Author: Margaret Gill

The Three Commitments to Business Success

Focus – Action – Finish

This newsletter is taken from one I wrote in January 2009.  There have been three separate trips to the USA and each trip bought deep spiritual and physical growth for me.

When I meet people in person they always tell me they love how much my stories have inspired them so I’ll share the ups and downs of the trips throughout the series.  It seems unfair that you miss out on some of these adventures simply because you weren’t there in real time.  I also share them so you can see some of what I’ve been through and I trust it helps you to see that business success doesn’t come from sitting on your duff.  It happens when you step up and make it happen.

This story was written as I was sitting at Los Angeles airport chewing my way through the snacks in the Red Carpet Lounge.  There was an eight hour layover as I patiently awaited my flight back to Melbourne later that night. YAY – 15 hours in a plane!

The adventure started with a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat on an island off Seattle on the 19th of December 2007.  It was a kids summer camp in the winter and it rained A LOT!  Yes, I can confirm that I can stay silent for 10 whole days – a miracle for those of you who know me well.

That would be enough challenge for a normal person but oh no I went onto a second challenge during the first few days of 2008.  I completed an extreme experience outside Durango in the Colorado Rockies.  Each day we had no idea where we were going or what we were doing.  Each day we only knew our pick up point, what to wear & what food we needed.

It was a radical experience designed to make us understand exactly who we really were.  The majesty of those mountains sorts you out in a few short days.  One day thirteen of us hiked from 7,000 feet UP to 8,000 feet in a serious snow storm and that was one of the easier days emotionally!

Each day the experiences were different and designed to challenge us on four levels:

  1. Physical
  2. Spiritual
  3. Financial
  4. Relational

I won hands down on spiritual but the other three quite honestly challenged me because there were some serious players on the tour.

The thing you need to know about me is that I’m not an “outdoorsie” type.  My baseline is “is there a flushing toilet?”  No flushing toilet and I’m not there.  Well I got to the top of that bloody mountain and guess what – yep, not only no flushing toilet but it was this stinking horrible tin can in the ground, I can’t even describe what was on the floor and I had about 15 layers of ski gear on.  I was not happy, but somewhere in that level of discomfort, something inside you shifts at a cellular level and breaks you through to another layer of business success.

On this trip I was definitely the under dog when it came to business success.

Most of the participants were millionaires in their own right.  I’ve been told a hundred times over to hang out with people more successful than me and to push myself past my known boundaries and let me tell you it works, but it did make me VERY uncomfortable at times!

At one point crossing to get to a sacred site they made us walk over an icy track the size of a footpath with an 8,000 foot drop either side, and nothing to grab if you slipped.  It is one of the most dangerous situations I’ve ever been in and I’ve never been that close to having my actions, or lack of them, result in death.  This exercise was designed to teach us that in business there is little room for error, or lack of focus.

I can honestly tell you there was NOTHING else on my mind as I intently focused and put one tentative foot in front of the other.

It made me realise that one of the things most people building a small heart centred business lack (and I include myself here) is FOCUS.

Think about it, how many times have you focused on your business like your life truly depended on it?

We are great at the things we like to do, such as learning and studying our craft, and we are gazillionaires at sitting around talking about our respective modalities but when it comes to things like money or promoting our services we are paupers.  We become all flaky and full of excuses why we can’t have the success and we avoid the correct actions necessary to achieve the success we deserve and desire.

I’ve heard every justification under the sun from therapists excusing their lack of action.  I’ve made those same excuses myself in the past but you know what – we don’t help people while we are making excuses.  Excuses keep us out of our practice and in denial of the gifts and talents we spent all those long years learning.  In fact we thumb our noses at the higher sources that granted us those gifts so we could help others on the planet who are in pain or suffering or are stressed out to the max.

I met four amazing Native American Indians on this trip, one them is described as the last of the “old ones”.  I swear when I looked into this man’s eyes his energy would have knocked me back into the chair had he not been holding onto my hand.  To be in the presence of a healer of his magnitude brings tears to my eyes just thinking about him.  It was truly an honour to be in the presence of such greatness but his strength was held with the grace of an angel.

The thing that amazed me the most was that as soon as we met these amazing medicine men, they just started to talk and they talked and they talked about their craft, about their people about their wonderful medicine techniques, about their family, their children, about the people they have helped. They tell riveting stories of their ancestors and of the rituals they go through every year to thank Mother Earth and Father Sky who nourish and protect them.

The wisdom of these people oozes out of every cell in their body and they are fiercely proud of what they know.  They cherish the amount of time they have taken to learn this knowledge, in all instances that wisdom has been acquired over many lifetimes.  They are constantly learning and improving but what struck me most is that they are not shy or reserved in any way about telling a captive audience how much they know or how good they are at what they do.  They certainly aren’t full of themselves, or they certainly aren’t skiting or hard selling anything.  In fact their humility is overwhelming.

They are merely telling stories and sharing their knowledge and they do it with pride & perfect commitment to the people they heal.

So why then do we shy away from sharing what we do with people.  Why are we programmed to not shine our light when the people who invented this stuff are not shy or backwards in telling people who want to know about what they do?  Why do we continue to hide from our greatness?

To be able to share your message with others like these wonderful medicine men is really important.  To share your greatness is a gift and the ability to share can be learned.

They aren’t pushy and salesy

They simply weave their greatness into stories so compelling you can’t but help want to listen.  This is a massive clue for you as you go out to promote yourself and your business.  Stories will keep people involved way more than sales.  After all you’re still here reading this story!

Greatness means different things to different people.  It doesn’t matter  if you want to help 10 or 10,000 people every year.  What matters is that you achieve your targets and actually help as many people as you are meant to.  The only way you can do that is if you can adequately describe what you can do for people.

As I sit here understanding that my business is now truly international particularly as I’m writing to you from LAX – it makes me understand how far I have come and what I had to go through to get the courage to speak out.  As I realise I have been able to do it, that makes me even more committed this year to help you do much better in your practices.

As those who have encountered me know I am pretty darn serious about what I do but on this trip I realised I had been playing a small game.   Colorado transformed me from a person who was really only trudging around a hill to someone who could literally soar up a massive new mountain.

A few months earlier, I nearly missed out on being part of this trip because I went into FEAR.  The trip cost an arm and a leg and a couple of torsos too but I knew I needed help and after years of procrastination & listening to sensible advice from myself and others not to go, I finally got the guts to just get on the plane. I am so pleased I found the courage and strength to eventually join the tour because words cannot adequately describe the beauty and the sacred energy of the mountains and people that constantly surrounded me.

You can get these experiences at home too – all you need to do is to get really committed.

The magic and adventure will occur when you commit.

There is no excuse for not being all the best you can be this year, all you have to do is step up and get focused on helping as many people as you can.  Because that is the bottom line here, the more you overcome your fears, the more people you will help…….. and isn’t that why you trained to be a natural therapist?

I nearly didn’t go on that walk up the mountain that day because I believed my lack of “outdoorsiness” would see me cross the line last AGAIN!  At school the teacher used to shout in front of the class as I ALWAYS ran across the finish line – “AND HERE COME BEATLE-BOMB”.

Something within me chose to take a risk and go.  I finished fourth!  Not because I was fast, but because I just kept going.  When everyone else stopped for a break I just kept going.  My body hurt so much that I knew if I stopped I wouldn’t get back up again and would have to be carried off the mountain.  So I just kept going.

My new mantra after that climb up the mountainside is ***FOCUS, ACTION, FINISH***

The one thing I learnt trudging up that mountain in minus three degrees, as snow piles formed on my head and shoulders, was that success comes with focus.

I believe we all have a finisher within.  We can chose to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else run over the finish line without us.  We can keep our dreams small, we can continue telling ourselves we are not good enough, don’t have enough experience, and who would want to listen to us anyway.  We can keep saying those things, or you can chose to believe positive things about your abilities.

No matter what unkind things people have said to you in past, you don’t have to be that person now.  The past doesn’t equal the future.  Maybe I’ll never run a minute mile, but I know if I just put one foot in front of the other, I can beat anything that’s put in front of me.

I Was The Only One Who Heard The Mountain Sing

That day as I trudged up the mountain on my own, the mountain started to sing to.  It was the most amazing sound I’ve ever heard.

When we got to the top I excitedly asked the others if they’d heard it.  They looked at me weird and kept on talking.  I just smiled because deep within I knew they hadn’t heard because they were too busy crapping on about nothing all the way up the mountain.

The mountain man who led us on the journey up the mountain took me aside later in the day and told me that I’d heard the voices of his ancestors.  He said they don’t speak to many.

I felt very happy I’d spilt from the crowd and given myself the opportunity to experience something very special AND for the first time ever to be the unlikely finisher.

Are you an unlikely finisher?

I’d like to bet you are.  All you need to do is to believe in yourself and just keep going.

If you focus on what you want to achieve, take the correct action, get the correct resources and then don’t stop until you finish, you will succeed.

The only way to keep getting better is to push yourself past your limits and to learn from others who have walked the path before you.  Just like that famous slogan says “Just Do It” and then FOCUS – ACTION – FINISH!

How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking & Networking All in One Night

Why would any sane individual choose to overcome their fear of public speaking in front of an audience of their peers?

I can’t think of a single good reason why anyone would do that but it’s how I decided once and for all to shake my fear of public speaking and “get over myself and get on with it”.

Failing to Plan Isn’t ALWAYS Planning to Fail

I’d love to tell you my first foray onto the stage was a well documented, highly planned strategic decision taken after hours of research and reflection.  But no, it wasn’t like that at all.

It seems like light years ago now.  I was a newly trained and very nervous coach and like anyone entering a new industry for the first time I’d joined my professional body, The International Coach Federation (ICF), to meet others in my situation and to gain confidence and creditability.

I was at an ICF meeting one evening feeling pretty darn good about having overcome the fear to actually attend a meeting.  They were having a membership drive and the President called for volunteers to speak about their ICF experience at a public meeting.  I heard my brain say “Hell no, that’s not for me”.

Watch for Flying Body Parts

Then as I noticed my hand fly into the air, the rest of my body froze.

How dare this traitor raise itself without proper consultation!

Hadn’t we discussed my wretched fear of public speaking many times?

Did this hand not understand that we had spent months creating a series of particularly cunning and plausible excuses NOT TO APPEAR in public?  We had blitzed the “appearing at meetings” thing and now without warning we were considering SPEAKING ….. in PUBLIC!

FEAR Was Cursing Through My Veins!

I was an experienced avoider.  Could the hand not remember the couple of goes I’d had at turning up to events, actions designed to help me overcome my fear of being in public spaces with strangers.  How many times did I just keep driving past the venue when the five empty parking spaces right out the front had been deemed “too far away”?  I’m even ashamed to admit that I sat on a tram and cruised past the venue glancing at my watch and realising I was a few minutes late for an ICF event, therefore unable to attend because I would “disrupt the meeting”.  I got off at the next stop, crossed the tracks and went back home on the next available tram.

The funny thing was when I did actually attend my first ICF meeting several people arrived late and no one blinked an eye.  So much for the late theory! What’s more I was made welcome and people actually talked to me (yet another lie dispelled from my plethora of irrational fears conquered in the dark archives of the groundless and illogical doubts residing between my ears).

Now having overcome the fear of turning up, I was now sitting with my hand up in the air volunteering to speak as a novice member. WHAT WAS I THINKING????

I’d rather fall face first into a plate of cold vomit than speak in public.

Volunteer Now and Think Later

Not only was I volunteering to speak in public, I was volunteering to speak in front of my peers.  Hooley Dooley, I’d done it this time!  They were sure to throw tomatoes, I would surely be asked to resign my membership and I would be ostracised from the coaching community forever and would fry in hell if I ever tried to enter again.

Then I heard the Presidents dreaded words “thank you Margaret, we’d love to have you speak”.


I can tell you there was a LOT of hand wringing in the next few weeks.  Then I realised the only way to deal with the situation was to ignore it and continue to hope that the world would end before I had to do the talk.

Then it came the day before the talk and I realised Armageddon hadn’t happened and I would need to write my speech.  So I sat down and started to map out how the ICF had helped me as a fledgling coach.  Actually once the pen hit the paper I found it was painless and the words flowed easily because I was only writing about what I had experienced.  That wasn’t so hard.

Then it came time to practice my talk.  As I started to speak I stumbled over the words the first few times but I found the more I practiced the easier it became.

There seemed to be a pattern emerging here.  The more action I took the easier things became…hmmmmm.

I was beginning to understand that most of the fear around this event was probably residing in my head.  But I continued to practice and finally it came time to speak.  I had taken a friend along as moral support and I had my best clothes on and I figured at least I’d go down looking good!

Despite my knees knocking, my palms sweating, my heart thumping and every cell in my body ready to run for the door, I got through my talk.  I just read out what I’d written because I didn’t know any better.  I stumbled on a couple of words and no one seemed to care and at the end everyone complimented me on my heart felt words.

I got out without one single tomato stain on my silk jacket, my membership was still in tact and what’s more, every single person in that room knew who I was and what I was about.  Not only had I cleared my fear of public speaking, I’d also figured out how to successfully network all in one night.

I continue to speak in public.  I never go to networking events (unless I choose to) because I know that the most power is in the front of the room.

My confidence has grown so much now that I deliver keynotes at the start of conferences, I speak to a lot of associations, I’ve had some training from some of the best in the industry and I often find myself volunteering to speak in all sorts of situations.  The weirdest discovery is that I LOVE TO SPEAK and my ability to speak has brought me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

But even now, there are rules that must never be broken.  Stick with these and you will never go wrong:

1. Speak on topics you are passionate about and know a lot about

2. Know your target market and never speak outside it

3. Write your talk at least one week out from the event

4. Practice and tweak, practice and tweak

5. Make your start and finish impactful & learn them off by heart

6. Have notes with bullet points on the podium to remind you what goes in the middle (in case you forget)

7. Keep it succinct and don’t try to tell them everything you know all at once

8. Embrace the fear and use it to your advantage – the adrenalin is helping to pump you up for the talk

9. Get over yourself and make it about the audience

10. Be yourself; be real and be authentic – it works a treat!

I have realised my message is now more important than me so I just continue to get over myself and get on with it.  I trust this nutty little (true) story will help you overcome your fears too.

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Do You Have A Choose Day?

The Beatles made a lot of money from a song called “Eight Days a Week” but to make a lot of money in your small business doesn’t mean you have to work Eight Days a Week.

Work life balance and starting a small business are not often seen on the same page.  Somewhere in the “silent code book for small business – author unknown” there is a rule that says you have to work your butt off to be successful.

Most certainly you do need to put in a lot of time and effort in the early days ……. BUT if you work yourself into a burnout frenzy, you are NOT going to be able to work effectively IN your business, let alone ON your business.

One of my fabulous coaches and mentors taught me that you MUST have regular time off to rest and recuperate.

If you aren’t 100% filled up, you can’t give 100% to others.

In the early days of setting up your business you need to be out and about seeing and speaking with a lot of people.  It can be exhausting.

If your business is well established, it can be exhausting just giving as much as you do to your clients, so balancing that with adequate rest and down time is vital to your success.

BUT there IS a lot of work in getting any small business working well and sometimes you do have to burn a bit of midnight oil to get all the things done that you’ve got to do.  Plus most of us have a home office, known fondly by many as “international headquarters” and the temptation to overwork is generally just a few steps down the hall.

So I’ve come up with a strategy that works for me.


That means no matter what is going on I MUST NOT go into my office, nor turn my computer on, nor answer the office phone, nor do filing or paperwork – nothing!  One day a week has to be completely for me.  That rule never gets broken!

I found if I had two non negotiable days off and there was a back log starting to build in my office, all that would happen is that I’d end up stressing about it.

To overcome the stress, I created the concept of “CHOOSE DAY”

I create a CHOOSE DAY in my diary one day every week.  So I cross the day off and write in CHOOSE DAY. It can be any day of the week, it doesn’t have to be a set day each week but it does have to be in your diary every week – months in advance.

So when CHOOSE DAY rolls around I can look at that day and think – is there anything so pressing it can’t wait until tomorrow?

Sometimes there are pressing things that MUST be done so I choose to work part of the day.  Sometimes I use CHOOSE DAY as my creative writing day, which I love and it fills me up. Other times I know there is nothing pressing so I have CHOOSE DAY off to dig my garden without guilt, or go shopping or just rest and read a book.

What is important is that I get to CHOOSE.

The golden rule is that you NEVER book anything else on a CHOOSE DAY so that when it rolls around you have a true choice in how you spend that day.

I find by having a CHOOSE DAY I end up with eight days in a week because I tend to jam everything into the other days of the week so CHOOSE DAY remains free.  I find it stops me procrastinating on the other days and I just get on with whatever needs doing so my CHOOSE Day remains a “me” day.

The video below is how I spent my Choose Day this week – it just happened to be a Tuesday and everything you see in the video is about three minutes walk from each other – guess it’s going to be my Choose Day location for a while anyway!

How I Spent One Of My Choose Days in Ocean Shores NSW Australia

The Call of Muscle Shoals

It was the flight back from my mother’s funeral and I was beyond exhaustion.

Every ounce of energy had left my body.  I was fully depleted but ever so grateful the plane was only half full, resulting in the middle seat not being assigned. I really couldn’t have coped with someone shoved up against me for nearly three hours.

The journey wouldn’t have even started if my friend hadn’t volunteered to cancel his clients and accompany me to Mum’s funeral, a gift I will never forget.  I had been so depleted of energy that I knew I would have a complete breakdown getting through an international airport alone.  So my friend said he would take me.

It had been a whirlwind three days and we could have either talked about it or talked about nothing at all.  The latter seemed the most appropriate.  

My friend had now wandered off to find the loo and I had grown tired of looking through the oval aeroplane window to the clouds below.

As New Zealand turned to a speck on the horizon, the only other thing I was capable of doing to fill the flight time until touching down in Melbourne Australia was to randomly surf the inflight movie channel.

I really didn’t have the brain power nor want to actually watch anything, but the peace gained between the earbuds on a long haul flight can be the greatest gift.

As I cruised through the usual trite sitcoms and mindless movies, my curiosity was aroused when I saw an image of a sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar alongside the words Muscle Shoals.  The trailer showed a cameo of Keith Richards speaking about the magic the Rolling Stones experienced at Muscle Shoals.

One click immediately transported me to a place of safety, music and dreams.  I was totally immersed within seconds!

I didn’t even notice my friend return from the loo.  I think he would have been relieved to find me totally enthralled by the story of this tiny recording studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama.

Like many, I had always assumed the R&B hits of the 60’s had come from big city studios.  It was a real shock to realise so many of the songs I absolutely adored and had shaped my life had come out of a tiny studio in a country backwater in one of American’s most segregated southern states.  To learn this was the place where Aretha Franklin sat at the piano and recorded “I’ve Never Loved a Man”, the song she describes as the turning point in her career was amazing for me.

Every part of the documentary spoke to me in ways that I really needed to hear.

At 3 am earlier that day as I had sat exhausted, yet wide awake safely wrapped in Dad’s big chair, the idea for a book had suddenly downloaded into my brain.  It arrived like a small pin prick, a tiny dot of ink that spread to reveal the whole book.  I knew I had no chance of recording what was coming into my thoughts, or even for now remembering what came flooding in.  But I also knew the information would come back out when the time was right.

As the Muscle Shoals movie finished with Alicia Keys performing a Bob Dylan song  with the original members of “The Swampers”, a name given to the Muscle Shoals house band by Leon Russell’s producer.  The name was rocked in stone by the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit Sweet Home Alabama.  As I watched Alicia sit at the big black grand piano in the Fame Studio accompanied by some of the original members of the Swampers and the gospel choir from the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church in Leighton performing a Bob Dylan song called “I’m Pressing On”, I absolutely knew, despite some pretty dark thoughts that had been running through my head in the past few months, I absolutely knew a higher power was telling me to just “keep pressing on”.

During that song a voice within me said to go and write my book in Muscle Shoals because the river needed to talk me while I wrote it.

When I got home I just got sicker and sicker and truly struggled on every level.  I knew I’d not be able to fly back to the USA until I got well.

Three years later and a lot of struggle to find the answers to what’s been wrong me ….. there is now some glimmer of hope on the horizon that I’ll be able to return and see what the river has to say.

In the meantime I’ve watched that Muscle Shoals movie again many, many times and have had so many insights into why this little studio created some of the best music on the planet.

Cosmic forces were colliding and the time was right to shape a generation with the particular style of music that was to come out of that small town with the river that speaks.

As my health slowly returns the urge to at least visit Muscle Shoals has never gone away.

Sometimes you just got to follow the messages and see what’s there.

The Importance of Higher Ambition

A business based in love will always have a desire to raise its ambition. 

Just last week I recorded a mini video of a very important principle from my Attraction Program called “Perfect Your Environment”.  It reminded me to constantly be in a state of raising the levels of the environments that surround us.

7 Environments of Self

There are at least 7 Environments of Self

1.  Physical Body/Spirit/Gifts/Talents

2.  Relationships

3.  Mimetic – Knowledge, concepts, ideas

4.  Networks – R&D team, clients, friends, interests

5.  Nature – Outdoors, seasons in life

6.  Intangible – thoughts feelings values

7.  Physical Space – home, office, possessions

A business has the same seven environments

Like a body we need to keep feeding and nurturing each area to keep it in tip top shape.

From my experience of working with a lot of small business owners, I see area 3, the mimetics or mindset as the one that gets over looked the most.

The mindset of a business is what allows it to expand.  But so often our mindsets are closed off and we continue to churn out the same old ways of doing things and our business becomes stagnant.

Frustration is the feeling that you get when your mindset isn’t stretching far enough.

When I started to hang out with coaches who charged and got high fees I realised my mindset had been constrained by a set of “mind rules” or “memetics” given to me by people who had awesome intent in their work but had never got past charging more than $60 an hour for their services.  Not only that, they guilted me out every time I mentioned charging more than they did.  I don’t hang with those people any more.

You know you are hanging with people of higher ambition because they cheer you on.  People with constrained mindsets make you feel guilty for wanting more.

The result of constrained mindset is very talented therapists over on facebook bemoaning the fact that clients no-show and they are left out of pocket.

Firstly it’s very unattractive to be bagging what should be your treasured clients in such a public space and secondly all they are doing is publicly bagging themselves.

Bad no-show policies are the fault of the therapist, not the client.

If you haven’t got full payment from a client 24 hours before their appointed time, then that’s your fault.

Then I see practitioners prisoners to their mobile phones just in case someone is going to call to book in.

These are all environments that can be fixed easily – over night in fact if you have the courage to implement some solid business practices.

There are many online booking systems that allow clients to book online.  When they are set up properly they are very easy to use and they take the nightmare out of client bookings.  I still use a simple little free system called Clickbooks to do my bookings.  It works a treat and has saved me hours upon hours of chasing clients to get them booked in or rearranging times.

I also have a zero no-show rate.  Why?  Because people pay up front for their sessions with me.  Now you are likely to say, oh that only works for coaches.

Well not so.  Many therapists have converted from the standard model of clients paying at the end of a session, to clients paying when they book.  Guess what happened.  The clients started to adhere to the new system immediately.  Yes a couple still asked if they could book the old way and of course that could be accommodated.  But in general most took to it like the proverbial ducks to water and what’s more, many commented that they liked it because it made their life easier.

Yes there was a initial dip in bookings, but once the therapist got comfortable with the online booking system and actually started to see people not only booking but paying for their session online before they arrived ……. well let me tell you they were pretty happy.

Then something interesting happened, their practices went gang busters.  They couldn’t keep up with the demand, quite simply because their clients were seeing their new professional posture and started referring in a more professional way.

Everything raises when your ambition raises.

But still I see many highly experienced therapists with crappy systems in place that don’t serve their clients or themselves.  Its just plain wrong.

Then I still see practitioners who don’t have product tiers set up that allow clients to purchase multiple sessions or blocks of their time in advance.  Just this week I sat down with a long term client and we developed packages for her business.

I could see she was a little uncomfortable with some of the prices I suggested she charge up front, but being a trooper she mentioned the package to the next person who phoned.

Not only was this person prepared to pay for the $975 package up front, they were also prepared to fly interstate to work with her because they were in so much pain.

I’ve heard stories of therapists being flown in business class to visit clients abroad.

So many have their mindsets stuck in a state of poverty and lack that they would never attract anything like this.  What I have noticed is therapists who do attract this type of thing have very open mindsets and have done a lot of personal development.

What stops people implementing practices that make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd and attract people who honour your work highly and are prepared to reward you adequately is simply a lack of higher ambition.

Low ambition is very dangerous because once it gets into your practice, it starts to get into your treatments as well.

The most extraordinary thing I’ve noticed with people who step into advanced practice techniques is that the standard of their treatments raise and they start getting even more stellar results for their clients.  That results in more referrals and more happy clients.  It is a win all round.

It is our job to raise people up to a new ambition, but if we don’t keep raising ourselves up, then others can’t raise with us.  Having high personal standards and high enough regard for yourself to create high professional posture and your to ability to charge decent fees is the first step in creating a new way of doing a business.

Constantly standing holding your begging bowl at the end of a session is not only letting yourself down, but its also letting your clients down.

By creating a strong environment around the way you charge and the standards you set in your business allows you to show up and shine.

I’ve also been raising my ambitions this past year and I’ve been doing a lot of work on my packages and products, raising them up to match the needs of the new people I’m attracting.

In fact I called one of the new programs The Higher Ambition Program because its the one thing that is most lacking in our industry – higher ambition.

This program is for more advanced practitioners not beginners because it contains much of what I was taught in New York last year so the content is at the edge of cohesion.

Then shoot me an email  if you are interested in a spot on the program.


16 Awesome Ideas to help you Boost Business, Book More Clients, Build Stronger Relationships or Just Plain Make More Money During the Silly Season

1. Send a Special Offer if You Are Quiet

Stir the pot a little ….

If you are quiet, anything is going to be beter than doing nothing in the days leading up to Christmas so send out a crazy “too hard to turn down” offer that is highly targeted around relieving things such as stress or anxiety – must be used by 24 December.

If you are busy pre holidays but dip in the New Year – simply send the offer in January or after the school holidays.

Don’t forget to send an “offer is running out” reminder email near the end of the promotion.

2. Create a Unique Program to Help People Through This Time of Year

People are time poor but anxiety rich at this time of year.

Consider creating a program that allows to people to phone or Skype in for 10 minutes each day and let them share their anxiety – you might not even have to do anything for them, sometimes just having someone to talk to will help buckets!

Have an upgrade for a full session if it’s more than just anxiety about that horrible old uncle that insists on asking why you still aren’t married at the Christmas dinner table.

Alternately record seven 5 minute de-stressing meditations and sell them for $9.95 upwards – email a new link each day – the gift here will be that they are short, easy to create and can be consumed easily.

What can you quickly create “right now” that will really help someone through a tough time?

3. Promote Your Gift Certificates

The trick here is not just to sell gift vouchers but to sell solutions that make it easy for people to understand why they would want to buy from you.

For instance don’t sell a “massage” – sell a “de-stress massage experience” – “reviving massage” – “hangover super food” package – “survive your horrible relatives” package.

Have different certificates for different age groups or types of people.

The holidays can be a time of excess so make your product really hone in on the problems people are facing at this time of the year.

Encourage your current clients to get others to buy them one of your gift certificates – nothing like returning customers.  Maybe put the hint out for a coaching gift certificate from me!

Maybe consider going down to the local $2 shop and getting some nice little boxes and ribbon and wrap your vouchers up beautifully.  Or roll the gift certificate up into a scroll tied with a beautiful ribbon, or just send a two line email – doesn’t matter how you do it – just do it!

Don’t forget the option of having people buy online.

Haven’t got gift certificates?  Seriously, it can be as simple as handwriting a pretty card you got at the $2 shop.  Just number the certificates so you can keep track of who has them.  Here’s a simple gift registry spreadsheet I prepared earlier for you 🙂

A GIFT FOR YOU:  Click here for free Gift Voucher Registry spreadsheet for you – yes it can be this simple!

Here is some ideas if you are clever with a computer

REMEMBER:  Vouchers must have a use by date (You can decide if they show up years later whether someone can use an expired voucher) and your vouchers must be numbered so people can’t make copies of the voucher and use them multiple times.  It would also be good to have a link to your gift certificate terms and conditions on your website.


4.  Be Seen or Heard

If you are quiet, make the most of this time to be seen.

  • Give Out Flyers.  If you have street frontage, go hand out a healthy treat stapled to a flyer with a list of the gift certificates you have for sale.
  • Post On Social Media.  Make up a top ten list like this one on healthy ways to get through the silly season and post it on social media.  Make sure anything you give out has your branding and contact details on it!
  • Call clients and see how they are doing.  Do this from a place of love and service – NOT sales.  Show how much you genuinely care about them and call to see how they are doing with no expectation or mention of anything else.
  • Go volunteer – the aid agencies are really busy and need extra help this time of year.  Give generously and unconditionally and even though it is not why you’d be doing, there is every chance you’ll pick up a client or valuable ongoing contact.
  • Write a personal note to key clients thanking them for their continued support.

5.  Get Free Media

Make the most of the opportunity for the free publicity.  Phone up local or community radio suggesting you be a guest to speak about how to beat stress or get through the anxiety of Christmas holistically.

Radio stations usually program their lifestyle shows a couple of days in advance so you still have time.

If you work with animals suggest a spot on how to make sure that pets aren’t gifted by Santa, then dumped a few weeks later.

If you are beautician, how to keep looking good through the stress.

You could suggest on air that people visit your website and download a pdf from your website with 12 recipe ideas or 12 hangover cures – get the idea, keep it really simple, media doesn’t have to be rocket science.   

In Australia the ABC have a lot of lifestyle shows that would love this kind of content at this time of year.  Breakfast and morning TV talk shows also love this type of stuff if you are confident in that medium.

Anyone who actually books some media wins a complimentary “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE” session with me where we can talk through your “on-air” strategy. 

You can listen to a call I did with the ABC Perth on SeaChange – you can hear how dead easy it was.


Don’t think this stuff works???  Well here is a great example I heard when I attended a high end event in the USA.  A former producer of the Oprah Show was describing to us how she had one of those “Awwww” slots to fill on the Oprah Christmas Special.  She was struggling to find something unique that would make people got “Awwww” in the lead up to Christmas.  Her prayers were answered when the phone rang and it’s a guy that wants to know if they need “Bell Ringers” on the show.  She asked to see an example of them “ringing bells” and they sent in a clip of them all dressed up in their little red costumes playing a Christmas Carol with bells.  Guess what – they got on the show – Oprah cried – the audience all went “Awwww” – the feedback was amazing and the bell ringers got their 2 minutes of fame.  Those bell ringers were suddenly introduced to national prime time tv doing something very corny in a narrow window of opportunity that would exist for a couple of weeks each year.  They probably never had to market again.  That’s the power of making it easy for the media to say YES.

6. Suggest Alternatives

Be of service to people – do things that might make the season a little easier for them such as:

    • Create a list of healthy recipes for the holiday period or tips on surviving the stress and send the information out to your database.
    • Post a new tip each day on social media and again ensure you have your contact details included so people can follow up with you.
    • Go out on the street and hand out a free recipe or survival tips every lunch time outside your clinic or anywhere you are legally allowed.
    • Get your local cafe to feature one of the recipes each day this week and have you in store talking about healthy Christmas options.

7. Get a Corporate Gig

This time of year bosses all over the country are agonising about what to buy their staff for Christmas.  Make it easy for them.  Put together say a pack of 10 gift certificates and reward them for buying in bulk.

The savvy person would charge full price for their product and offer the person signing the cheque a complimentary session or voucher (assuming company policy allows that!).

If you are quiet, walk into every single business you can think of and drop a flyer for your corporate gift certificate package.

Seriously – find a boss with 10 staff – sell 10 x 90 minute massages at $90 each – that’s $900 in your bank and remember some people will NEVER redeem the voucher.  Find two bosses with this problem and you’ve got $1,800 in your bank.  This is a serious winner if you can package the message up well.  Also a great opportunity to do more health related business with the company in the New Year.

Again don’t think too fancy – think your local accounting firm, legal practice, real estate agent, graphic design company or even the corner store.  They all need healthy employees and are too busy this time of year to be over thinking their staff gifts …. and don’t think they don’t leave this stuff to the last minute!

8.  Don’t Forget the Guys

Men (traditionally) have a tendency to buy their gifts at the very last minute – solve their problem by offering your gift certificates in the last few shopping days.  If you have a lot of male clients, maybe let them know all their gift buying can be done with you.  Yes, you may even have to phone them up, email them, text them or drop something in the mail.

They will love you if you help them give the gift of health and avoid the shopping mall!

Have a “Perfect Mum Package” gift certificate – “Perfect Wife Package” option – “Perfect Staff Member”.  If you don’t fit the bill fully, for instance no self respecting hubby is going to buy his wife a weight loss package for Christmas, so why not consider creating a package with another holistic therapist and put together a pamper package with a “New Year, New You” One-On-One Consultation or Private Lesson with you – then onsell the weight loss product AFTER their private lesson.

It’s all about HOW you present your information – get a little creative!

Consider marketing gift cards that address hopes and dreams vs a treatment or goal.  For instance “a perfect body” rather than a “weight loss” program.

 PayPal is your friend for last minute online purchases.

Simply create a standard priced “Buy Now” Button (PayPal is free till someone buys something) and then instead of landing people back at the PayPal site, go to option 3 in the create a button page and create a “Thank You” page that lands the purchaser back on your site and allows someone to print out a generic gift voucher.  Not the most highly secure option and Yes, it’s not very personal, but do you really want to be up until midnight Christmas Eve printing and emailing personalised gift vouchers?  Just remember to take the offer down on Boxing Day.

9. Look back at what worked last year and do it again

If you did any holiday promotions last year, go back and see what worked and do it again ….. DOH!  So simple, but have you done it?

10.  Shine It Out

Now is not the time to hide your stuff.  If you have anything even slightly resembling a product that could solve someone’s gift buying dilema …. put the products on prominent display.

In the rock n roll world this is called “the Merch” table or tent, depends how much “merch” you got!

Stack It High & Watch It Fly!

Your CD’s or essences could make PERFECT stocking stuffers.  Make up a suggested bundle of stocking stuffers and put them front and centre.

Make your display look lush and abundant and like Robert Kiyosaki says about merch tables – “Stack ‘Em High & Watch ‘Em Fly”, meaning puts lots out – not just one or two – put everything you got out because people are more likely to buy from a big display than from some meagre little offering that is almost apologising for it’s existence!

Guerrilla Tactics

Maybe put a flyer on the inside of your loo door so visiting clients can “pee and read”.  I know, that’s seriously “guerrilla”, but they are a captive audience!

One holiday season a client had been bottling cherries soaked liqueurs and had more than her family could eat, so she cheekily wrapped a big Christmas bow around the top of several jars and put them out on display in her busy practice.  They looked sensational and because she only had a limited supply she could put a really high price on these delicious bottles of fresh cherries!  Guess what – she sold out of these highly priced cherries soaked in Christmas cheer faster than a expectant child can rattle off their holiday gift wish list .  Not even I could believe what people paid for them – but it solved a problem for someone who didn’t want to soak their own fruit for the Christmas desert.

11. Suggest Healthy “Kris Kringle” or “Secret Santa” Options

With gift buying behaviours changing for many, the option of just buying one present is a good one for people.  Why not get in people’s way and teach them to purchase healthy alternatives, such as your gift vouchers or products.

12. Cross Promote

Find other holistic therapists and cross promote your services or join together to offer gift voucher options.  Maybe even cross promote with a spa or completely unrelated business to yours.  Maybe a high volume retailer like your local pizza shop would like to give away one of your 10 minute neck and shoulder vouchers with every pizza they sell this week.  If you are quiet, it will change the energy around your business real fast.  Seriously there is nothing better than being busy to get more busy.  Yes you will wear yourself out doing all those free sessions so ensure you put very short “use by dates” on your vouchers.  I can tell you, you will get plenty of practice at converting comp sessions to paying clients teaming with a high turn over business.

Maybe even mix it right up and cross promote something that could be thought quite “yucky but essential” but bearable when put with something nice.  For instance I saw a breast screening program sold with a top end package from a beauty salon.  It tapped into the “do something you dislike, then get a reward for doing it” concept.

Maybe if your service is “seriously serious”, consider how you could add a reward for getting something difficult out of the way.  Perhaps someone has been avoiding the grief that Christmas causes, maybe you could team with a body worker so they could have some bodywork done after their emotionally revealing session.

13.  Samples for Stocking Stuffers

If you have a relationship with a supplier that gives out free samples, maybe make up little stocking stuffer kits and give them to your favourite clients.  It doesn’t all have to be about selling, don’t forget, it is the season for giving.

14. Market Your 12 Month Program to Businesses

If you have a 12 month program, now is a great time to go out to the corporate or business market and sell those packages for either employee gifts or client thank you gifts.   

Think who else has your clients and who would want to reward them with something expensive. 

So say for instance you have a 12 month $1,500 wellbeing program that offers a massage per month along with other programs and services.  You go to a business that has high end clients that they want to reward well for their business this year.  They buy TEN of those packages for their most valued clients – that’s $15,000.  Yes big business and corporates spend that sort of money on special clients.  Please send me a 10% bonus if this tip scores you any of those 🙂

15.  Send Out A Newsletter

This time of year we tend to think people are getting bombarded with information and yes they are because people are in “buy mode” and are 80% more likely to purchase at this time of year – so you might as well be on the band wagon.

So now is the time to make a difference, not openly selling anything, but bonus if you do!  This email is a grand example.  I trust you have got at least one idea from this email that you can use now or in the future to help you book more clients, build stronger relationships or just plain make more money!

I know you are busy – so why not do a lazy person’s newsletter and put an offer at the end.  Sit down and think of the Top Ten Things Tips That Would Make Christmas Easier and Healthier For Your Clients This Year.

Go over and search those relevant topics on Pinterest and attach the Pinterest link in an email

I’d be very happy for you to use one or all of these examples I prepared earlier for you:

The Top Five Ways You Can Make The Holiday Season Easier

1.  Healthy Christmas Treats That Won’t Zap Your Energy 

2.  “Pawsome” Gifts Ideas Your Pets Will Love 

3.  Holiday Craft Ideas For Those Last Minute Gifts 

4.  Awesome Vegan Christmas Recipe Ideas 

5.  Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Be Sure to Impress

Genius!!  If you are really time poor, steal mine!  Simply cut and paste the five things I found in the above example, add an offer and a personal greeting and send it to your people  …… seriously, your newsletter CAN be this simple and this helpful!

16. It’s Not Over Till There’s A 2-4-1 ……. Offer 

What communication of mine would not include ways you can cleverly use 2-4-1 offers

• The Standard 2-4-1 Offer 
Buy-one, get-one free offers are great for last-minute purchases because people can cross off two names at once.  So perhaps one of your gift voucher options could be “Get Two Gift Sorted For The Price of One”.  That way your clients can either give one person two vouchers or one voucher to two people – clever huh!

• BOGO – Buy One Get One Offer 
Perhaps you could get really clever and have a “Buy One, Reward Yourself” offer.  So if someone buys a gift voucher in the next seven days – they get a gift voucher to give and one for themselves.  Particularly nice for a massage or a de-stressor type treatment.

• BONGOL – Buy One Now, Get One Later 
Or if they are time poor right now, the offer could be, if they buy a gift voucher to give now, plus they get an identical product to use themselves in the New Year.


So get to work right now – choose at least one thing that resonates from the list above and get your last minute Christmas marketing ticked off, and let me know your wins!

Don’t forget to share with anyone you think might benefit.

Susan Joy Coombes Speaking with Margaret Gill

A Google Hangout with Susan Joy Coombes and Margaret Gill speaking about the concept of Wise Work in the new energy of 2013 and how different it has turned out to the way many thought it would.



Eat Chocolate and Cry …. but where was my bloody chocolate!  

After the funeral phase was complete, I began clearing out the shelves in Mum’s pantry, and wiping down the dust and grime that accumulates over many years.   

So many memories lurk in a pantry, so cleaning and clearing allows an ideal walk down memory lane. 

The different ingredients for baking every week, the meals served on the “good” dinner set now with many pieces either chipped or missing from years of use.   

The “Pie Guy”

The “pie guy” that I got to put in the middle of the pie when I stayed up the farm and was allowed to help my grandmother make delicious pies and then drive them down to feed the workers in the shearing shed in the old red vauxhall car. 

The incessant short pieces of string, sewing cotton, knitting wool and Christmas tinsel that were used to tie up stuff in the garden, but mostly kept “just in case” they were needed. They never were.

Then what seemed like hundreds of small things that had broken off things and were kept “just in case” they could be re-used.  They never were. 

There were armies of empty jam jars, some with lids, some without.

Where would a pantry be without a specialist platoon of empty Agee branded bottling jars, some with lids, some without. 

As I wiped, music flowed out my iTunes favourites playlist making the job a little easier.   

With the job nearly done, I’m standing on a chair wiping out the top shelf and on comes Elvis singing Amazing Grace. 

Between the tears and being surrounded by all the memories, all I could think about was a blues musician and honky tonk piano player called Jan Preston who wrote a song called Eat Chocolate and Cry …. but where was my bloody chocolate!  

Imagine my joy when I remembered the shelf below had a jar containing a packet of white chocolate buttons for baking muffins!  My blues song was complete. 

Clearing out Mum’s house has bought many lessons.   

The biggest learning is that when you die there are many decisions you don’t get to make anymore and your family just run riot through things that were important or dear to you. 

Me with Pom Panda Before He Was Even Unpacked From The Christmas Stocking He Came In With SO MANY toys …. but Pom was my favourite!

Yes we have salvaged the family heirlooms and all those special little memories including my 52 year “Pom Panda”.   I won “Pom Panda” in a Christmas raffle when I was 5.  We had been through so much together, I just couldn’t put him in the rubbish skip.   

After 50 years of giving constant love …. Pom Panda is looking a little worse for wear

He will live to at least strut his stuff at the local thrift shop, complete with new bandana.  An old chap with his growl now gone and most of his fur loved off.  Pom needs all the cosmetic help he can get! 

Fingers crossed a small child will adopt him and he will find a loving home for another few years. 

But the miles of string, ripped up sheets and tinsel holding the plants up in the garden were snipped and thrown as the house was made “market ready”. 

That plate with the big crack that loyally served a purpose for so many years but won’t even be welcome on a thrift shop shelf.  Well that just hit the bottom of the rubbish skip in one shattering second.   

Thank goodness for cousin Tony who has an obsession with collecting old tools and interesting stuff for his garage museum.  Bless best friend Heather who I’ve known since she was a baby.  She can’t bear to see teacups left to their own devices, but even those people have limits. 

As we try to give stuff away, the response is generally, “thanks, but I’m trying to get less stuff now, not more”. 

Stuff loses its significance 

The significance of most stuff goes when a soul departs and we are only left with the memories associated with what then becomes thrift shop clutter.   

I strongly believe the trick in life is to create memories strong enough so they don’t need a physical item associated with them to be special. 

Clutter Stifles 

After ditching so much of my own stuff a couple of years ago I’ve become very grateful for the not so pleasant garage sale experience that caused my massive de-clutter.

Left with nothing, it would be very easy for me to want to scoop up everything from Mum’s house and have it shipped somewhere so I can have a “normal” life again.   

Instead what I’m taking will fit in my suitcase and its only photos, 8mm movies converted to digital format and the silly stuff like “the pie guy” that’s coming with me. 

The empowering thing in all this is the realisation that my new “on the road” freedom based lifestyle is something I want to keep doing, for the next few years anyway. 

So as I sit here listening to Elvis again, grateful the sun has come out and melted the frozen lawn.  I can now go out and pick up the leaves and sweep up the recurring mess the birds leave on the path as they dig in Mum’s garden looking for worms.  But the thing I’m most grateful for is the decision I made years back to create my own business.   

Yes this time off is a disaster for the balance sheet but it has given so many gifts and rich experiences (along with a few hissy fits) that make the physical not really matter.   

I’ve had cousins I haven’t seen in thirty years phoning up inviting me around for dinner.   

I’ve had friends bail me up in a corner to tell me if I need cash to come and see them.   

I had a local retailer who recognised me from my rock and roll days offer to come and move furniture with his trailer.  I don’t even remember him sneaking in under age to hear us play.   

These are the things that matter in life, not stuff.   

I’ve been in way worse scrapes than this.  I know having garnered that key marketing information, when you’ve built once ……. you know how to build again.   

I always like to say that rock bottom provides a solid foundation for building your dreams upon, and this is just another opportunity for the phoenix to rise …… again. 

Freedom is one of the greatest gifts 

Having this time to reflect and immerse in the process of grieving and getting Mum’s house sold.  Getting all the ends tied up.  Despite the blistering cold and a suitcase full a summer clothes.  Despite the inevitable family stuff.  Despite being back in a place I left 35 years earlier to “make it”, now knowing that dream never really manifested.  The gift to chose to take a couple of months off is greater than anything a corporate pay cheque bought me. 

The Funniest Lesson – Never Cull Too Hard 

I had a little bit of left over soup I wanted to store in the fridge last week.  Guess what I couldn’t find to put it in??? 

You guessed, not one single glass jar in the place.  All the jam jars and bottling jars were taken to the recycling unit at the rubbish tip! 

I could only smile and hear Mum saying, “you never throw useful things out because there could be a rainy day when you need it” 

Dam …. it’s not raining ….. but I don’t have a glass jar in the house and need one …….. she was right …… again!

Pom Panda update

This was his breakfast, served in bed and although he prefers bamboo, he was ok with this change of pace.
The bandana did seem to win friends and influence people and Pom now has a companion to spend his twilight years with.

 Pom has been saved from the indignity of the Op Shop.

 He took flowers, he offered gifts of tea cups from Mum’s cupboards, and in the end my friend Heather broke down and stated “Pom, you are such a suck …. but you can stay for now!

 He even has his own chair now!

 He is pictured above over 50 years ago the Christmas morning I won him in the local brass band raffle – priceless!


Goes to prove you CAN teach and old Panda new tricks!

Three Dead Mice, See How They Float!

RIPx3Yesterday morning I found three dead mice in the pool!

I could be heard all over the neighbourhood screaming “three dead mice in the pool ……. not in the contract, not in the contract”.

It was very funny and luckily the owner, who thought I’d fallen IN the pool because there was so much noise, was still here so he could scoop the soggy, perfectly lined up nursery rhyme characters, out of the pool and unceremoniously dump them in the paddock.

He kept saying, we’ve never had that before, so the message was obviously for me!

On the same day I learned about gecko poop and the perfect little white dot that appears on every deposit left on top of the outdoor dining table.

Most certainly the animal spirits were on my case!

This morning I did a bit Google-ing about the spiritual meaning of geckos and mice and it seems there is no “co-incidence” that I decided to listen to my Tony Robbins tapes about goal setting on my recent three day road trip.

Goal setting is very spiritual

Ode to Gecko

Since re-listening to the tapes again over the weekend I began to tap further into the fact that goal setting is very spiritual.

I’ve never considered that before.

Basically our goals reflect our deepest desires.

The word desire comes from the latin root “of the father”.

If we look at the word in it’s higher context, then the desire for what we want must be seeded, channelled or fathered by our higher source, whatever that is for each individual.

It became easier for me to understand when I split the word into De-SIRE – like “to sire”, the way a male horse is described in racing circles.

If our creativity, ideas etc are all “fathered” or “sired” from that higher part of us that is divine pure love, then it transpires that our goals and desires must be “de-sired” from the same source and are very sacred.

It is also very masculine energy so it is very important that we find ways within the divine feminine to balance the high levels of yang within the goal setting process.

The higher meaning in the word was enough to shift my whole way of thinking about goal setting.

It isn’t always about stuff

The traditional goal setting of just getting “more and more stuff” doesn’t really appeal to someone who can fit all her possessions in a 3 x 3 x 3 container and would still have room to park her car in there …. if she was allowed!

Goals about contribution and giving make sense

It makes much more sense to me to be creating a life and world where we are giving and encouraging people to “be more” rather than “get more”. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t stop wanting to have more physical abundance, because with more money you can do a whole lot more contributing than you can without it.

There has to be balance

When you are poor you are so focused on everyday survival, you have very little left in the tank to give generously to others. Therefore it is important to have some “get” goals or you can’t “give”.

There can be guilt associated with goal setting

I can remember a good friend accusing me of “being greedy” for evoking the parking angel and “wishing up” car parks where ever I wanted one. When you view the spiritual link to goal setting, we will automatically have the best available to us, so why would wanting the best be wrong?

I’m currently housesitting in an beautiful home in a tropical paradise with a pool, spa and staff who keep it all good. All I have to do is scoop the leaves off the top of the pool each morning and deal with anything unforeseen that drops in the pool overnight!

Someone was always going to be here. Why wouldn’t it be me?

It is probably the same for you if you are of service to the world, why shouldn’t you de-serve to have the best of every situation?

It’s all about respect

When our goals and desires are treated in a very respectful way and really tap into what we truly want, then we are at one with the universe.

Makes sense if we are tapping that universal flow, then our goals will become much easier to achieve.

Walk In Courageous TrustIt’s all about trust

In the crazy up and down world of trust I live in now, I’ve come to understand that now more than ever our thoughts and words are simply the parking angel of life. We can chose the best or worst situation for ourselves. It just takes a bit of guts to take the leaps of faith and deal with the aftermath of the decision, so you can align up to what you truly desire.

It’s about finding the right goals for YOU and no one else

If you are interested in working on your goals, getting your planning done and catching your dreams and putting them into action, then my Planning For YOUR Success program may be just what you need.  You can check it out here



Do You Think You Are a Master?

I’ll let you into a little secret, I reckon you are already a master or are on a path to mastery because everyone on my list is already passionate about or awesome at something.

I’ve NEVER once had anyone on my list rock up to a client session or complimentary assessment session stating “I want to be crap at what I do, I want to rip people off and treat them badly and I’m happy being mediocre”.

Likes attract, so even if I’ve never met you personally, the fact you’ve joined my community and stayed on my list and put up with all my mad rantings leads me to believe you are a unique human being but just like the people I have spoken to, you want to bring about change, you want to make a difference and you want to do it to a very high standard. That’s mastery!

To me, the definition of a master is someone who has practiced their craft so well they can teach their area of expertise and inspire others to transcend their current place in the world and then consider taking another step upwards.

In the traditions, master simply means teacher.

You may not have considered what you do as mastery, because people can get bent out of shape by the word “mastery”.

I remember when I was first considering doing my Reiki Masters my brain went into warp speed thinking I had to become this “perfect” human being and I immediately began questioning “who was I to consider being a master”, after all I was just someone who left school at 15 to play in a rock and roll band.

I was ever so relieved when my teacher pointed out that wanting to be a master didn’t mean I had to become a perfectly ascended spiritual being, I simply had to teach people how to do Reiki. Truth be known at that point I’d done so much crewing that I already knew how a Reiki weekend ran from soup to nuts, so it made the decision to go ahead much easier.

Two Core Characteristics of Mastery

Anyone who is seeking or has attained mastery have two things in common.

  1. Masters only focus on being masterful at one thing. In fact they are compulsive about one thing, and everything else around them is relegated to second best slot.
  2. Masters have a constant desire to learn and raise their ambition.

Perfectionists vs Masters

Like I did, people often associate perfection with mastery. The difference is perfectionists often knock themselves out trying to make everything perfect, whereas the master just gets on with it and only focuses on the one thing that they are really good at.


I found this great diagram by David Humes – “The Happiness Guy” showing his 4 levels to mastery

You can read an explanation of the diagram here

I believe everyone on the planet has come to master something, how far that mastery gets taken is up to each individual.

The first key to recognising a master is that what they do seems drop dead easy, but when it comes to replicating their gift, others can’t even get close.

The second key is, they practice A LOT.

I’ve only recently realised how many masters I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by for most of my life. It hadn’t occurred to me earlier because many are masters of unique, non-mainstream (un-sexy) gifts.

In my corporate days I frequently found myself in the company of computer nerds and accountants. They all carried a passion and an amazingly detailed understanding of their work. The computer nerds would finish work and go home and write computer games. They couldn’t stop themselves practicing their art.

I’ve noticed seven personal traits that masters carry.

  1. Practice and dedication come easily
  2. Life time learners
  3. Strong sense of self
  4. Seek and accept criticism well
  5. Resilient
  6. Love sharing their knowledge
  7. Connected to something greater than themselves

You might think you aren’t masterful at anything but I bet you either have mastered something, or are on the way to mastery.

Within the healing and coaching field I still see many masters struggling to get their business happening. Most of that struggle comes from them denying their obvious mastery. Even though their gifts are obvious, so many deny either who they should be working with or go the hard road because they perceive they can’t get recognition or make money from their gift.

How do I know? That was me!

I get close to masters really easily but haven’t thought of helping them get more masterly outside Reiki. But when I’m helping masterly people the doors just fly open and I frequently find myself sitting beside masters getting my questions answered with little or no effort, while others are queueing up for the right. I have never given it much thought. But it has been there all my life.

Masters leave clues. I am currently housesitting for a lady who is a master printmaker. She has a HUGE studio almost as big as her house at the end of the garden. She is currently travelling as an artist in residence in Europe for several months.

Is she a household name …. no.

Is she rich and famous ….. in her circle of influence yes, but she is not “mainstream” famous.

Is there a fabric or medium she hasn’t tried printing on ….. probably not!

I can tell from the walls of the house that she is prolific. She has works in the National Gallery and travels the world with her art. She has reached that stage where she is so masterful at her craft that others want to sit at her feet and learn from her.

Mastering A Masterly Mindset

The mindset of a master can be a curious thing because masters are often humble. Because they have become unconsciously competent they put no level of importance on their skills because it comes to them so easily. They forget the hours spend learning and practicing.

For a master to be fully activated, they must master not only their craft, but also master themselves in seven core areas:

    1. Knowledge
    2. Vision
    3. Voice
    4. Heart
    5. Action
    6. Commitment
    7. Energy

I’ve found masters with the right encouragement can intuitively connect to the heart, voice, vision and higher aspects of themselves.

Where they struggle the most is in the root chakra of connecting with tribe and being abundantly rewarded for their gifts. They frequently deny their creativity and mastering self belief gets put on the back burner. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Now more than ever we can get our messages to masses of people without too much effort.  If you would like some help getting your mastery to the world, or perhaps you just a want muse where you can talk through your ideas with someone who will inspire you and naturally lead you to expand your ideas and mastery.

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