send an “offer is running out” reminder email near the end of the promotion.

2. Create a Unique Program to Help People Through This Time of Year

People are time poor but anxiety rich at this time of year.

Consider creating a program that allows to people to phone or Skype in for 10 minutes each day and let them share their anxiety – you might not even have to do anything for them, sometimes just having someone to talk to will help buckets!

Have an upgrade for a full session if it’s more than just anxiety about that horrible old uncle that insists on asking why you still aren’t married at the Christmas dinner table.

Alternately record seven 5 minute de-stressing meditations and sell them for $9.95 upwards – email a new link each day – the gift here will be that they are short, easy to create and can be consumed easily.

What can you quickly create “right now” that will really help someone through a tough time?

3. Promote Your Gift Certificates

The trick here is not just to sell gift vouchers but to sell solutions that make it easy for people to understand why they would want to buy from you.

For instance don’t sell a “massage” – sell a “de-stress massage experience” – “reviving massage” – “hangover super food” package – “survive your horrible relatives” package.

Have different certificates for different age groups or types of people.

The holidays can be a time of excess so make your product really hone in on the problems people are facing at this time of the year.

Encourage your current clients to get others to buy them one of your gift certificates – nothing like returning customers.  Maybe put the hint out for a coaching gift certificate from me!

Maybe consider going down to the local $2 shop and getting some nice little boxes and ribbon and wrap your vouchers up beautifully.  Or roll the gift certificate up into a scroll tied with a beautiful ribbon, or just send a two line email – doesn’t matter how you do it – just do it!

Don’t forget the option of having people buy online.

Haven’t got gift certificates?  Seriously, it can be as simple as handwriting a pretty card you got at the $2 shop.  Just number the certificates so you can keep track of who has them.  Here’s a simple gift registry spreadsheet I prepared earlier for you 🙂

A GIFT FOR YOU:  Click here for free Gift Voucher Registry spreadsheet for you – yes it can be this simple!

Here is some ideas if you are clever with a computer

REMEMBER:  Vouchers must have a use by date (You can decide if they show up years later whether someone can use an expired voucher) and your vouchers must be numbered so people can’t make copies of the voucher and use them multiple times.  It would also be good to have a link to your gift certificate terms and conditions on your website.


4.  Be Seen or Heard

If you are quiet, make the most of this time to be seen.

  • Give Out Flyers.  If you have street frontage, go hand out a healthy treat stapled to a flyer with a list of the gift certificates you have for sale.
  • Post On Social Media.  Make up a top ten list like this one on healthy ways to get through the silly season and post it on social media.  Make sure anything you give out has your branding and contact details on it!
  • Call clients and see how they are doing.  Do this from a place of love and service – NOT sales.  Show how much you genuinely care about them and call to see how they are doing with no expectation or mention of anything else.
  • Go volunteer – the aid agencies are really busy and need extra help this time of year.  Give generously and unconditionally and even though it is not why you’d be doing, there is every chance you’ll pick up a client or valuable ongoing contact.
  • Write a personal note to key clients thanking them for their continued support.

5.  Get Free Media

Make the most of the opportunity for the free publicity.  Phone up local or community radio suggesting you be a guest to speak about how to beat stress or get through the anxiety of Christmas holistically.

Radio stations usually program their lifestyle shows a couple of days in advance so you still have time.

If you work with animals suggest a spot on how to make sure that pets aren’t gifted by Santa, then dumped a few weeks later.

If you are beautician, how to keep looking good through the stress.

You could suggest on air that people visit your website and download a pdf from your website with 12 recipe ideas or 12 hangover cures – get the idea, keep it really simple, media doesn’t have to be rocket science.   

In Australia the ABC have a lot of lifestyle shows that would love this kind of content at this time of year.  Breakfast and morning TV talk shows also love this type of stuff if you are confident in that medium.

Anyone who actually books some media wins a complimentary “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE” session with me where we can talk through your “on-air” strategy. 

You can listen to a call I did with the ABC Perth on SeaChange – you can hear how dead easy it was.


Don’t think this stuff works???  Well here is a great example I heard when I attended a high end event in the USA.  A former producer of the Oprah Show was describing to us how she had one of those “Awwww” slots to fill on the Oprah Christmas Special.  She was struggling to find something unique that would make people got “Awwww” in the lead up to Christmas.  Her prayers were answered when the phone rang and it’s a guy that wants to know if they need “Bell Ringers” on the show.  She asked to see an example of them “ringing bells” and they sent in a clip of them all dressed up in their little red costumes playing a Christmas Carol with bells.  Guess what – they got on the show – Oprah cried – the audience all went “Awwww” – the feedback was amazing and the bell ringers got their 2 minutes of fame.  Those bell ringers were suddenly introduced to national prime time tv doing something very corny in a narrow window of opportunity that would exist for a couple of weeks each year.  They probably never had to market again.  That’s the power of making it easy for the media to say YES.

6. Suggest Alternatives

Be of service to people – do things that might make the season a little easier for them such as:

    • Create a list of healthy recipes for the holiday period or tips on surviving the stress and send the information out to your database.
    • Post a new tip each day on social media and again ensure you have your contact details included so people can follow up with you.
    • Go out on the street and hand out a free recipe or survival tips every lunch time outside your clinic or anywhere you are legally allowed.
    • Get your local cafe to feature one of the recipes each day this week and have you in store talking about healthy Christmas options.

7. Get a Corporate Gig

This time of year bosses all over the country are agonising about what to buy their staff for Christmas.  Make it easy for them.  Put together say a pack of 10 gift certificates and reward them for buying in bulk.

The savvy person would charge full price for their product and offer the person signing the cheque a complimentary session or voucher (assuming company policy allows that!).

If you are quiet, walk into every single business you can think of and drop a flyer for your corporate gift certificate package.

Seriously – find a boss with 10 staff – sell 10 x 90 minute massages at $90 each – that’s $900 in your bank and remember some people will NEVER redeem the voucher.  Find two bosses with this problem and you’ve got $1,800 in your bank.  This is a serious winner if you can package the message up well.  Also a great opportunity to do more health related business with the company in the New Year.

Again don’t think too fancy – think your local accounting firm, legal practice, real estate agent, graphic design company or even the corner store.  They all need healthy employees and are too busy this time of year to be over thinking their staff gifts …. and don’t think they don’t leave this stuff to the last minute!

8.  Don’t Forget the Guys

Men (traditionally) have a tendency to buy their gifts at the very last minute – solve their problem by offering your gift certificates in the last few shopping days.  If you have a lot of male clients, maybe let them know all their gift buying can be done with you.  Yes, you may even have to phone them up, email them, text them or drop something in the mail.

They will love you if you help them give the gift of health and avoid the shopping mall!

Have a “Perfect Mum Package” gift certificate – “Perfect Wife Package” option – “Perfect Staff Member”.  If you don’t fit the bill fully, for instance no self respecting hubby is going to buy his wife a weight loss package for Christmas, so why not consider creating a package with another holistic therapist and put together a pamper package with a “New Year, New You” One-On-One Consultation or Private Lesson with you – then onsell the weight loss product AFTER their private lesson.

It’s all about HOW you present your information – get a little creative!

Consider marketing gift cards that address hopes and dreams vs a treatment or goal.  For instance “a perfect body” rather than a “weight loss” program.

 PayPal is your friend for last minute online purchases.

Simply create a standard priced “Buy Now” Button (PayPal is free till someone buys something) and then instead of landing people back at the PayPal site, go to option 3 in the create a button page and create a “Thank You” page that lands the purchaser back on your site and allows someone to print out a generic gift voucher.  Not the most highly secure option and Yes, it’s not very personal, but do you really want to be up until midnight Christmas Eve printing and emailing personalised gift vouchers?  Just remember to take the offer down on Boxing Day.

9. Look back at what worked last year and do it again

If you did any holiday promotions last year, go back and see what worked and do it again ….. DOH!  So simple, but have you done it?

10.  Shine It Out

Now is not the time to hide your stuff.  If you have anything even slightly resembling a product that could solve someone’s gift buying dilema …. put the products on prominent display.

In the rock n roll world this is called “the Merch” table or tent, depends how much “merch” you got!

Stack It High & Watch It Fly!

Your CD’s or essences could make PERFECT stocking stuffers.  Make up a suggested bundle of stocking stuffers and put them front and centre.

Make your display look lush and abundant and like Robert Kiyosaki says about merch tables – “Stack ‘Em High & Watch ‘Em Fly”, meaning puts lots out – not just one or two – put everything you got out because people are more likely to buy from a big display than from some meagre little offering that is almost apologising for it’s existence!

Guerrilla Tactics

Maybe put a flyer on the inside of your loo door so visiting clients can “pee and read”.  I know, that’s seriously “guerrilla”, but they are a captive audience!

One holiday season a client had been bottling cherries soaked liqueurs and had more than her family could eat, so she cheekily wrapped a big Christmas bow around the top of several jars and put them out on display in her busy practice.  They looked sensational and because she only had a limited supply she could put a really high price on these delicious bottles of fresh cherries!  Guess what – she sold out of these highly priced cherries soaked in Christmas cheer faster than a expectant child can rattle off their holiday gift wish list .  Not even I could believe what people paid for them – but it solved a problem for someone who didn’t want to soak their own fruit for the Christmas desert.

11. Suggest Healthy “Kris Kringle” or “Secret Santa” Options

With gift buying behaviours changing for many, the option of just buying one present is a good one for people.  Why not get in people’s way and teach them to purchase healthy alternatives, such as your gift vouchers or products.

12. Cross Promote

Find other holistic therapists and cross promote your services or join together to offer gift voucher options.  Maybe even cross promote with a spa or completely unrelated business to yours.  Maybe a high volume retailer like your local pizza shop would like to give away one of your 10 minute neck and shoulder vouchers with every pizza they sell this week.  If you are quiet, it will change the energy around your business real fast.  Seriously there is nothing better than being busy to get more busy.  Yes you will wear yourself out doing all those free sessions so ensure you put very short “use by dates” on your vouchers.  I can tell you, you will get plenty of practice at converting comp sessions to paying clients teaming with a high turn over business.

Maybe even mix it right up and cross promote something that could be thought quite “yucky but essential” but bearable when put with something nice.  For instance I saw a breast screening program sold with a top end package from a beauty salon.  It tapped into the “do something you dislike, then get a reward for doing it” concept.

Maybe if your service is “seriously serious”, consider how you could add a reward for getting something difficult out of the way.  Perhaps someone has been avoiding the grief that Christmas causes, maybe you could team with a body worker so they could have some bodywork done after their emotionally revealing session.

13.  Samples for Stocking Stuffers

If you have a relationship with a supplier that gives out free samples, maybe make up little stocking stuffer kits and give them to your favourite clients.  It doesn’t all have to be about selling, don’t forget, it is the season for giving.

14. Market Your 12 Month Program to Businesses

If you have a 12 month program, now is a great time to go out to the corporate or business market and sell those packages for either employee gifts or client thank you gifts.   

Think who else has your clients and who would want to reward them with something expensive. 

So say for instance you have a 12 month $1,500 wellbeing program that offers a massage per month along with other programs and services.  You go to a business that has high end clients that they want to reward well for their business this year.  They buy TEN of those packages for their most valued clients – that’s $15,000.  Yes big business and corporates spend that sort of money on special clients.  Please send me a 10% bonus if this tip scores you any of those 🙂

15.  Send Out A Newsletter

This time of year we tend to think people are getting bombarded with information and yes they are because people are in “buy mode” and are 80% more likely to purchase at this time of year – so you might as well be on the band wagon.

So now is the time to make a difference, not openly selling anything, but bonus if you do!  This email is a grand example.  I trust you have got at least one idea from this email that you can use now or in the future to help you book more clients, build stronger relationships or just plain make more money!

I know you are busy – so why not do a lazy person’s newsletter and put an offer at the end.  Sit down and think of the Top Ten Things Tips That Would Make Christmas Easier and Healthier For Your Clients This Year.

Go over and search those relevant topics on Pinterest and attach the Pinterest link in an email

I’d be very happy for you to use one or all of these examples I prepared earlier for you:

The Top Five Ways You Can Make The Holiday Season Easier

1.  Healthy Christmas Treats That Won’t Zap Your Energy 

2.  “Pawsome” Gifts Ideas Your Pets Will Love 

3.  Holiday Craft Ideas For Those Last Minute Gifts 

4.  Awesome Vegan Christmas Recipe Ideas 

5.  Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Be Sure to Impress

Genius!!  If you are really time poor, steal mine!  Simply cut and paste the five things I found in the above example, add an offer and a personal greeting and send it to your people  …… seriously, your newsletter CAN be this simple and this helpful!

16. It’s Not Over Till There’s A 2-4-1 ……. Offer 

What communication of mine would not include ways you can cleverly use 2-4-1 offers

• The Standard 2-4-1 Offer 
Buy-one, get-one free offers are great for last-minute purchases because people can cross off two names at once.  So perhaps one of your gift voucher options could be “Get Two Gift Sorted For The Price of One”.  That way your clients can either give one person two vouchers or one voucher to two people – clever huh!

• BOGO – Buy One Get One Offer 
Perhaps you could get really clever and have a “Buy One, Reward Yourself” offer.  So if someone buys a gift voucher in the next seven days – they get a gift voucher to give and one for themselves.  Particularly nice for a massage or a de-stressor type treatment.

• BONGOL – Buy One Now, Get One Later 
Or if they are time poor right now, the offer could be, if they buy a gift voucher to give now, plus they get an identical product to use themselves in the New Year.


So get to work right now – choose at least one thing that resonates from the list above and get your last minute Christmas marketing ticked off, and let me know your wins!

Don’t forget to share with anyone you think might benefit.

Are you working on something that needs to get implemented …. but it’s not happening

When you shine white light through a prism, you get a rainbow …… right?

Imagine how taking on the energy of a prism could help you find your rainbow’s pot of gold.

Interesting Image

I believe your rainbow needs to contain Seven Core Essential Refractionary Success Elements: Pink Floyd were most definitely carrying the Seven Core Essential Elements when Dark Side of the Moon became their first #1 album in the USA.  They are:

Mastery 3
Even if you aren’t old enough to remember the iconic 70’s Pink Floyd album, the iconic image of the prism will be familiar.  I recently read an interesting blog post that stated it took the band 3 minutes to decide on that cover.

The band knew the power of the image and the designer the late Storm Thorgerson stated:

“No amount of cajoling would get them to consider any other contender,
nor endure further explanation of the prism, or how exactly it might look.
‘That’s it,’ they said in unison, ‘we’ve got to get back to real work,’
and returned forthwith to the studio upstairs.”

The success of the album lay in those final eight words – “we’ve got to get back to the real work”.

The band were so clear and so immersed in their work, that they could make the exact right design decision in 3 minutes and then get back to what was most important ….. the music.

They were implementing their craft.

So often we get drawn off focus by noise while what we really do takes a back seat.  

Without a body of work standing behind a well crafted design, well you’ve just got a pretty picture.  Images become iconic when the artistry behind the message connects with the heart and soul of an audience.

Highly focused mission centric individuals need to become so clear and strong in their belief of self and the mastery of their craft that they can’t be pulled off track when the noise rolls in.

Mastery 1

But how do you get that level of clarity and drive?

I believe you need seven streams, just like the rainbow rolling out in equal proportion from the prism.

You Are The Prism 
However, to become a master at anything you must also be strongly connected to that stream of white light because YOU are the prism that creates the rainbow!

I’m sure you are canny enough to have noticed that the Seven Core Essential Refractionary Success Elements have exact correlation to the chakras of the body:

  1. Vision –Third Eye
  2. Voice – Throat
  3. Commitment – Sacral
  4. Knowledge – Crown
  5. Action – Solar Plexus
  6. Heart – Heart
  7. Energy – Base

Like a body we need to keep feeding and nurturing each area to keep it in tip top shape.

The Power of Immersion

Since I dropped the constraints of my mortgage, I’ve had the luxury of being able to travel, get out of my normal routines and just sit back and do some extreme immersion.  As I start to pull out of my recluse phase with more clarity than I’ve ever had before, stuff is just starting to pour out of me.

I had someone say to me recently “you’ve got so much going on …. I get confused”.

But that’s the point!

I’m an implementor and after so much time in this industry it would be wrong if I hadn’t created a bit of confusion as I’ve implemented all I’ve been taught.

Confusion Is Your Friend!

Now it’s time to present the information in a more orderly fashion, but I couldn’t do that until I got a little confused first.

Nearly two years on and the clarity is finally coming through.  The clarity fits with the one thing I’ve done exceptionally well all my life – implementation.

I’d go off to learn something and I’d go home and type up my notes and get practicing and within a couple of weeks I’d be offering the modality for sale.  I was always surprised that others hadn’t found implementation that easy.

I have NEVER given that gift any credence, yet in the corporate world, problem solving and implementing complex projects was my greatest strength.

Have you got something you haven’t been giving full credit to?

The Power of Chat

The clarity has become possible because I’ve had people I can talk my stuff through with.

The power of “chat” has been amazing and it has allowed me to see how I can be helping people in the future.

So you may be asking “how can The Implementor help me”?

  • Have you had brilliant ideas that are still not implemented?
  • Have you found yourself at a cross roads not really sure which way to move forward?
  • Have you ever attended an event or spiritual retreat and all you wanted to do was talk about what you experienced, that weird co-incidence or the epiphany that friends and family don’t want to know about?
  • Have you returned from an event fully fired up but life got in the way and your notes are still sitting on a shelf gathering dust while that dream atrophies in a corner of your mind?

Nothing in this new energy is straightforward or linear and these deep experiences can be challenging to see where all the messages and gifts fit together.

Talking it out is the only way to find the hidden gold, but you have to do that with someone who can listen across all seven refractionary levels.

I believe we have three stages which encompass our journey:

1.  The Light = Vision, Voice, Knowledge – all the top chakras

2.  The Prism = The Heart – the pivot point

3.  The Rainbow = Energy, Commitment, Action – all the base chakras

The Seven Core Essential Refractionary Success Elements tease out like this:

You Are The Prism


When we are the prism, we need firstly to generate the light, we need to find our voice, find our vision and bring together everything we know, so our mission becomes clear.

Once that light hits the pivotal heart point or the prism, we then need energy, commitment and action to allow the rainbow to flow out in a strong and balanced manner.

That’s the difference between the guys in Pink Floyd and all other mission centric individuals who changed the world through their work or passion.  They had vision, they had a strong voice or sound, they made it their business to master their craft.  Enormous amounts of heart goes into their work and most importantly, despite all the myriad of distractions, they had the energy, commitment and passion to action their dreams.

Our industry has a tendency to focus on the heart and the light, the lack of action is why we can end up feeling like there is a lot of rain and not much rainbow!

But if you focus on each stage equally and allow all decisions and implementation to be carried out at the heart level, then you’re going to have a recipe for success.

My Implement Your Heart Out program focuses on the heart part of your prism.  If you need more rainbow, you would need the Higher Ambition Coaching Program.  If you are interested you can see which of my programs help each part of your rainbow below.

Hopefully the grid below will diffuse some of the confusion around my new products.  Abundant Private Practices has its own set of unique products.

Stages  Giving You The Ability to Product Giving You The Power of
 7 Shine Ignite Your Divine Fuse Potential
 6 See Diamond Quadrant Program Insight
 5 Speak Courageous Speaking
 Heart   4 Hear Implement Your Heart Out Healing
 The Rainbow  3 Accept Higher Ambition Coaching Belief
 2 Execute Unearth Your Sacred Potential Commitment
 1 Create Burst Through BluePrint Discomfo

Brendon Burchard
taught us to create these Integrated Product Suites at 10XEMPIRE in New York.

I like to call this a Logical Product Flow.  The clarity comes from my Diamond Quadrant Program.

You can see how all my programs lead to your ultimate mastery in the following diagram.

Mastery 2

My new work is not just limited to business or to therapists. 

So whether you have a business or not, it doesn’t matter, you could be implementing what you learned on a cooking tour of Italy or understand what that elephant was trying to tell you on safari in Africa.  Maybe you have trained to teach something but you are still not teaching it yet.  

I am able to help both the business and the spiritual side come to balance so you can implement.

Are you up for it?

Shot me an email if you are interested in a one on one spot on the Implement Your Heart Out or Diamond Quadrant Program or any of the programs below.

Mastery 4

A Great Networking Spiel

I learned a great format from Andrea J Lee to use when perhaps your product or service is a little difficult to explain.

She recommends instead of trying to explain in detail what you do, simply follow this format:

Great Networking Questions To Ask

You know how some people _________________________________________

so that they ______________________________________________________

well what I do is ___________________________________________________

so that they ______________________________________________________

So I might have

You know how some people are always going off learning stuff

so that they get so overwhelmed and overloaded with information they end up like rabbits stuck in the headlights?

well what I do is help them sort through everything they've learned so they only end up with the bits that matter

so that they can start implementing and feeling good about whatever it is they started to create in the first place

I love this format because it takes away any stress for people and puts into plain English what you do.

It is also asking a question and it has been proven that the brain when faced with a question likes to see if it can answer that question.

So if you are at a networking function or a place where there are a lot of strangers, well it helps you to captivate them with a question and keep them focused on what you are saying without you coming off as pushy or salesey.

They want to stay engaged to see if they can answer the question.  In this instance, it will often spark conversation because by the time you finish their brain will hopefully have thought of an alternative answer to your question and they will have something immediate to share with you.

What is it that you do, that you could develop into a question?

The last few days I’ve been living like a rock star in Beverly Hills

Did you know that what you’ve been doing in the past 90 days is what will shape the next six months?

I’m currently sitting in the United Lounge at Los Angeles airport – my 90 Day tourist visa is up!  Once Uncle Sam is done with you, there is nothing to do but ride that silver bird back to the wide brown land.  The jolt back to reality is going to be huge as the wheels hit the tarmac at Kingsford Smith Sydney in sixteen hours time.

P1000004The last few days I’ve been living like a rock star in Beverly Hills.

To be honest that whole Rodeo Drive things just leaves me cold.  I wandered there yesterday in search of food and was totally bemused by people in the omni-present tourist buses going up and down taking pictures of stores they couldn’t afford to shop in.  The whole celebrity things is a bit lost on me. although I did get to walk through the lobby of the “Pretty Woman” hotel and saw the balcony Julia Roberts sat on threatening to tobble over as the scared of heights Richard Gere just about had kittens.  Guess I’m as bad as the happy snappers 🙂

Also drove through Hollywood and Vine where the man walks across the road shouting “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?”

Our dreams are funny things.  The more action we put into each set of 90 days we get gifted – the closer our dreams get to reality.  The actions we don’t take atrophy our dreams.
Image By Pixabay

During my last two days in LA, I had the pleasure to be gifted a one on one session with vocal coach Roger Love.  I’d never dreamed this little kiwi could be tutored by someone who has worked with some big names from downunder like INXS, Hanson, Missy Higgins plus all the greats from USA music and film.  As I sat in his office surrounded by his accolades and framed platinum CD’s – well it was all a bit surreal.

The only reason it happened was because I took a risk that as yet hasn’t fully paid off.  But being around people who work with people who follow their dreams takes you to a new level even before you get started.

As you step up to the plate and you have to be prepared to hear the truth and be prepared to listen.

I knew as I took the honest feedback about my voice and the way I speak that all those who stood in the same spot in his office had heard similar news delivered, because we rarely consider our voice.

Doesn’t matter who you are, you still have things to learn about your trade.  After taking a huge piece of feedback on an earlier teleclass with Roger, I’ve had a couple of other things added to my voice improvements list:  “the high squeaky hinge”,  “not filling the room enough”, “speaking too quietly”, “not dropping my jaw”, “tongue too high” ….. crikey it’s little wonder I have so much trouble ordering take out in the USA!  It’s not until you get out of your comfort zone or your own environment for challenges you never knew you had, to start appearing.

Roger Love & ME Lge.001Then as we stepped over to the piano Roger reminded me that anything shared is done with love – pun intended I’m sure 🙂  My response was – “let me have all the feedback, don’t meter it, just tell me where I can improve”.

That thirst for feedback has been my friend over the years.  Sure it hurts and cuts like a knife when you first hear it, but as soon as you start to work on the problem, it feels like progress is being made.

Most never progress because they can’t take the “negative” feedback.  They want everything wrapped in cotton wool, they want it watered down, they want it so politically correct that the truth gets lost in the memory foam wrapper.

I really encourage you to be up for feedback and up to take on new information in your own business and personal ambition.

You see the thing that is our greatest enemy is what we don’t know, we don’t know.

The confidence and courage that comes from knowing you have at least one small part of what you need to learn is taken care of, well it automatically brings you to a new place.

Anyone who lives from a place of higher ambition, will always be seeking new knowledge, new feedback and new ways of doing things because they are desperate to find all those things they don’t know and start to work on correcting them.

I’ve had some wonderful conversations with the fabulous speakers and coaches, about the theory of the voice.  I knew it was important, but I didn’t realise how important our voice is until I attended World’s Greatest Speaker Training. was amusing and alarming all at the same time to hear Brendon Burchard tell us how he met Roger Love.  After a very grueling schedule, Brendon was standing in the carpark at one of his mega events, hundreds of red cordial filled fans screaming for more, still with a couple of days left to present and NO voice.  Roger was able to give him enough exercises in the carpark to enable him to go back on stage and present.

But as Roger warned us, its not ideal to get your voice into this type of situation.

Of course we never put the work in before hand, because we don’t know what we don’t know.  So Roger inevitably gets the emergency call, where a miracle is being asked for and what’s more expected.  In a sick sort of way, its nice to know this stuff happens at every level of someone’s career.

It’s also sort of heartening to me (in a sick kind of way) to hear that many big names have picked up the phone and been squeaking down the line, desperate for a miracle.  It makes all the things I haven’t known needed work seem a little less “doh” on my part.

All our “squeaky hinges” dwelling in our throat’s and “Yogi bear” sounds and “cheshire cat” voices mostly go un-noticed, until we start to put pressure on them.  We simply don’t know they are a problem nor do we understand just how much air needs to roll past the vocal chords, nor are we prepared to spend twenty minutes each day working the vocal chords, the six pack of our voice.

Its hard to work out anything when you don’t even know it needs working out.

I trust you will at least start to investigate what the voice needs to stay strong, or at least remember this communication and know what to do when you find yourself “desperate in the carpark” at the back of your venue.

If you are interested in working with your voice a little more and beginning to understand what you need to know to get your vocal chords up to a level where they won’t break down on you, then I recommend you make some time with Roger Love, either in person or via skype.

Our voice is our wand in everything we do and the stronger our voice and the stronger we can communicate, the more successful we are going to be.

The next 90 Days is going to be a bit rough for me as I adjust back to life downunder and get down to some serious work.

Throwing myself back into work is something I find works after these magical adventures “upover”.  I also know that putting some solid work into the next 90 days is going to make the first six months of 2014 look way different.

Are You Embracing Your Weirdness?

In this wild old world of fast moving social media and marketing hype, you and your business gotta be different and the best way to stand out from the crowd is to embrace your weirdness!

Yes – you heard right – all those weird and wonderful things you’ve been stuffing under the covers hoping no one notices are the things that will make your dreams come true.

I loved watching the Katie Perry movie last night.  She is someone who has seriously embraced her weirdness and given young women all over the world permission to love themselves for who they are.  Weirdness Rocks!

WeirdDuring the last half of 2012 I spent a lot of time in Canada and the west coast of the USA. Since returning to Australia I’ve purposely cut myself off from the world to contemplate the “weirdness” concept.  It was taught to me in training I did in LA, where I jetted in from Vancouver just in time to start the training at 2pm and jet out first thing the next morning to San Jose to another speakers event.  It was remarkable the I could attend at all but the weird start time of the event made the impossible possible.

I’ve learned over time to really take notice of the events that happen synchronistically ….. they generally carry the greatest messages.

During the training we went through three case studies of women who had struggled to get where they wanted to be in their business even though they were gifted at what they did.  They had achieved some success, but no where near what they knew the universe had in store for them.  They were frustrated and were struggling to find their big breakthrough.

When they embraced the one thing they didn’t want to tell anyone about and packaged it up properly, the whole thing took off.

This of course resonated well with me because I know there is more and I have always sat outside the square.  I’m still waiting for someone to tell me I was adopted, because I’ve been different from birth!

The thing I’ve come to realise over the years working with many clients is that we are all weird!  We all have little idiosyncrasies that make us who we are, but in our longing to fit in, we conceal the things that will make us fit.

One of my Reiki teachers had this gorgeous saying:

“we’re all made up of different herbs and spices,
and that’s why we’re all so delicious”

In our humanness we never put those weird and peculiar spices out on the spice rack of life.  Ironically those are the twists that make the dish so exotic and appealing.

I’ll use mine as an example so you can go ahead and figure out yours

I’ve always been a loner and a back end gal.  By that I mean I’ve never been front of house – always in the back office.  I worked my way up to financial controller of a big hotel.  You will always find the admin office in the most inaccessible part of the hotel so there is no hope of anyone from accounts interacting with guests!

I started my office career doing a hotel’s payroll.  You can’t get more back office than that!  Back office is never sexy but watch the chaos flow if 100 staff don’t get paid, or even if a kitchen hand, so low in the pecking order that the industry ungraciously call them “dish pigs”, watch what happens if they don’t get paid.

The back end is the back bone of any business and if its not right, things go to pieces very quickly.

Charlie Is My Darling, directed by Peter Whitehead and produced by the Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham, was the first documentary film about the Rolling Stones.

Back in the late 70’s I was a musician and again I was always in the back line.  Back line is generally bass, drums, horns and keyboards.

One of the greatest examples of a “back line” person is Charlie Watts, drummer with the Rolling Stones.  He was a classically trained and highly respected jazz drummer before he joined the band.  A weird combination but without his classical training, quiet demeanor and masterful back beat, that wild front line wouldn’t have held together all these years.   Back enders tend to be the introverts, but the extroverted front line can’t exist without them.

I watched with delight as Aerosmiths lead singer, Steven Tyler in an interview with Sixty Minutes was asked – do you have LSD?  He smiled and answered yes, definitely got “Lead Singers Disease”.

Front of house people have no trouble embracing their weirdness.  In the same interview he described how, on his last visit to rehab, someone had told him he needed to be more careful with his grandiosity.  His reply was “really ….. that made me who I am”.  It was clear he had no intention of changing.

Despite his challenges with drugs and alcohol, he wasn’t going to change because he knew at core level that grandiosity was his weirdness and it’s what bought him fame and fortune.  He was also flashing a very powerful lemurian crystal in his hand as he told this story.  He’s way more than he appears on the surface.

Through their weirdness, all these ageless rockers have a deep spiritual connection that has allowed them to change the world and touch the hearts of thousands.

It’s the front line that appears to change the world.  Front of house personalities are very different to those in back of house, but the front of house can’t function without the back end working exceptionally well.  We need both to create magic

I’ve come to realise back end people can be trained to exist in the spotlight, but front enders can never move to the back line.  I nearly died when while in some high end training with Brendon Burchard he told us he struggled with public speaking.  When you see him today careering all over the stage like a madman, its hard to join the dots.  But when I met him and he gave me a hug, I was taken by how gentle his energy was.

top_of_the_worldWith all this introspection, I’ve realised most of the reason why our industry struggles to find the success it deserves and desires is because its a bunch of introverted back end personalities in front line roles they’ve not been trained to succeed at.

Secondly, wellness practices tend to lack back end and struggle along without systems or procedure, which will always make a back ender unconsciously uncomfortable.

All through the training in the USA it was hammered home to us that the money from book sales and events is made on the back end.  In fact at the publishing event you could audibly hear a hushed chill run through the room when Brendon Burchard told 300 authors that his profit today would have been the same without his books, all of which have reached the New York Times Best Seller List.  What he was saying is, he never made any money from the books – he made it on the back end.  So if you have a book or are writing a book, you better get very okay with back end sales if you want to make any money from it.

You might ask what is the back end of a book?  No its not the inside back cover 🙂  The back end is when you sell someone a book and then sell that same person a related webinar, a telesminar, a course, and event, an online product, a membership program.

The wise authors write the backend first, then write the book so it all locks together.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great example, he created the game first, then wrote the book to sell the game.  Most write the book first, struggle to sell it, then end up with hundreds of books in their garage and no budget to develop the back end.

So once you have back end, then you need automation to push those products out the back end of the business without you doing anything.  And there is my second piece of weirdness – I’ve always been awesome at backend software.  I struggled to check a guest into the hotel software, but I excelled when I installed a fully integrated system right across every department, simply because I understood how it all fitted together at the back end.  I could program a complex music sequencer quicker than the time it would take the lead singer to open the box!

By embracing my back end weirdness, I’ve stepped into an area where I can really help people.  Just this week I sat watching in frustration as a very gifted client of mine struggling to get anywhere near close to documenting policy and procedures, yes a back end must have.  In sheer frustration, I said I’d write them for her.

Well guess what happened.  As I started to pull the information out of her head, I realised I’d heard these same problems before.  She was describing the frustration of not being able to teach others how to deliver the same soul based service and treatment she has naturally delivered for years.  She has done such a good job that now too many people want to work with her and she has to train someone else to step in and handle the load.

sad and deprressedDe-Ja-Vue! I’d already written a program that addressed that exact same problem back in 2005.

It had been written in times of my darkest despair, so I expected it would need a lot of work.

As I read it I realised it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever written and all that rolled off the pages was love.

Broke, suicidal and beyond rock bottom I obviously poured everything I had into that document in case it was my last.

This document from the darkness will be able to create for her not just a policy and procedure document but a Signature System that will change the world.

Just like the old rockers found out, our weirdness will sometimes land us at rock bottom, but rock bottom is the solid foundation of dreams.

How To Identify Your Weirdness

  • Go back to childhood and tap into how you approached play back then.  Me, I was happiest out the back playing in the shed with my dolls house …. alone!
  • In teenage years how did you make friends?  Did you hang out in packs or were you a solitary creature?  Me, I was playing in the back line of a rock n roll band.
  • Still today I’m happiest with minimal people around me.
  • In your 20’s and 30’s what were you working at?
  • Look for the common thread in everything you have done.
  • THEN – look to your darkest moments.  They generally occur when you have been pushed out of your magnificence.  The key is in how you pulled out of your darkest moments.
  • Go back to the archives and see if you have something that didn’t hit the spot back then, but might be ripe for success in this new energy.

My greatest gifts are helping people get their back end right and helping people identify the gifts in their rock bottom moments.  The best place to find that is at my speaking training Courageous Speaking.

When you find your Signature Story, you are on the way to finding your Signature System.

Once you have that – the world opens up to more potential and success than you could ever deem possible.

happy gal

Are you ready to become a Diamond Quadrant Star?

Is your head spinning trying to figure out where your business is going and how to get it to the next level?

Well, quite honestly the whole of 2011 was like that for me. Towards the end of that year I was SO close to giving it all up.

It felt like I was walking through molasses.

I had reached rock bottom again with no idea where to take it all. It was a different rock bottom to the early days, but I prayed something or someone would come in to help me, because I knew I couldn’t sustain that feeling for very much longer.

Then on the 3rd of January 2012, I opened an email from Brendon Burchard. I will remember the moment I opened it up and found a video of him dancing all over the stage with the audience going wild. Then it cut to a power shot of him standing in Times Square New York.

In that moment my heart spoke five simple words – “you must attend this event”.

I had no idea how much this moment was going to change the trajectory of my life, nor HOW I would do it because the price tag was $10,000 and the travel was an additional $5,000. I was trapped in a remortgaged house. Whatever I earned went straight back out. But I knew I had to do what it took to go to this event. Turns out it took selling everything I own and hitting the road.

In New York I got to clearly see that I had created most of the exact right things. I just had them in the wrong place. To date that’s been exactly the case for everyone who has created their own diamond. A mess of good stuff, but none of it feeling cohesive.

To be honest, before I went to New York, the drawing of my empire would have looked a lot like someone had emptied a ton of multi coloured leggo pieces on an acre wide sheet of white paper. There was stuff everywhere with no real connection to anything.

In reality it looked like a chucked up pizza but lacked the continuity of diced carrots!

Now I have one A4 sheet with four key diamonds and several “dangles” hanging off the diamonds. Within that simple structure I can see how every product, every domain name I’ve ever purchased (imagine a lot) and all my workshops and programs fit together.

Not only that, when I show it to team members they not only get where I am going, they can clearly see their role in helping me get there. It is SO freeing to have this level of clarity.

The hilarious or maybe sobering thing is that Abundant Private Practices is a dangle. Ten years to achieve a dangle not a diamond! But it will only take 12 months to change that dangle into a diamond, then its one more diamond per year for the next five years.

Each diamond when functioning well, will be worth a minimum of $100,000 each per annum. The magic is though, that they compound, like interest in the bank the longer they run.

I can’t put into words how good it feels to look at the diagram and know exactly where I am going and the sort of results I can expect.

If you would like to get your vision clear, your next steps paved out and the knowledge about what to do next to make the most impact, then I’d love you to join a special program I’m creating to set you on a course to becoming a Quadrant Diamond Star!

This program certainly is not for everyone. You will know if its right for you if any of the following resonates:

  • Your business is doing well, but you know there is more to come …. MUCH more
  • Getting clients is no longer the constant challenge it used to be, in fact you now probably can’t cope with the numbers of people you are currently attracting.
  • You have developed or are developing your own methodology of working, so you are no longer primarily teaching or using someone else’s modality. You will have figured out it would be silly to stop using the parts that work well for you and your clients, but more and more you are working on your own instincts or with your own methodology.
  • You no longer have a strong need to work one on one with people. You’d be happy to “teach what you do to a larger audience”, rather than “do what you do one on one”
  • You have some sort of book or eProduct either created or have a strong live event or workshop you have been developing that you have written from scratch (ie – its not other people’s licensed work)
  • You have been speaking to groups but want to hone your message even more and/or want to develop product that supports your message.
  • Currently you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed in your business, not sure how the hell you are going to get any spare time ever again and/or you know you need to get even more clarity around your branding and message. You have a distinct feeling of hamster on a wheel, and you have no idea how to get off.
  • You have at least one book in you and if its not written yet, you know you have enough knowledge in your head to pull one out if you have the right amounts of quiet time to write.
  • You most definitely want to make a difference for A LOT of people
  • You may well have desire for “world domination” (I mean that with love, not through control but through the world being able to access your message)
  • You want to make a truckload of cash to repay all that debt to family members and friends.
  • You want to be able to afford to travel and spread your message far and wide.
  • You want to get to the point where your message is supporting you, not you supporting the message. Or maybe you’ve got the whole money thing sorted and now want to start creating an angel fund or something along those benevolent lines
  • You are prepared to think radically differently about your business and your message
  • You are at a stage where you want to see a clear path forward so you can simply go out and create your empire over the next five years.
My friend Micki and I with Brendon Burchard at the VIP dinner at High Performance Academy.
My friend Micki and I with Brendon Burchard at the VIP dinner at High Performance Academy.

I know these feelings well because it was me this time last year.

It has taken me nine months to learn this stuff with Brendon Burchard. In 2012 I have attended two of his brand new $10,000 “wild, wild west” events and 2 of his flagship events. My mind is FULL to brimming with magnificent new and ground breaking knowledge.

After 170 hours of training over 15 days, I can now draw my entire empire on an A4 sheet of paper.

If you’ve ever tried to gain this level of clarity in your business, you will know how ecstatic I was to see it appearing on the page.

For the first time ever I have a five year plan.

I can’t tell you how much difference this has made to my productivity and my commitment to carry on. To be honest at the end of 2011 I was pretty much ready to give it all away. I’d worked so hard and taken so many body blows that I wondered if I could keep going at that rate. I knew I had created all this awesome work for a reason and set many souls onto the next step in their evolutionary path, but something was a bit NQR (not quite right!)

I ran Grace Ambrook through the program last week and this is what she had to say:

“Thank you so much for your generosity of wisdom, guidance and time. Like all of our sessions and conversations, highly valuable, inspirational and great fun! I have a bit to digest, and lots to learn. But that quadrant diamond chart is a WINNER big time.” Grace Ambrook

Gracie stepped into product generation on a grand scale a few years back, but like me struggled to see where it all fitted together. Since we created her A4 Empire, she can now see clearly where its all headed and what’s more, understands why spirit sent her the information the way it did.

I also ran another client through the process and she got the same result. Its like getting new glasses, the whole world looks brighter and easier to transverse.

I’m seeking more people on a mission, who work from a deep heart and have a connection with the higher part of themselves, and are striving for more.

My new program is called “People on a Mission”.

Its for people who have identified their mission in life and don’t want to waste energy and valuable difference making time taking the wrong steps in the wrong order, ie spending 10 years to get a dangle 🙂

The first part of the program allows you to lay out all the leggo pieces you have created to date and you can elect to stop there and work through it yourself. During the three session we begin the forensic process of going through each piece and seeing where it fits within your vision. To date, nothing has ever been discarded, simply repositioned.

Then we will take a look at what you are truly trying to achieve

Then we place your dream into a mold that will allow you to shape your dream the way you want it, but also allow crystal clear clarity for yourself and others in what you are all about and where you are heading.

These are very private and intimate sessions because of course I’ll need to know what is currently working and what isn’t. This level of honesty can only be one on one and because I’ve been there, I empathise and understand how painful the process of pulling your life’s work apart can be. But for your work to reach its fullest potential and for you to learn how to build an ascension business plan, there has to be a bit of initial pain.

This is a three session program done via Skype

Your first session will be clarifying what you’ve created to date and just how far you want to go with it. If its clear you don’t have enough to build an empire yet, (truly you don’t need a lot but you do need product) then you can transfer to one of my eProduct Expertise programs and dam well get some!

Second session you will receive the dream building theory, which includes the BAM (business ascension model) and the DAM (dangle angle mangle). Its a mangle because to date, everyone has only created a dangle, not an empire. Its like Luke Skywalker trying to find the mothership, with no GPS co-ordinates.

Third session we will start laying out the pieces in the Diamond Quadrant Star and providing you have been honest with where you are in your business, you will leave the session with a completed copy of your “Empire On An A4 Sheet”. I will draw it out for you in an excel spreadsheet and you will simply keep adding to it as time goes on.

I can only take people into this program who are working in their business full time and have products or workshops of their own material already commenced. It doesn’t have to be selling in great quantities, but the cold hard facts are that a practice that relies purely on one on one sessions or teaching other people’s programs won’t allow you to build an empire.

To be eligible for the program you need to have said a resounding YES to at least ten out of the 15 points above and you need to be financially stable enough to invest $995 for the three 90 minute sessions.

But to be fair, this is a new program so I’m going to offer a 50% discount to the first people to sign up – yep that’s a saving of $497.50

Because this is a trial and I won’t know exactly how each person will react to it, so if you need more time, we will stick with it until you get your A4 sheet. Can’t be fairer than that.

Sessions will be held in the morning up to 1PM Melbourne time, because I’m still in the USA. So if you are an early bird, you can do your session before you start to see clients.

Click here to register, then I’ll be in touch to book your sessions in.

The Wiz For Your Biz

The Wiz For Your Biz Program is for someone who is seriously committed to building their practice and has the levels of dedication and commitment to keep themselves motivated and responsible for taking the actions and keeping themselves accountable and on track throughout the month.

This program is ideal if you don’t have a lot of cash but do need the emotional support and marketing knowledge to be able to take the next steps in your business.

It is also ideal for returning clients who have implemented most everything from 
the first set of coaching and are now ready for the next step.

You would be a “right fit” for the new program if you have:

  • Been fully qualified for some time & been in business at least 2-3 years
  • Past the “hobby” stage and have your own web presence
  • Figured out how to get a reasonably steady trickle of clients but want a more reliable flow
  • Committed to build high levels of authenticity in all your endeavours
  • Interested in doing some talks to groups even if they are small
  • Built a network (big or small) of other people or businesses who support you
  • Located your practice or work space in a functional location with no plans to move in the next 6 months
  • Broken or are close to breaking the $30,000 annual revenue barrier
  • You may also be at the stage where you have other therapists working alongside you or have physical products that you sell.

The program is tailored to your needs but the sorts of things we will be looking at is:

  • Creating strong accountability for your business building actions
  • Building powerful boundaries so you don’t keep burning out physically and mentally
  • Effective time management
  • Charging appropriately
  • Building a success mindset
  • Getting your message crystal clear
  • Learning to tap the power within your database & why you need to focus on growing it
  • Advanced autoresponder strategies that follow up potential clients & leads automatically
  • Strengthening your keep in touch strategies
  • Getting you more confident and assured on the inside
  • Finding all the cash you are leaving on unseen tables
  • Highlighting the things you don’t even know you don’t know
  • Developing you as the “go-to” expert in your particular area of expertise
  • Learning to identify and value yourself and your gifts and talents more
  • Getting you to value what you already know and have built up
  • Blitzing negativity within your belief systems about self and your business
  • Clearing any remaining self sabotage and blocks you subconsciously have put in place
  • Its not a program that goes through bookkeeping or admin type things – you would be at a level where you’ve at least figured out what you “should” be doing in those areas yourself.

Remembering of course that you only have one session per month so we will only be able to tackle a couple of things from this list – its just to give you an idea of the type of things you could work on.

This program will be right for you if you have a “can do – never give up” type of personality and have strong personal reasons why you want to succeed, both financially and personally.

  • You will have consistently shown an ability to take action (even if they weren’t exactly the right ones) but you have completed things and have a personality type that would rather have a go and take the wrong action and learn from it than wait until all the ducks are in a row before acting on anything.
  • You are in reasonable/good health and able to commit to spending a few extra hours a week focusing on the growth of your business.
  • You also understand you may be asked to step outside your comfort zone because that’s where the growth is.
  • You also know deep in your heart that your work is your purpose in life and you will have already “taken the red pill” spiritually and can’t turn back anyway.

Our phone coaching calls will be once per month for 75 minutes per call.

Email Now if you are interested and I can tell you more about the program.

So if you feel you would like to come in from the cold lonely world of trying to build your practice alone and would like to join a strong, powerful and committed group of warm big-hearted, like minded natural therapists …… then this is for you.

This will be a mutually reciprocal group and you need to be able to attend sessions during business hours (Australian Time) and commit to give as much energy to the group as you intent to take out.

You will know its right if its resonating for you at a deep level.

I will be interviewing anyone who is interested in doing the program in the next week to figure out if you are the right fit.

If you are interested in the program simply email me and we can set up a time to have a chat about your suitability for the program.

You can also find out more here

Building a Business vs Building a Practice

There is a distinct different between a practice and a business.

A practice sees you treating and charging by the hour and requires you to be in it all the time.  Whereas a business (technically) is something that can grow without you being there.

Basically most therapists follow a flawed practice building model right from the start and end up on a hamster wheel that totally exhausts them.

They get qualified and then set about creating a one on one private practice but unless they have set themselves up early to build an abundant private practice – eventually the ability to grow themselves and their revenue will plateau.

The flawed model goes something like this:

  • Study your butt off
  • Graduate
  • Network your butt off
  • Convince as many people as you can to come and have a treatment with you
  • Charge what everyone else does
  • Work one on one with as many people as you can
  • Don’t limit who can see you
  • Charge by the hour for as many as hours as you can till you drop

Sound familiar?

Don’t be alarmed, its how most therapists start out and it is the exact model many of the clients have followed who show up for mentoring with me to figure out what to do when they end up with too many clients.

So on some level the model works.  But the model has limitations.

The main reason the model starts to falter a few years down the track is because there is no encouragement to speak or specialise in the early development of a practice.  Encouraging speaking to small groups very early in your existence as a therapist is the one big difference in what my Practice Building Success Systems offers and its no co-incidence that the people who move easily to bigger groups have all done Courageous Speaking, my intensive speaking weekend.

The traditional practice building model is however very safe because you don’t have to get too far out of your comfort zone.  Its why therapists love it so much in the early days because it allows you to hide.  You simply have to master networking and the customers keep flowing in.

The Abundant Private Practice model goes something like this:

  • Study your butt off
  • Graduate
  • Network your butt off
  • Convince a targeted group of people to come and have a treatment with you
  • Focus on growing a targeted database
  • Speak to small groups in your target market and build up to larger groups
  • Regularly communicate and build relationships with the people you treat and meet along the way
  • Work one on one with a select group of people
  • Charge what you are worth not what everyone else is charging
  • Develop group programs early on in your practice (even if only 1 person turns up)
  • Limit who can see you one on one by having that service priced at a premium
  • Create packages people buy that offer a mix of your solutions so they commit to their healing and contribute to your cash flow

I know this model has some scary aspects, and yes it limits the number of people who can see you just once.  But to become known as an expert, you must create boundaries and limits on how people work with you or you become like everyone else.  Having total strangers wander in and out of your practice each day will not build a sustainable nor abundant practice long term.

Yes, in the early days you need to see a lot of “turn and churn” clients, but as soon as you start to be able to pay the bills, you need to start creating a new mindset so you can work with greater numbers of people in the future.

The more you work with people …. the more you want to work with more people.

In a nutshell, every practitioner who wants to build a six figure practice starts to crave to get their message to a lot more people.

That’s when the dilemma begins, because you then have to learn to speak in public, you have to start to develop product and you have to start making sense of all the crazy messages and ideas that are bouncing around in your head.

A one on one model can’t make anymore money once your practice hits capacity.  

The bigger dilemma to be overcome with the one on one model is that once you hit capacity and just cannot treat another single person in a week due to your humanness, then you simply can’t generate any more money.

There are three very real reasons for this:

  • You are too emotionally drained to create new revenue streams
  • You are seeing so many clients you no longer have time to scratch yourself
  • You are too buggered to chase any new opportunities anyway

Worst of all you simply don’t have any more hours left in the day that you can charge for and eventually you hit a revenue plateau.

Running a full practice brings many challenges

The burn out rate is often discussed in hushed tones and the busy people are loath to discuss the issue because of those that say we “should” be able to maintain our energy levels naturally, eat well and look after ourselves so we are at optimum at all times.

With the best will in the world, this isn’t always possible for a therapist whose only lunch break is often a few stolen moments between clients to digest the tail she has been chasing all day!

To change something – something has to change

All the clients in the “too many” category have all figured out the same thing.  They have hit a revenue plateau that they can’t get over if they just keep seeing clients one one one.  They also understand they must get a coach to help them out of their bunker.

This is the part where I come in and firstly help them sort out the chaos they have created.

Many are booked 6-8 weeks solidly plus have clients constantly calling on their mobiles to try and book in NOW.  Because most therapists are chronic people pleasers, they start to cram “emergency” cases into spaces that don’t really exist – better know to most as “weekends”.  That becomes really stressful!

The reward however is that once all the pre-bookings are served and calm is restored to the diary, then we can start moving into the really cool stuff – honouring the knowledge and wisdom that has been building up in the time they have been working with clients.

Already a pattern is starting to appear in the people turning up with too many clients

They have

  • Gifts to bring to the world that they’ve known about for quite some time
  • A natural drive to heal many and they can’t stop themselves pursuing it
  • Impatience flowing out of every pore and one person at a time is too slow
  • Walked their talk at a level most can’t even conceive and implement their daily spiritual and coping practices at a depth that most can only dream of doing
  • Networked and marketed their business hard in the early days and now have a great following of people, but are a little unsure how to serve them going forwards
  • Never let anything stop them
  • Frequently given away too much of their time and are rarely ever charging appropriately
  • Under valued the dollar value of the knowledge and wisdom they have built up over the years.

So having fought all their fears, these gung ho therapists now not only have a diary full of clients, and they have a head full of awesome knowledge …….. but they have no idea what to do with it.

Converting their knowledge to products and working in groups is their next evolutionary step.  Bet you never got taught that at therapy school!  That’s where I can help.

Working with Clients Gives Back in SO Many Ways

The biggest thing I’ve realised in my journey is that building a business is the best and greatest personal development you will EVER do.

As you work with many more clients, something happens within YOU, that grows and heals you as much as your clients grow and heal. I never dreamed this would be the outcome.  But quite honestly – if you are serious about personal growth – get serious about building your business.  You will be amazed what happens particularly if you start considering other models before things get out of hand.

I love that I can pull all my skills together to help them make sense of it all.  You have already seen two stars Kerry Belviso and Grace Ambrook launch their products and there are a few more waiting in the wings to dazzle you.

Best give me a hoy if you are just starting to grow that client list and want to get it right the first time or if you already have too many clients and need to get off the one on one hamster wheel.

Creative Commons Image Attribution:  Hamster by graffiti.freiburg

Search Engine Ranking Isn’t Rocket Science

Have you ever googled yourself and felt the heart ache when your site didn’t even rank after your site being live for months?

You might be like me when I first put my website up – no where on my site did it say my name.

I only got the #1 ranking for when I actually included the text Margaret Gill on the home page

Know how i figured it out?

Someone wrote me a testimonial that started with “I’ve been working with Margaret Gill now for” ….. bingo, up I came at #1 a few weeks later – serious duh factor!

Search engine ranking isn’t rocket science but it can be frustrating!