Margaret Gill is a thought provoking, engaging and inspiring speaker with a quirky rebellious style that motivates people to heed their inner voice, act upon their dreams and lead from the heart.

She helps passionate soul driven people identify, then implement the commercial reality within their dream AND make heaps of big hearted money doing what they love.

Founder of Abundant Private Practices, a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational business basics, this is a small business with a big heart, that helps health and wellness practitioners become more successful in their holistic business. Margaret has found that although full of heart and good intentions, many holistic and wellness practitioners often lack the business and marketing skills, as well as the mindset, necessary to build a successful practice. Margaret is passionate about helping practitioners grow their practice and achieve their full potential both personally and professionally.

She was born and grew up in New Zealand’s now-famous Marlborough wine growing region. Her first career found her playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band at age 15. Her love of music, particularly the blues, is still an important aspect of her life.

Photograph of Margaret Gill

After her stint in the 70’s glitter band, Margz settled down to a successful business career for several years, working her way up to become a financial controller and forensic business analyst to major corporations across Australia. But even though she was outwardly successful, she found herself increasingly dissatisfied with life.

Recognising that outward success does not equate inward satisfaction, Margz travelled the world in search of her reason, and her place, to shine. Luckily for those who have felt her unique glow, she learned where she shone: through her gift and passion for communicating and working with people, helping them to find their own ways to be a star.

Margz is an Energy Master trained traditionally in various techniques. Her clients benefit not only from her “been there-done that” mentoring, but also from the “secret ingredient”, her own spiritual depth. She brings a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate knowledge and ten years spent practicing her own spiritual mastery to every encounter. And it has not all been bad news. Margz mentored the recipient of the prestigious 2004 Victorian Panasonic Young Business Women’s Award of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Photo of Margaret Gill Speaking at a Dental Conference

Margaret gets results because she brings real-world experience to her clients. She doesn’t just apply a bunch of theory and she knows how daunting new situations can be because she has been there. Through it all, she has stuck steadfastly to her dream, and her driving motivation is to see others achieve their dreams, too.

Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to seek freedom while positively changing the lives of others.

She shines from her home base in the Gold Coast Australia

After several chance media articles I have also become recognised more and more for my knowledge of sea and tree changes and what can go wrong.  I’ve been featured on Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 9’s ‘The Today Show’ and been featured in The Age ‘Sunday Life Magazine’ in a story about the dark side of the Australian dream and been interviewed on ABC Radio Lifestyle shows.

Media Coverage of Margaret Gill in the Life Section of The Age Newspaper

Media Coverage of Margaret Gill in the Money Section of The Age Newspaper

Media Coverage of Margaret Gill in the Domain Section of The Age Newspaper

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