Blessing Food and Making It Even More Sacred

I had my Reiki Masters in residence this past week and I taught them how I bless my smoothies and juices, but you can use it for any or every meal.

There are many advantages to blessing food – it makes it taste better, but it also gives your body and cells permission to do good things with the food.  In this new energy everything vibrates the way we want it to, we just got to remember to ask!

I learned this process from Lee Carroll who channels Kryon.  I was sitting at Lee’s table at dinner during the Colorado training I attended and I noticed him actually holding his hands over his food and asked him about the process. He said with all the travelling he has done over the years, and he mentioned he’s been giving some pretty out there food choices in some of the more exotic countries, if he blesses his food, he never has tummy upsets.  So now he just blesses everything that gets put in front of him.

So I took this to heart and developed my own little blessing that I use when I remember to do it, but for whatever reason I always remember to bless my freshly squeezed juices.

This is what I say:

“I bless this juice and ask it come up to a vibration that will be best suited to cleanse, clear, tone, feed and nourish my mind, body and soul to optimum health and happiness at all times”

What do you do to bless your food or raise its vibration?  Add a comment below

Breakfast At The Gumboot Cafe
Doesn’t Get Much More Blessed Than A Breakfast at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek BC Canada!
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