Burst Through Blueprint – What You Need When Your Idea is Ready to Fly

If you are an information expert like a speaker, author, coach, consultant and are on a mission to serve the world, its sometimes hard to pull everything you need to create together.

Often you’ve been given all the information from other experts, but you lack clarity and are often overwhelmed by all the different opinions out there and you’ve got no one to ask and no idea how to put you message into action.

There is so much technology you need to learn that you just want to throw the lot out the window………… but you’ve got this message that just won’t lay down and die.

I understand because that’s my story too.

The experts industry is alluring.  You go to the seminars and soak up the great information, but sometimes you just need someone sitting beside you stepping you through what to do next.

No worries – I’m Margaret Gill, and I’m “the nerd with a word” and I can come and help you.

I fully understand because I’ve been there myself.  In the early days of my start-up everyone said “outsource everything”, but my financial reality at the time meant I struggled to put food on the table.  So I had to learn everything from the ground up and do it all myself because I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do it for me.

Like most of our challenges, having to learn everything has turned out to be an amazing gift!

It took over seven years for me to get the whole picture, but now I’ve distilled the essentials into a blueprint of products and services that can help you get started.

I didn’t understand just what a gift it was until I attended a lot of high end training in the USA to understand where all the products I’d created fitted together.  What surprised me as I got into break out groups was the amount of people who had no idea how to start.

They kept saying, I just want someone to implement all this for me.  In the next breath they lamented that they weren’t as yet at the stage to be able to pay someone to implement it.

I saw a gaping gap in the market that I could help fill.  I can show you everything you need to get you started.  You just have to do the leg work.

Several of my clients have been through the process with me and have come out the other side raving about the process, but what’s most important is that their products are complete and good to go to market.

How many programs can boast that sort of clarity?

Yes, when the money starts to flow you can outsource everything, and have experts do everything for you.  We all live for that day!  But in the early days, that’s not always possible.  A colleague recently shared that all her profits were going to her virtual assistant!

It’s a vicious circle but the biggest reality I hadn’t considered is that if you don’t understand what you are outsourcing, and if you can’t do pretty much everything in your business ……….. if the chips go down and a staff member lets you down, then you are in a serious bind if you can’t step in and fix it yourself.

The reality these days is that you need to produce a lot of content.  

First you have to develop your message, then you have to develop videos, audios, workshops, DVD’s, eBooks, Seminars, Talks, Keynotes, Webcasts, Hangouts ….. even the list is overwhelming, let alone getting it done.

Imagine what you’d have to pay someone to do all that for you?

I see people in battle with their web designers all the time – struggling to get the most basic things done because the designer has the upper hand.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you are on the verge of breaking through but just need someone to sit beside you and answer your questions, then I may have the perfect solution for you.

You can either purchase one of my courses on a particular topic

Or I can come to you and we can sit together and get your project rolling.

I’m not going to write your stuff for you and I’m not going to sit for hours watching you record your material, but I will point you in the right direction and save you many hours of doing the wrong thing.

Here’s Some of The Products I Current Use:

  • Infusionsoft
  • WordPress
  • Optimize Press
  • Instant Teleseminar
  • Screenflow

Some Products I Used To Use But Moved Up to Bigger Systems

  • 1Shoppingcart
  • Mail Chimp

The things I’ve needed to learn to create are:

  • Developing Websites that Rank Organically
  • Audio Products
  • Video Products
  • eBooks

The hardest thing you’ll ever find is someone to tell you the truth about what you’re creating.  I see no value in you going out to the world looking and/or sounding bad.  So I’ll also critique your stuff for you.

So here is how it works.

We will speak via phone.

If you are at an advanced stage where you have done a lot of prior learning on the topic, then I’ll come straight to you and we will get your first product complete.

If you are still in the learning process, we can discuss which of my courses will help you so you can get skilled up and be good to start out on your learning curve.

In most instances, I’ll come to you.

Your first Skype session is on me – so why not make a time to call right now!

Jump in and Email me now